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There is no definitive answer to the question: ‘what is devotion?’. This term can be used to describe a Bible reading plan that guides you through the scriptures. Or, it could refer to a series of meditations or mindfulness exercises.

They may vary in length and content, but in summary, a retreat is a tool for enabling and encouraging your spiritual growth.

Most devotional plans are divided into days. These daily readings are usually short, easy to follow, and simple. Some can run for a week, while others last a whole year.

Having a daily prayer meeting makes it easy to make connecting with God every day a habit.

On the Glorify app you can use the Daily Worship series. These short audio devotions take only a minute to listen but leave you inspired enough to brood all day.

What are the benefits of a Devotional?

Meditation sessions can be a useful tool to connect you to the heart of God. The more you connect with God, the more His peace and joy you will receive. This is a truly transformative way of life that follows a relationship with God, the Creator of the universe.

When life gets too hectic and you find you don’t have much time, a short retreat can ensure you stay connected with God.

The retreat also saves you from having to spend quiet time planning, by giving you structure and a reading plan to follow. This is a great gift in those times when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, when the thought of deciding which scripture to begin with requires too much energy.

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Having a prayer meeting to look to each morning is a solid, solid foundation for your faith. It’s a pretty easy mental discipline to maintain, but one that can have an extremely positive impact on your health.

Different types of dedication

There are different types of devotion. For many people, the first devotional they pick up and read is a book, but there’s also a whole world of online and audio devotionals.

Devotional books to try

Having a book by your bedside acts as a great visual reminder to find your daily connection time with God. There is also a certain satisfaction in flipping through a paper book.

Here are some devotional books to try:

40 Days Through the Bible: The Answer to Your Deepest Desires

Unwavering: 365 Devotion to Find Unwavering Strength in God’s Word

Encountering God’s Good: 90 Daily Devotions

Audio Devotionals and Recording

Having a retreat that you can play over the phone or by car while commuting to work is a great way to make sure you maintain your healthy quiet time routine.

App Honors

Every day there’s a new ‘Daily Worship’ on Glorify. Short and sweet, these audio tracks set the tone for your day, giving you biblical inspiration and encouragement for your faith.


Many devotionals are available as audiobooks. Try downloading a book to your phone and listen to it as you start your day.

Where Do I Find The Right Devotion For Me?

There are so many different types of devotion out there, how do you find the right one for you?

You can find reading plans for men and women, parents, couples, and children. You can also choose prayer sessions based on your emotions or life stages. There is no shortage of choices!

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Request for proposal

A great way to keep track of which devotion is right for you to try is to consult with friends, family, or your church community. Did one of your friends read a devotional that they found very encouraging recently? Or does one of the congregations in your church have a book that inspires them?

Research the authors

Take a moment to research the authors behind the many devotional books and audio devotionals. You may find yourself connected to one of their stories. For example, have a daily Billy Graham retreat. Maybe you found his life story of devotion and full service to God inspiring? Glorify also hosts a variety of guests in our Daily Worship, each bringing their own inspirational testimonies to the series.

You can find devotionals written by worship leaders, prayer warriors, artists, and business people.

Ask the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit within us can guide, remind and speak to us. Try asking God to tell you which devotion is right for you. You may hear His answer through a thought in your head or perhaps as a sign, such as someone unexpectedly giving you a new book. Or, you may just feel a mental urge to choose a certain reading based on its title. Don’t write little nudges that are just silly or bad luck. God likes to talk to us and guide us and that includes directing us to the right devotional activities to inspire us.

Always rooted in the Word

As the name suggests, a vigil is a great way to show your devotion to God. It helps you connect with Him and helps you have a moment of gratitude and reflection in your day.

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“Your statutes are wonderful; so I obey them. Opening your words brings light; it brings understanding to simple people. Psalm 119:129-130

The Word of God is good and it is good for us. Obedience to His word, with its guidance, and its wisdom leads to our conversion. It is the light and understanding that words bring that lead us into lives filled with joy, gratitude, generosity, and peace.

A prayer session is an effective way to take root and commit to the day-to-day transformational journey that being a Christian requires.

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