Three Ways To Worship God Daily

Throughout the Bible, we are constantly reminded of the need to worship God. The pages of the Bible proclaim God’s incredible goodness and greatness and there are countless examples of people who have dedicated and focused on the pursuit of God’s worship. As Christians today, we too can develop the habit of daily worshiping God. But what does this actually look like, and how can we develop the habit of worship in our daily lives?

As believers, we are invited to worship God. We are invited to live a life that honors and glorifies God. He invites us to come into His presence, carrying all that we have in our hands, in our hearts, and in our souls.

We Are Made To Worship God

God created us to worship Him. He is the reason for our existence, the source of breath in our lungs and life in our bones. As we read in Psalm 150:6, “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” And He is the One who holds our glorious and great future. The natural response to God is to worship. But the test often comes in doing this worship in a real way. economic.

So, what does daily worship of God look like? Here are three thoughts to help you reflect more deeply on your own daily journey of worship.

Worshiping God daily in the mundane

For many people, collective worship time at a church service each week is an integral part of their worship routine. Singing worship songs with a family in the church can be edifying and encouraging, and it can be an important building block in our relationship with God.

However, much of our life takes place outside of the Sunday service environment. For most of us, our week includes all sorts of other activities. Often, these activities can feel mundane; things like eating, sleeping, working, driving, and shopping. How can we develop a lifestyle of worship in our daily lives even when our lives seem unrelated to kingdom work?

As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, we can worship God through all things: “Therefore, whether you eat, drink, or do whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.” No matter what we are doing, or with whom we are, we can all worship God. God is clear through His Word that He can be glorified through all things.

When we realize this, the focus must shift from What? we are doing to how we are doing that. The issue is not about the specific assignment but about how we can glorify God through it. A work assignment may feel mundane, but you can think again how Are you completing the mission? Similarly, running errands may feel unimportant to the kingdom, but what are the opportunities to worship God while you do so? Paul challenges us to do everything for the glory of God.

Create space for intentional worship

Jesus lived a busy life. He has so many people to see and so many places to go to. Reading through the Gospels, we see Jesus traveling often, meeting people often, and going to people’s homes. However, despite this busyness, Jesus also regularly made time for purposeful worship.

For Jesus, purposeful time with God the Father was non-negotiable. He had a habit of separating himself from the busyness of life, seeking God and offering Him his worship. As we see in Mark 1:35: He got up very early, and while it was still dark, he went to a desolate place, and there he prayed.”

Intentional time of worship does not happen by accident. We must plan and we must strategize to spend quality time with the Lord. For some people, it can be a fixed time in the morning. For others, however, it might be your lunch break or the time before you go to sleep. Regardless of the exact specifics, Jesus’ example teaches us the importance of intentionally setting aside some time each day to worship God. Every day, find an opportunity to dedicate 5-10 minutes to intentional worship.

Develop a prayerful lifestyle

One of the best ways to establish a daily routine of worshiping God is to develop a prayerful lifestyle. The Bible speaks of prayer as a rhythm of grace through which we grow in our faith and relationship with God. Rather than being a stand-alone event, prayer is a way of life, an open dialogue with God through which we can communicate with Him at all times.

Prayer is our spiritual lifeline, the constant heartbeat that breathes life into our relationship with God. Prayer is the habit of intimacy with God that can carry us through every stage of life; The good and the bad.

Ephesians 6:18 says: Always pray in the Spirit, with all prayers and supplications. For that purpose, stay awake with all perseverance, supplicating all the saints.”

Praying all the time may seem like a difficult command, but this verse really speaks to the need to develop a prayerful lifestyle for each of us. This lifestyle takes time to develop. Like muscles, we develop our prayer lives over time. We gradually strengthened our prayer habits and grew into all that God has in store for us. A great starting point is to read short prayers throughout your day, to remind yourself that God is always with you.

How to Worship God Daily

As you begin your journey to discover what daily worship of God looks like, remember that God’s power and equipment is always with you. You can worship God in the mundane world. You can find space for intentional worship. And you can develop a lifestyle of worship with God’s guidance. By doing these things, you can gradually build a daily habit of worshiping God that can draw you closer to Him and build you more like Him.

God has invited you to worship Him. Accept God’s Word today and trust that He will meet you as you seek Him. Start setting a pattern of daily worship today with the Glorify app and trust God that He will always be with you.

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