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Diep Ha Chau is a herbaceous plant that has the effect of cooling the liver, detoxifying the liver, purifying the body, enhancing resistance, preventing kidney stones and cancer cells. So how to use chlorophyll to treat disease? Let’s learn together with ABC Land the following remedies from chlorophylla tree!
What is Diep Ha Chau?
The name Diep Ha Chau (meaning seeds under the leaves) comes from… Diep Ha Chau is a herbaceous plant that cools the liver, detoxifies the liver, purifies the body, enhances resistance, and prevents stones. kidney and cancer cells. So how to use chlorophyll to treat disease? Let’s learn together with ABC Land the following remedies from chlorophylla tree!

What is Diep Ha Chau?

The name Diep Ha Chau (meaning beads under the leaves) comes from the fact that under each leaf appears a row of spherical beads like a round pearl. Other names: Saw-toothed dog, dogwood, pearl herb, old Nha Chau, Thai oleander, alkaline orange, pearl grass, withdrawing soil,… Scientific name: Herba Phyllanthi Urinariae, family Euphorbiaceae ).

Where does Diep Ha Chau live?

The tree is widely distributed in tropical regions such as India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In Vietnam, herbs are found everywhere, from lowland and coastal provinces, large islands to midland and mountainous provinces, often found on the edge of fields or sandy soils.

What are the characteristics of eucalyptus tree?

  • Herbaceous perennial, about 30cm tall, sometimes up to 60–70cm. Stems are smooth, erect and often reddish-pink in color.
  • The leaves are alternate, oval in shape and closely arranged in two rows on either side. The upper surface of the leaves is green, the lower surface is grayish, and the petiole is short.
  • Flowers grow in the interstitial leaves, short stalks, on the same branch there are separate male flowers, separate female flowers. Male flowers grow in clusters, peduncles short or absent, often fused at the base, nectar disc with 6 glands. The female flowers are solitary below the branches, oval or lance-shaped. The biliary disc is ring-shaped, the style is very short, lobed and bisected into 2 branches that bend to resemble an egg. The plant usually flowers from mid-April to June.
  • The fruit is spherical, slightly flattened, and grows drooping below the leaf. It is notched and has spines, inside containing three-sided seeds. The tree usually bears fruit in July and November.

Parts used of the phyllocarpus plant

  • Parts Used: All parts of the plant are used medicinally.
  • Harvest: Plants can be harvested all year round.
  • Preliminary processing: After harvesting, the medicinal herbs are washed, drained and cut short. If used dry, it will have to be dried or dried. Then put the medicinal herbs in plastic bags or glass jars, tightly closed to avoid mold and termites.

All parts of the plant are used medicinally

How many types of Diep Ha Chau?

Diep Ha Chau has up to 40 types in nature. In Vietnam, there are 3 types: bitter hyacinth (green-bodied dogwood), sweet eucalyptus (red-bodied dogwood), dark green-bodied eucalyptus. The third type is not used as medicine, but is easily confused with the above two types. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to distinguish clearly:

  • Phyllanthus niruri (Phyllanthus niruri): The stem is bright green, the branches are short, less branched, the leaf blade is light green, shorter and thinner than the sweet hyacinth. It has a bitter taste when chewed. This species has the most powerful medicinal properties and is often used as medicine.
  • Phyllanthus urinaria: The stem is slightly red, the base of the branches is darker, more branched, the leaf blades are dark green, looking longer and thicker than the bitter hyacinth. It has a sweet taste when chewed. The medicinal properties are not as strong as the bitter ones, so they are not widely grown.
  • Dark green stem (Phyllanthus sp): Dark green stem, discrete leaves, narrower and more pointed leaf blade than the above two species. Do not use this plant as medicine.
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Note: In the rainy season, some types of phyllocarpus will turn green due to rapid growth, resulting in not having enough pigments to create their own characteristics. Therefore, many people are easily confused with other types of eucalyptus.

What is the effect of Diep Ha Chau?

