Thanh hao là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Thanh Hao is also known as golden flower bar, high bar, yellow flower wormwood, etc. Bark is a medicinal herb with bitter taste, cold properties, used by Oriental medicine in the treatment of diseases such as nosebleeds, malaria, etc. boils, toothache swelling, sweating… Details about the uses of tall barberry are shared below.
What is Thanh Hao tree?

Other names: Cao Cao, Thanh Hao yellow flower, Huong Cao, Wormwood … Thanh Hao is also known as Thanh Hao yellow flower, high bar, wormwood flower yellow, … Thanh ha is a medicinal herb with a bitter taste, welding properties, and is used in Eastern medicine. It is used in the treatment of diseases such as nosebleeds, malaria, boils, toothache swelling, sweating, etc. Details of the use of the tree are shared below.

What is Thanh Hao tree?

  • Other names: Thao Cao, Thanh Hao yellow flower, Huong Cao, Wormwood, Thanh Cao, Wormwood flower yellow, Thanh Cao coriander, Ngai Thom
  • Scientific name: Artemisia annua L.
  • Family: Asteraceae – Asteraceae

The yellow-flowered barberry is native to temperate Asia. Today, the plant has spread to many parts of the world, including North America. In Vietnam, the tree can grow wild in lawns, along hillsides or riverbanks. In addition, the tree is also grown in Lam Dong and some northern provinces for vegetables to eat and to make medicine. The leaves of the plant are the main part used as medicine. Young tops and leaves are also collected by people to cook soup as vegetables in meals. Medicinal herbs are collected year round, when the plant begins to have buds. People choose yellowed leaves to pick first because at this time the leaves have a much higher content of artemisinin than when the leaves are fresh or when the flowers have bloomed. Leaves are washed, used fresh, dried or dried.

Identification characteristics of Thanh Hao trees

Thanh Hao is an annual herbaceous plant. Mature trees are 1-2 meters tall. Stems are small, with edges and many grooves, branched. The leaves are feathery, split twice, the leaf blade is narrow, the outside is covered with soft hairs. Lightly rub the leaves have a fragrant smell. Flowers grow in globular clusters, each cluster containing about 6 flowers. In which the female flowers are located around the hermaphroditic flower in the middle. The petals are pale yellow, so this new plant is called with another name, golden flower bar. The fruit is ovate-shaped, small, only about 1mm long. The outer surface of the fruit skin has small glands containing essential oils inside.

Chemical composition in the leaves of Thanh Hao

In Thanh Hao tree contains a number of components such as:

  • Oil
  • Artemisinin
  • Bitter
  • The alkaloids

What is the effect of sage?

Calculation of taste Some ancient medical documents have recorded the taste of Thanh Hao medicinal herbs as follows:

  • According to the Book of Sutras: Thanh Hao has a bitter taste and is cold
  • According to the Footbridge Manuscript: Medicinal herbs are sweet, slightly spicy, cold, and non-toxic

Cycle: Can, Taste, Phosphate, Heart, Kidney – According to Oriental Medicine: Thanh Hao has the effect of cooling the blood, relieving the heat, except for malaria, clearing heat damage, benefiting the liver and gallbladder, stimulating digestion, stopping bleeding. Treatment of the symptoms:

  • Hot in the bone
  • Tuberculosis fever
  • Asthenia
  • Sweat a lot
  • Fever
  • Itchy sores
  • Poor digestion
  • Bloody stools
  • Acne
  • Epistaxis
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen toothache
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Lupus erythematosus
  • Itchy skin…
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According to modern research:

  • Active ingredient artemisinin – the main component of Thanh Hao tree has the effect of killing malaria-causing pathogens in red blood cells and inhibiting fungi causing skin diseases, lowering blood pressure, and cooling the body. In addition, this substance also has the ability to inhibit the growth of malignant cells in breast cancer, leukemia. Artemisinin is very benign, non-toxic, it is safe for both pregnant women and patients with liver and kidney failure.
  • Essential oil extracted from Thanh Hao leaves has the effect of reducing cough, dissipating phlegm, and soothing asthma. Tested on white mice, it has beneficial effects on bile, protects and stabilizes the body’s immune system.
  • Using high water is made from rods applied on the skin to help repel insects and prevent mosquito bites.

