What’s The Deal With Daily Devotions?

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘daily devotion’? A religious ritual? Something useful and relevant or old and unnecessary?

If you grew up in a church environment, you may have heard of daily devotions in some form. If you are new to this content, this phrase may sound a bit strange to you.

This post is here to unpack the concept and suggest that although daily devotions can sound Outdated, they can be an effective and life-giving tool, holding the transforming power to profoundly impact your Christian journey.

What is even daily devotion?

Daily devotion mainly refers to the Christian habit of engaging in Scripture, spiritual reflection, and daily prayer. Such a practice can take many different forms. I have heard people call it “quiet time”, “believer” or even “coffee with God”.

Some spend a few moments in the morning. Others use the time before they sleep. For the most part, such quiet time involves deliberately taking space to read a passage of Scripture, pray about it, and consider how that passage might have a practical application to their lives.

There is no formula for this, and you will find that all Christians do it differently. Many people use these times to listen to worship music or meditate on scriptures like those found on the Glorify app. That’s all good stuff! Daily devotion is not something we do to impress God. It is a deliberate relationship activity designed to help us get to know Him better.

But what’s the point of it all? Is daily devotion something you should consider and start trying to practice? This post recommends YES!

Do useful things daily and with devotion can have a huge positive impact on your life. join Jesus Daily and with devotion can profoundly and positively transform every part of you.

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Let’s break the idea of ​​daily devotion into its two constituent parts to explore this further.

1. The Power of “Everyday”

Give us today our daily bread.“Matthew 6:11”

The best relationships in our lives are often the ones that involve daily interactions. Correct? Think about it right now. Who is that friend that you can’t go a day without sending a meme to? Who is the first person you call when you get some good or bad news? The deepest and most intimate relationships in our lives are the ones we invest in every day.

The same is true of God. The Bible is full of references that encourage us to communicate with God daily. If you have time, look up a simple Bible word for “daily“. The results may surprise you. Our lives are designed to live with Jesus day by day. If we only spend time with God on Sundays, we will miss the deep relationship that Jesus has given us.

Every day is an opportunity

With God, there can be strength and effectiveness in each day. Every day, we can see God move, act, and interact with us. Little and often always beat doing something big and rarely. In short, a steady, daily relationship with God will affect your life more than an irregular, distant relationship.

God wants intimacy with you. And that intimacy is built into everyday habits. In small moments. In mundane things. When Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread” He longs for us to come to Him and ask Him for this every day. Otherwise He would have said “give us this week our weekly bread” or something similar. God wants your attention, and He wants it every day. Why? Because of him love you and look forward to spending time with you. That is where life with Christ becomes most interesting and exciting.

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2. The Power of “Dedication”

Surname conscientious listening to the apostles preach, fellowship, break bread, and pray.“Acts 2:42”

Half the power of daily devotions, then, is in its regularity. However, the other half that comes from our decision is The current in that daily practice. We do not come to be with the Lord every day just for that purpose. Instead, we stick closely to Him because He is King of Kings and worthy of all our worship and attention.

Devotion is defined as “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity.” Although it’s an old word, it has a lot to do with our Christian journey today. The early church, in the passage above, modeled the importance of devotion. They don’t have a lot of material things – many of them are not rich, smart or educated. However, they were deeply committed and invested in the practice of their faith, and they have seen incredible miracles because of it.

Follow Jesus take it all

Christianity cannot live half-in, half-out. It will never work. Jesus demands all of us and promises to give us all in return. When we renounce ourselves, we find the beauty of Christ and that satisfy us forever. This requires dedication! It means prioritizing the things of Jesus over the things of the world. It requires showing loyalty and zeal to God. And it takes Bible study and fervent prayer to discover more about the amazing God we serve.

Ultimately, following Jesus demands our hearts. Our devoted heart.

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An important part of growing in daily devotional practice is deliberately choosing to thirst for God and to commit realistically to His ways. This does not happen overnight, but changes over time. The art of devotion is the art that will bear great fruit in your life.

What does it mean for you to promote your devotion to Jesus today? Our advice: just start somewhere.

Harnessing the Power of Daily Dedication: Somewhere to Start

Daily devotions work for your Christian journey because it’s a done thing regularly and because it’s something you really can invest your heart and commitment into.

At Glorify, we are committed to helping you grow in spiritual rhythm so you can find joy and intimacy with God every day. All of them are related to building healthy and sustainable habits in your life. You also get access to Glorify’s daily worship on the app – an easy way to build a daily worship routine into your life.

Who knows what God might do in your life when you start engaging in these practices?

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