Tỳ giải là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Pi Xiu tree is also known as canvas thistle, cross-pigmentation, vajra root, pounded off, … is a precious herb widely used in diuretics, bladder inflammation, rheumatism, boils of traditional medicine. Depending on the purpose of treatment, use this medicine in an appropriate dose. Details refer to the use of the birch tree shared below.
Pi Xiu is a tree… The tree is also known as the tarpaulin, transpigmented, vajra root, pounded, … is a precious herb that is widely used in diuretics, bladder inflammation, and numbness. low, boils of traditional medicine. Depending on the purpose of treatment, use this medicine in an appropriate dose. Details refer to the use of the birch tree shared below.

What is the tree?

  • Other names: Bat Ke, Xuyen Pi Giai, Vajra tuber, off pounding, tare, chalk Pi Giai
  • Scientific name: Dioscorea lokoro Makino
  • Family: Brown tubers (Dioscoreaceae)

Pi Xiu is native to China, mainly the provinces bordering the North of Vietnam such as Yunnan, Guangdong or Guangxi. At present, the Chinese-like scorpion has not been found in Vietnam. Our country mainly exploits the tree species of the brown tuber family. Medicinal materials are used domestically and for export purposes. The roots of the plant (in some documents called rhizomes) are used medicinally.

Identification characteristics of the tree

Pi Xiu is classified as a group of vines that can live for many years. The trunk has a small, thin shape. The leaves are green, heart-shaped, with tassels formed by the cilantro. The leaves are connected to the stem by a long, small stalk. The upper surface of the leaf has 7-9 veins or more, originating from a point on the petiole radiating to the sides. The flowers are unisexual, coming out in summer or autumn. Flowers grow in clusters, pale green. The fruit is small, with a wing-like margin. Pills are made up of enlarged roots. The edges of the tubers are uneven, about 2-5mm thick. The outer bark is yellow, slightly brown, with small roots scattered around. Hard tubers, powdery substance, bitter taste. The inner section is white, grayish or grayish brown, with scattered yellow-brown vascular bundles.

How to prepare wormwood root

Pills tubers are harvested at any time of the year. However, in winter the tubers have the best medicinal properties. The tubers will be carefully dug up so that they are not crushed. When brought back, select the tubers that are not termite-affected, cut off the roots and then wash many times with water to clean the sandy soil. + According to Chinese medicine: After removing the roots and washing, the roots of the sage are sliced ​​or thinly sliced, dried or used raw. + According to the experience of Vietnamese traditional medicine doctors: The tubers are soaked with water to wash rice and leave overnight. Then take the brush to clean, incubate until soft. Finally, thinly sliced ​​and dried.

The chemical composition of the rhizomes

The main ingredient is starch, cornus officinalis sieb and saponozite (Saponin steroid), including 2 active ingredients:

  • Dioxins
  • Dioscorea sapotoxin
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What is the effect of the tree?

Taste: Average, Bitter. Cycle: The biliary can affect two meridians, including the Can and the Vi classics. Traditional medicine says that the spleen has the effect of leprosy, excepting low, balding, blood stasis, and diuretics. Ruler

  • Painful urination, urinary urgency, frequent urination, cloudy urine, sediment
  • Cystitis, urethritis
  • Pain in joints and limbs due to cold and low pressure
  • Acne
  • Urinary tract stones
  • Low wind
  • Treatment of gout, spondylolisthesis when used with some medicinal herbs

Dosage, how to use wormwood

Depending on the condition, location, severity of the disease can use 4 – 20g of lychee per day. Used alone or in combination with other ingredients to make a decoction or finish.

Toxicity of Pills

Saponins in lye, when used in high doses for a long time, can cause red blood cell breakdown and lead to many unusual side effects such as: Drunk, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness. In addition, some cases of hypersensitivity may be allergic to lye. Consult your doctor for full advice on the benefits and possible risks of using the roots of the tree as medicine.

Some remedies using wormwood

1. Cure sore feet, itchy skin sores caused by low temperature

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, ox tack, dong quai each 14g, ha tho o, tra tu, bean curd, 12g sage each, 4g licorice.
  • How to use: Decoction with 5 bowls of water to dry and 2 bowls to stop. Drink 3 times a day

2. Treatment of urinary incontinence, cloudy urine due to low temperature

  • Ingredients: 16g of Pi Xiu, Oyster, Mr. Khoa Khong, 12g of Licorice Jelly each, 8g of Licorice
  • Usage: Sac drink similar to the above post

3. Cure urinary incontinence many times a day, cloudy urine with mucus

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, Bang Ky, Anh Hoa Khoa, Litchi jelly with the same dosage
  • How to use: Crush the drug into a fine powder and store it in an airtight container. Each time, take 8-12g of flour and bring it to a boil with 3 cups of water, add 1g of salt to it. Drink while hot.

4. Treatment of urinary tract infections, painful urination, continuous urination but low urine output

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, Harsh, Trial, Son En, Thuy De, Revival Spirit, Cow Sock each 12g, Hoai Son 16g
  • How to use: Thoroughly take the water divided into 3 times to drink. Use 1 ladder per day.

5. Treatment of boils, itchy skin, yellow discharge due to low heat

  • Ingredients: 20g pixiom, white fairy skin and magic fairy 12g each, horse head and honeysuckle 16g each, 32g earthenware, 6g licorice.
  • Usage: Sac drink regularly every day 1 ladder. Use continuously until the disease is cured, then stop.