Traditional medicine documents have recorded: medicinal herbs have bitter taste, cool properties; referred to as the two can and waste sutras. Uses of medicinal plants:

  • Candlesticks
  • Item
  • Blood salary
  • Low osmosis
  • Diuretic
  • Detoxify
  • stagnation
  • Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
  • Blood circulation
  • Menstrual, lactation.
  • Treatment of liver diseases: liver pain, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver ascites, liver toxicity, liver failure due to alcoholism, jaundice.
  • Treat thrush, cheek eczema, boils, dermatitis, rashes, skin sores.
  • Cure sore throat
  • Postpartum treatment, blood stasis, abdominal pain, schizophrenia, eye pain.
  • Cure urinary tract infections, urinary catheterization, edema caused by nephritis, kidney stones, bladder stones
  • Treat respiratory diseases: sore throat, cough
  • Cure digestive tract diseases: diarrhea, enteritis, gastritis, stimulate appetite…

In order to better explain what chlorophyll is, scientists around the world and Vietnam have conducted a lot of research. The results showed that the plant contains components Flavonoid, alkaloid phyllanthin and compounds hypophyllanthin, niranthin, phylteralin. In which, hypoophyllanthin is abundant in leaves. The ingredients Nirtetralin, Flavonoid, Niranthin, Phylteralin, isobubialin, niruroidin, Lignan, repandusinic A, geranilin, amariinic acid, ascorbic acid are abundant in the stem. What is the effect of Diep Ha Chau when containing the above chemical components? There have been many studies proving the effectiveness of this herb in the treatment of hepatitis. In the world, there is a famous study by Professor Break Stone in 1982. The results show that the active ingredients in chlorophyll such as triacontanal, phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin have good effects in the treatment of liver diseases, especially inflammation. viral liver.

  • Diep Ha Chau is a precious herb for people with liver disease

In Vietnam, the research group of Le Vo Dinh Tuong (Military Medical Academy – 1990 – 1996) also succeeded with the preparation of Hepamarin from Phyllanthus amarus; Or the research group of Nguyen Thuong Dong and Tran Danh Viet (Institute of Medicine) with Phyllanthin powder (2001) also proved the effect of this herb on hepatitis.

  • Anti-Oxidant Uses

The leaves contain powerful antioxidants. It has the task of neutralizing and preventing free radicals in the body that can cause cell damage leading to disease.

  • Detoxify, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial

Research by the Vietnam Institute of Medicinal Materials since 1987 has proven this use of the plant. Since then, it has been applied in many medicines to treat boils, syphilis, vaginitis…

  • Prevent ulcers, cure stomach diseases
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This plant has a very good effect in protecting the stomach because it reduces the amount of acid secreted. Combined with the anti-inflammatory ability as mentioned above, the condition of stomach ulcers is therefore markedly improved after a period of using chlorophyll.

  • Helps stabilize blood sugar

This is a precious herb for people with diabetes. Because it helps the body control blood sugar well by minimizing the amount of sugar absorbed through eating and improving glucose.

  • Prevent and reduce kidney stones

In 1990, studies at the Paulists Medical University in Sao Paulo, Brazil demonstrated the effects of medicinal plants on kidney stones. Some active ingredients in medicinal herbs have the effect of preventing the formation of calcium oxalate crystals. At the same time, the impact on the ureter helps the stone to pass easily. With a small size, the body will automatically excrete it through the urinary tract. Therefore, kidney stone disease is significantly improved.

  • Prevent cancer

Active polyphenols in medicinal plants have the effect of preventing the invasion of cancer cells, slowing the growth of cancer cells, preventing some types of lung cancer or metastatic breast cancer. In the presence of gallic acid, ethyl ester and a mixture of steroids (beta sitosterol and stigmasterol), chlorophyll has an analgesic effect, even 3 times stronger than morphine and 4 times stronger than indomethacin. Active alkaloids extracted from phyllan thoside (phyllan thoside) have antispasmodic effects on skeletal and smooth muscle, and help diuretic. Scientists at the University of Pharmacy Santa Catarina (Brazil-1984) had a study to prove this.

  • Helps strengthen the immune system

In 1992, research by Japanese scientists discovered the inhibitory effect on HIV-1 development of Phyllanthus niruri liquid by preventing HIV virus replication.

  • Improve respiratory diseases

Medicinal herbs have the effect of reducing symptoms such as cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis … This is also one of the secrets of the Indian people to solve respiratory diseases.

