What is Sunny Aggregator (SUNNY)? Detailed information about the SUNNY . token

As Solana ecosystem explodes, array projects Yield Farming also released a lot. However, the competition, providing APY gives investors many choices. Sunny is such a project when they allow investors to manage their assets and know where they farmed and how profitable they were. Brothers together GTA Research team learn about Sunny Aggregator What is through the article below.

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What is Sunny Aggregator?

Sunny Aggregator Is one Yield Aggregator (profit aggregator) provides control over Farming to users built on the Solana blockchain. Sunny is designed with aggregation in mind, allowing apps and protocols to be easily built on top of it.

How Sunny Aggregator works

With the ecosystem Solana Strong growth in recent years, new projects Bootstrap liquidity by providing extremely high APY is always the beginning of projects.

From there, the problem arises: Users cannot control where they farm, how much, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to have a Yield Aggregator born to solve the above problems, and that’s why Sunny debut.

Sunny will make this simple by offering them an affordable way to explore and participate in Yield Farming. After that, Sunny will automatically add bonus tokens to the capital, to increase profits. Sunny’s model is nothing new, as it is quite similar to the successful Yearn Finance that has proven its success before.

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Sunny use agTokens. When users deposit money into Sunny pool, they will receive agToken representing the share rate of that pool. agToken follows the Solana SPL token standard and can be easily used by any protocol on Solana.

Specifically, you can understand the following:

Let’s say a Pool starts with 1000 USDC and 1000 agUSDC. It means that 1 agUSDC is worth $1 and for every 1 USDC users deposit, they will get 1 agUSDC.

Now, let’s say Pool has yielded and increased by 3%. Pool currently has $1030 USDC and 1000 agUSDC; each agUSDC is worth 1.03$ and for every 1 USDC users deposit, they will get 1/1.03 = 0.9708 agTokens.

Similar projects

Some prominent similar projects can be mentioned such as: Yearn Finance, Alchemic.

When was the project established?

  • The project was established in early March 2021
  • The project’s Twitter was established in March 2021 and currently has 20K Followers.

Team – Project team

Currently there is no information about the project team. However, the two Founders of Saber are currently mentors for Sunny.

Roadmap – Project Roadmap

Currently, Sunny only plans to develop the project and does not have a specific roadmap in the future.

Investors & Partners



Sunny . token details

  • Token name: Sunny Aggregator token
  • Ticker: SUNNY
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token standard: SPL
  • Token type: Governance token
  • Contract address: SUNNYWgPQmFxe9wTZzNK7iPnJ3vYDrkgnxJRJm1s3ag
  • Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 SUNNY

Token Allocation

  • SUNNY tokens are allocated as follows:
  • Initial Contributors: 52%
  • DAO Treasury: 26%
  • Mining Reserve & Airdrop: 22%

Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

SUNNY is the governance token on Sunny Aggregator, and it is used as a reward for those who provide LP for the platform.

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Where to buy and sell Sunny tokens?

Currently, you can buy and sell Sunny tokens on exchanges like MEXC, Gate…

Current Sunny token rate



With the Solana ecosystem growing stronger and stronger, the issue of Bootstrap being liquid by providing a huge APY is the choice for new projects. Whereby, Sunny Aggregator has been doing a great job in this, continuously breaking TVL records with over $2B in the 2 weeks after its launch. This really makes it a potential new unicorn of Solana.

Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the project Sunny Aggregator and is not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

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