6. Treatment of urinary tract stones, urine sediment

  • Ingredients: 12g Pi Xiu, 12g Dragon Scales, 12g Ivy, 12g Men’s Socks, 12g Umbrella
  • How to use: Decorate 1 scale a day for a while to dissolve stones

7. Treatment of rheumatism, body aches and pains to the point of being unable to move

  • Ingredients: 12g Pi Xiu, 12g Scratched Grass, 12g Painted Khuong, 16g Dan Ginseng, 8g Black Sub, 8g Only
  • How to use: Grind into a fine powder, mix well with honey to form a complete member. Take 12g each time and drink with hot wine.
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8. Treatment of urinary tract infections, painful urination, frequent urination, back pain caused by low temperature

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, apple skin, reishi, water theme, grim skin, ox all 12g, 20g of earth royal, 16g of Hoai Son, 14g of devil’s blood.
  • How to use: Perseverely drink 1 month a day, after a while, the disease will improve.

9. Treatment of dribbling, urinary frequency due to low temperature

  • Ingredients: 8g pixi, 2g painted map, 4g spiritual restoration, 6g blood root, 3g lotus heart, 4g painted lotus, 2g bone jelly, 6g far from the money.
  • Usage: Sac drink daily, 1 ladder per day.

10. Cure urinating many times a day, losing control in urinating activities

  • Ingredients: Pisces, large intestine trees, witch hazel, myrrh, royal flag, loincloth, loris hair, velvet locust, Dai Van, rabbit ty Tu.
  • How to use: Crush the drug into a fine powder, mix it with alcohol. Make pills the size of a grain of corn. Drink with warm wine, each use 30 tablets.

11. Treatment of sciatic nerve pain, kidney meridian hits

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, coolie feathers, Tu Tien, Bach Linh, Ha Thu O, Water Horseradish, and Thien Hung are equal in quantity.
  • How to use: Grind everything into a fine powder. Mix 8g with rice water every day.

12. Treatment of joint pain, boils, syphilis, headache and tension like about to burst

  • Ingredients: 20g pixillium; 2.4g cypress; 2g licorice; 2.4g cross-section; 20g Ha Thu O, 2.4g harsh; 2.4g ghost lake; 1.2g rose flower, 20g mint; 1.8g activator; 20g anise; 6g regulations; 2.4g barometer; 2.4g bone jelly; 2.4g growing pine; 1.8g trans-digestible.
  • How to use: Sac get condensed water mixed with a little alcohol to drink. In case of illness in the upper part should drink after meals, vice versa drink on an empty stomach.

13. Cure boils caused by low temperature

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, single skin, royal bo, talc, pine grass, tracheo, man’s mind, chained spirit. Dosage according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Usage: Sac drink

14. Treatment of gout + Used for patients with stagnation and stasis: The disease often recurs, the joints are swollen, stiff, deformed, and the white tongue moss is covered with thick layers.

  • Ingredients: 24g Pi Xiu, 30g Thuc Chi, 15g Thuong Truc, 24g Beads (I will), 24g Dong Thanh Mao, 10g Pangolin Scales (Through Mountain Armor), 12g Dong Gui, 15g Dahlia Root, 15g Burdock socks, 15g majestic spirit, 6g tangerine peel, 8g through the frame.
  • How to use: All combined, drink 1 day.

+ Treating gout with damaged spleen and baldness: Aching joints, numbness in hands and feet, lumps of tophi, poor mobility, pale pink tongue covered with white moss.

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, royal flag, will, earth vestment spirit 24g each, Han Trung room period, Bach Truc, Tam Sa, Chi Thuong each 12g.
  • How to use: Every day, drink 1 ladder

+ Remedies to enhance uric acid metabolism, relieve joint pain, inflammation, liver and kidney tonic

  • Ingredients: Pixiu, rhubarb, dahlia, earthenware, tofu, feng shui, scratched grass, white primrose, son Khuong, licorice, fire ginseng 12g each.
  • How to use: Bring the decoction with 5 cups of water to get 1 cup. Decant to drink after dinner.

+ Used for patients with long-term gout with symptoms of severe joint pain, numbness in hands and feet

  • Ingredients: 16g Pi Xiu, 12g Bach Truc, 12g Water Deer, 12g Bach Linh, 4g Licorice, 16g White Sand, 16g Birth Earth, 3 Big Apples.
  • How to use: Put everything in a sharp special kettle with 5 cups of water. Sac dry and 3 cups will stop. Drink in the morning, noon, and night.
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15. Treatment of spina bifida

  • Ingredients: 16g pixiom, 12g drilled, 20g crane, 20g nostalgic son (ground tuber), 16g heavy bean, 16g blood vessel, 12g rabbit ty tu, 12g male sock ox, 12g ground tuber.
  • How to use: Sac take water to drink 1 month a day. Or can be soaked with alcohol in large quantities gradually, drinking 15ml x 2-3 times a day each time.

16. Treatment of cystitis + Lesson 1: Used for chronic patients

  • Ingredients: Pisces, far from money 16g each, geisha, Nga Truc, sa ginseng, jelly hoc, oxen, male emperor 12g each, honeysuckle 20g, creating a sense of taste 8g.
  • How to use: Decoction divided into 2 doses in the morning and afternoon, 1 month per day

+ Lesson 2: Support treatment, improve disease symptoms

  • Ingredients: 30g pixie, 40g cat’s whiskers, 30g willow root.
  • How to use: Take the decoction to drink 1 teaspoon per day

Note when using wormwood to cure diseases

Do not use this medicine for the following cases:

  • Sound of fire and prosperity
  • Kidney damage causes back pain
  • Allergic to the chemical composition of Pixiu
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • People who are being treated with drugs

In summary, the plant has a diuretic effect, cures cystitis, rheumatism, boils In addition, pregnant women, nursing women, people being treated with western medicine, people with any disease In the body, it is also necessary to notify the doctor when prescribed remedies with lychee. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Key word:

  • Chemical composition of wormwood
  • Chalk powder
  • The healing effect of the spleen
  • The prize is the Vietnamese dictionary
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