  • Treat gastrointestinal diseases

The use of chlorophyll on the digestive tract is thanks to the stimulation of bowel movements, the stimulation of appetite, and the reduction of stomach ulcers. At the same time, it is also a very effective medicine in cases of stomach pain, digestive disorders, dysentery, constipation, colitis …

Remedies from chlorophyll

Medicine to cure malaria

  • Take 8g of medicinal chlorophyll, 10g of ha thu vine, 10g of fresh custard-apple leaves, 10g of cardamom, 10g of regular paint, 10g of hide, 4g of areca nut, 4g of toad rope, 4g of apricot tree.
  • Sac with 600ml of water.
  • After decoction, the drug is divided into 2 parts, taken 2 hours before the fever. Add 10g to use tiger if the fever is not over yet.

Remedies for cirrhosis of the liver and ascites

  • Take 100g of medicinal herbs decocted with water. Sac 4 times, 1st time with 3 bowls of water until there is 1 bowl left, 2nd, 3rd, 4 times with 2 bowls of water and decant 1 bowl of medicine.
  • Mix the decoction 4 times together, then add 100g of sugar, bring to a boil.
  • Divide the medicine 6 times and then drink it all during the day. Use regularly about 30-40 days.

Medicines to support treatment of liver failure

Take 200g of chlorophyll, 20g of ground licorice. Decoction with water, divided into 3 drinks throughout the day.

Remedies for viral hepatitis

  • Take 10g of chlorophyll and 5g of yellow turmeric, color with water 3 times. 1st time with 3 bowls of water until 1 bowl is exhausted, 2nd time, 3 colors with 2 bowls of water and decant 1/2 bowl of medicine.
  • Mix the medicine again, add 50g of sugar, bring to a boil.
  • Divide into 4 portions, drink 4 times a day.
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Remedies for acne, skin inflammation

Using chlorophyll to treat acne is a good trick applied in folklore. Just take a handful of medicinal plant leaves and a little salt and pound them. Add water to boil and drink. Take the residue and apply it on the acne, inflammation, itching.

Cure gallstones, kidney stones

Take 24g of medicinal herbs with water and drink daily. In case of abdominal pain, add a piece of raw or post-harvested ginger to the same decoction. To limit the recurrence of stones, you should occasionally use chlorophyllum water, a dose of about 8 to 10g per day.

Urticaria remedy

  • For external use: When having urticaria, use fresh plants to wash, pound and apply on the urticaria.
  • For oral use: take dried medicinal plants and then decoction of drinking water. Drink 10-15g per day.

Remedy for loss of appetite, abdominal pain, fever

Take 1g of chlorophyll, boil 2g, radially connect 1g, then dry all flavors in the shade. Then powder. Decoction the medicine powder and divide it into 3 times, drink it all during the day.

Weight loss remedy from chlorophyll

Whether or not Ha Chau eucalyptus tea can help you lose weight is something that many women care about. The good news is that drinking eucalyptus tea daily or decoction in the way below will help control weight better. How to do: Take 100g of dried chlorophyll with 2 liters of water. Drink maintained for about 20-30 days.

Note when using chlorophyll

On the market today, there are herbal medicines and herbal teas. Many people wonder: Is it good to drink a lot of Diep Ha Chau? Or is it good to regularly drink chlorophyllum tea? The answer is to only use it when there is a disease for a certain period of time, and if you are healthy, you should not use much. Its side effects when used long-term will increase the burden of elimination for the liver, bile and kidneys. In the case of abuse, using too much for a long time can cause excessive bile secretion, cold liver, the risk of cirrhosis of the liver. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. In addition, this medicinal plant should not be used alone, but it is necessary to combine chlorophyll with warm spicy herbs to neutralize the coolness it brings.

Objects should not use chlorophyll

  • The spleen and stomach are damaged with cold symptoms, or loose stools, bloating, and indigestion. This medicine has cool properties, which will aggravate this condition of the user.
  • People with low blood pressure should not use it, it can easily lead to vomiting, dizziness, etc.
  • Children should not use it because there is a risk of poisoning.
  • Pregnant women: Can pregnant women drink chlorophyll? Absolutely not because it will cause miscarriage, extremely dangerous.

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