Vocabulary & grammar – trang 13 unit 2 sách bài tập (sbt) tiếng anh 11 thí điểm

2. It’s me that is in charge of organising the storytelling contest. / It is I who am in charge of organising the storytelling contest.

1. Do the following crossword puzzle.

Giải câu đố ô chữ

Across (hàng ngang)

1. the end of a relationship

2. showing that you understand and care about people who have problems

3. become friends again after an argument

4. knowing someone very well and having an affection for them

5. concerned with love; showing feelings of love

6. a person who gives advice to people having problems

7. going out with a person who might become a boyfriend or girlfriend

8. very sad and without hope

9. the state of being friends

Đáp án:

2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the crossword puzzle.

Hoàn thành các câu với hình thức đúng của từ từ câu đố ô chữ.

1. When Laura suffered a_______ in her relationship, she saw a_______ for advice.

2. My friends advised me to contact a agency that arranges meetings between single people who want to begin a ______ relationship.

3. I had an argument with one of my_______ friends, but I’ve managed to_______ with her.

4. To maintain a lifelong________ you should be_______ and care about your friends’ feelings.

5. When you are_______, look for something to do. It’ll help you to forget your problems.

Đáp án:

1. break-up; counsellor

2. dating; romantic

3. close; reconcile

4. friendship; sympathetic


3. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Use each verb once only. Make changes to th form, if necessary.

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Hoàn thành các câu với động từ trong hộp. Sử dụng mỗi động từ chỉ một lần. Thay đổi hình thức, nếu cần.

feel sound smell

get taste look

1. Anna’s boyfriend_________ friendly. Where did she meet him?

2. I didn’t think it was you. Your voice_____________ strange on the phone.

3. When Tuan ___________ older, he’ll be mature enough to make the right decisions.

4. This coat________ very tight. Do you have a bigger size?

5. This perfume__________ amazing. I’ll buy it for my mum’s birthday.

6. This curry___________ delicious. Is it Thai or Indian?

Đáp án:

1. looks 2. sounded / sounds 3.gets

4. feels 5.smells 6. tastes

4. Rewrite these sentences, using the cleft structure (It is/was … that) to emphasise the underlin words or phrases.

Viết lại những câu này, sử dụng cấu trúc(It is/was … that) để nhấn mạnh các từ hoặc cụm từ được gạch chân.

1.Tom’s mum can speak three languages.

2.I am in charge of organising the storytelling contest.

3. We need your help, not your sympathy.

4. Hoa couldn’t understand Phong’s sense of humour.

5. They have a very good relationship with their neighbours.

6. Their wedding will be held on a luxury cruise ship.

Đáp án:

5. Pick out the wrong sentences and correct the mistakes.

Chọn câu sai và sửa lỗi.


Your room feels messy. When did you last clean it?


That was Jim who got married last month.


It was on their wedding anniversary that my dad gives my mum a diamond ring.


Peter greeted the guests warm.


It was in 1998 that Mark met Lucy in Japan.


The food in this restaurant was well, but the service was slow.

Đáp án:

1. feels⟶ looks 2. That was ⟶It was

3. gives ⟶ gave 4. warm⟶ warmly

5. CORRECT 6. well ⟶ good

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