The largest decentralized trading platform on Heco-Chain

This paragraph GTA Research team will introduce to you the MDEX project, the largest cross-chain decentralized exchange on the HECO chain ecosystem.

MDEX (MDX) is a decentralized platform for cross-chain transactions and is deployed on BSC, HECO and Ethereum. MDEX trading volume and TVL top the DEX rankings according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. MDEX aims to integrate multiple chains of many different ecosystems to build a complex DEX ecosystem with high performance. Users can get maximum rewards for participating in liquidity mining and trading mining through dual mining mechanism.

MDEX’s Vision

The goal that MDEX wants to achieve is to build a DeFi platform that integrates DEX, IMO and DAO, MDEX provides one-stop liquidity services for high-quality assets and gives users a trading experience Safe, reliable, diversified and cost-effective.

MDEX will build a new DEX ecosystem with more applications and different chains connected to provide global users with more convenient, high-performance, low-cost crypto-financial services. and undiscriminatory so that assets can be reasonably priced and liquidated quickly.

Features of MDEX


AMM is Automatic Market Maker it provides quotes between any two assets based on simple pricing algorithm. MDEX has optimized the problems that occur with pure AMM adoption: reducing arbitrage and improving capital utilization. If a single trade in the market takes up more than a certain percentage of the trading pool (e.g. 15%), MDEX will restrict this transaction and allow users to trade in batches. This mechanism will help reduce trading losses due to slippage and provide enough time for experts to handle arbitrage, ensuring that price fluctuations are always at an optimal level.

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MDEX will support other chains to create a multi-chain transaction cross-chain protocol. This cross-chain protocol will perform one-click asset exchange, allowing users to experience high-efficiency, low-cost cross-chain transactions.

IMO – Initial MDEX Offering

IMO builds on MDEX’s original decentralized online exchange that provides ample liquidity for projects and allows users to participate more equitably. All users of the public exchange function can participate. Assets have exchange rules and exchange times. Users can use MDX or MDEX platform tokens to complete the exchange.

Learn more about IMO operations: What you need to know about the first IMO on Mdex and how to join

Highlights of MDEX

  • MDEX is always looking for good protocols to build an ecosystem with low cost, high efficiency and improve user experience.
  • Offers trading of all cryptocurrencies on the market
  • Fast transaction speed ~3s
  • Low transaction fees ($0.1) offset by transaction mining
  • Increasing post-trade degree reduces the possibility of slippage to 0.1%

Similar projects

Team, Investor, Audit & Partners







Roadmap – Project development roadmap

Enhance user experience

  • Launching liquidity optimization programs to optimize profits
  • Cross-chain transactions
  • Enhancing the user’s trading experience by upgrading the interface

Towards becoming a big ecosystem

  • Unlimited liquidity release
  • Create more benefits for MDX holders
  • Towards a brand new DeFi ecosystem of more partners and developers will prioritize activities IMO, MDEX Foundation, M-Accelerator

Bigger profit

  • The community will have more power
  • Building a longer plan for MDX holders
  • More profit revenue to increase MDEX bonus


Basic information about the Mdex . token

  • Token Name: Mdex
  • Ticker: MDX
  • Blockchain: HECO
  • Standard Tokens: Updating…
  • Contact: 0x25d2e80cb6b86881fd7e07dd263fb79f4abe033c
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MDX
  • Circulating Supply: 790,849,760 MDX
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Token Allocation & Token Release Schedule

  • Liquidity mining and transaction mining (HECO): 49%
  • Liquidity mining and transaction mining (BSC): 31%
  • Team rewards (unlocked in 1 month after the project launch and lasts for 2 years: 10%
  • Early investors (unlocked upon project launch and lasts for 12 months: 7%
  • Marketing & operations (unlocked upon project launch and lasts for 12 months: 3%

Token Use Case

  • Single-Staking: Users can stake MDX in Boardroom to mine MDX for a specific period of time, or users can also stake MDX to mine other tokens like HT, BNB.
  • Governance: Governance of the Mdex Ecosystem

Repurchase & Burn


MDEX launches boardroom buyback and burn program. The transaction fee is 0.3% of the transaction volume, of which 0.1% will be used to develop the ecosystem, 0.14% will be used to reward MDX stakers in the boardroom, and 0.06% will be bought back and burned to reduce inflation.

Burn (Burning Black Hole mechanic)

Benefiting MDX holders, holders deposit MDX into the pool and receive the participation number. If the winning number matches the announced number, the user will receive a reward.

MDEX token rate

Where to buy and sell MDEX tokens?

  • CEX: Binance, Huobi, MEXC, Gate, Kucoin
  • DEX: Uniswap, Mdex, Sushiswap



MDEX is a very potential AMM project when it is behind Huobi, a CEX exchange currently ranked 3rd in the cryptocurrency market, not only in terms of trading volume MDEX is always the top DEX exchange in my opinion. are under-value. The time before Huobi was affected with fud coming from China, so the price of MDX was also affected when the price dropped sharply to the 0.7x area, I personally think this is a pretty nice price zone when Huobi is gradually separating. from China and has new programs to attract users back to its ecosystem.

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Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the project MDEX and is not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

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