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Whether you are a new believer or you have been a believer for many years, asking the question ‘Who is Jesus?’ can be provocative.

Perhaps it can inspire discussion and study along with a deeper connection with God. Or, maybe, it just challenges everything you thought you knew about Christianity.

You see that Jesus had a habit of doing both at the same time. He draws you into a deep, loving relationship with Him and the Father and challenges everything about the way you think and the way you live.

He did this that no one else has ever done in history, or been able to do. The fact that Jesus lived as both fully God and fully man means that He can change the entire world and us with it in a powerful way. .

Let’s start by looking at who Jesus is in the Bible.

Who Is Jesus In The Bible?

A fascinating way to study Jesus is to look through all of the different names for Him in the Bible. Here is a short selection from over 50 different names He has given in the Bible:

Son of God



Good Shepherd



king of kings





The Story of Jesus

The story of Jesus coming into the world is known to the whole world. It is famously performed in nativity plays during the holidays.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke both contain accounts of the birth of Jesus. They describe His parents, Joseph and Mary, going to Bethlehem. Luke recounts how Mary gave birth in the stable. He describes the infant Jesus being placed in a manger to sleep.

The story surrounding the birth of Jesus has more detail and meaning than most nativity stories allow. For example, the gifts that the wise men bring are very meaningful. The wise men also appeared some time later than the actual day Jesus was born.

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Only one fascinating detail that emerges when you study the biblical story of the birth of Jesus is that frankincense is mentioned a few times in the Bible. In Exodus we find the account of God directing Moses to create an incense containing frankincense.

“Then the Lord said to Moses, “Take all kinds of perfumes—rubber, agate, and galbanum—and pure frankincense, all in equal quantities.” Exodus 30:34

Then God told Moses to put incense in the tent of meeting. This tent is the place of God’s fellowship, the place where God comes down to meet and talk with his people.

When the wise men gave frankincense to the newborn child of Joseph and Mary, they were doing more than just giving a generous and valuable gift. They deliberately imply that Jesus’ birth was a spiritual moment of incarnation.

Jesus In The Old And New Testaments

There are whispers of Jesus throughout the entire Bible. Moses shared a prophecy about an upcoming prophet in Deuteronomy 18:15: The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from among your fellow Israelites.” In Job 16:19-20 we find a description of Jesus as our friend and intercessor in Heaven: Even now my witness is in heaven; My advocate is on high.” My Advocate is my friend when my eyes are filled with tears for the Lord.”

Throughout the Old Testament, there are countless references to the time to come when Jesus, son of David, will come and make God able to make peace with His children. One of the most famous prophecies about Jesus is found in Isaiah 53. It is a detailed and truly fascinating chapter because it foretold so much of what Jesus would suffer later. this. For example, one line reads: “But he was stabbed for our transgressions.”

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Story in the Bible

The entire story in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, tells of a Father who desires to bring His children home. Jesus, the protagonist in this story, made that happen by taking on all the sins of mankind. When Jesus died on the cross, He also killed our sins, our mistakes, and our shame. In that moment, He made it possible for us to draw close to God and await the day we enter eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.

What do the history books say?

A simple understanding of historical research is that scholars seek corroborating evidence. They examine various sources to help confirm or describe events. The closer this evidence is to the fact, the more reliable it is.

Scholars generally agree that Jesus lived and died as described in the New Testament gospels. There are written documents, both in Greek and in Roman, that roughly attest to the place and date of Jesus’ life as described by His disciples. It is clear that the New Testament is a religious text and was written with a strong bias of the Christian faith. That’s where the most important word, faith, comes in. Because, while history agrees that Jesus lived, His resurrection requires a little more faith.

Who is Jesus to you?

Meditating on Jesus and all His amazing titles in the scriptures constitutes a wonderful invitation to ask yourself the question: ‘Who is Jesus to me?’.

We know that He is our Savior, our King, our Shepherd. But, have you met Him in all these ways?

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The disciples witnessed with their own eyes the whole picture of who Jesus was. They ate with Him as a humble man, they witnessed His wondrous deeds as a prophet and savior, and they saw Him ascend to take over. His throne as our eternal king.

The truth is, through the Holy Spirit, we can live in that very intimacy with Jesus. Through Jesus’ death on the cross and through the Holy Spirit within us, we are empowered to experience Him as our friend, miracle worker, and King of Heaven. . Isn’t that an amazing thought?

So today, take a minute to reflect on how you think about Jesus. Is there a way you see Him described in the Bible that you have not experienced yourself?

Make up a prayer based on your sincere desire to know Jesus in His fullness.

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