Dosage, how to use Thanh Hao

Dosage: about 6-12g per day; Using

  • Drink color
  • Done
  • Get fresh drinking water

Herbal medicine can be used alone or in combination with other herbs to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Some remedies from Thanh Hao

1. Treatment of physical weakness Prepare a drug ladder including: Thanh Hao, Son Khuong, Tri Mau, Moc Ban, Tang Bach Da, Mai Ba Ba, and Hoang Ky 10g each; Hoang Lien 4g; wild licorice, humor 7g each. Decoction with 300ml for about 20 minutes and then decanted for the first time. Continue to add 200ml of water to the decoction to get water for the second time. Mix the medicine obtained in both times and divide and drink in the morning, noon, and evening. Take the medicine for about 10-15 days to see the results. 2. Treatment of malaria Lesson 1: Take 20g fresh Thanh Hao, wash and cut into small pieces. Put medicinal herbs in a mortar and pound, filter the water, divide it 3-4 times a day, before having a fever. Lesson 2: Use 12g of dried herbs to grind into a fine powder. Divide the drink into 2-3 times. Lesson 3: Thanh Hao, single pack, tri sample each 12g, mai ba ba 16g, earth royal 20g. Use the drug by decoction 1 month a day. Used in cases of malaria or illness caused by heat, cool days, hot nights, red and yellow tongue moss. Lesson 4: Thanh Hao yellow flowers, painted leaves are 100g each, 80g to ho, 50g of white ha tho, 20g of apricot, lemon peel and areca nut, fake licorice 30g each. All powdered gradually. Drink 40g per day. **Note: Artemisinin – The anti-malarial active ingredient found in the plant can be decomposed in boiling water. Therefore, people with malaria should avoid taking medicinal herbs in the form of oral decoction, which will have no effect. 3. Cure theft, eat long pepper Sac 30g dried medicinal herbs take water to drink twice a day. Use 1 ladder daily for 10 consecutive days. 4. Treatment of burns, skin rashes, toxic acne, scabies disease. Pick young leaves of hao, pound, squeeze the juice to apply outside the area to be treated. 5. Treatment of yin fever in tuberculosis, night sweats, poor appetite Use 6 – 12g of dried bar. Thoroughly decoct 200ml of water divided 3 times a day. Maintain excellent drinking 1 ladder a day until the disease is cured. 6. Treatment of leprosy in children in the acute stage Use 40g pasteurized paste and chain knit. The whole hia is crushed, mixed together to make 2g balls. Children who are still breastfed each time take 1-2 tablets x 3-5 times/day, mixed with breast milk for children to drink. 7. Treatment of sunstroke Use the following recipes: Thanh Hao, term lien, Bach Linh, white sea beans 10g each, National Elder, Thong Thong each taste 6g, save jelly 12g, fresh watermelon 50g. Decoction with 500ml of water, take 350ml, divide into 3 servings. Use 1 ladder a day continuously for 3-5 days. 8. Treatment of fever and diarrhea in children. Combine yellow flower with sedge grass (phoenix grass) and sycamore tree that each taste 6-8g. Take 1 decoction daily until the symptoms are gone. 9. Cure a lot of theft, tuberculosis, heat damage. Thanh Hao yellow flower 20g, apricot ba ba 63g, medicinal paint 20g, red jujube 125g, goat intestine 63g. The drug is decoctioned and taken 1 month per day for several days in a row to treat the disease thoroughly. 10. Treatment of nosebleeds Using medicinal herbs in fresh form. After washing and soaking in salt water, put the herbs in a mortar and pound, squeeze out 1 cup of juice. Take 3 divided doses. Take a small amount of medicine and stuff it into the bleeding nostril. 11. Cure pain in bones, mild fever Use high bar, mai ba ba, royal flag, birth tang skin, white truss, son chi tu, death, tri model 12g each, sai lake, national old man, long life. herb 8g each. All combined into a color scale. 12. Cure toothache and swelling. Pick 1 handful of Thanh Hao, carefully pick up condensed water and put it in your mouth several times a day. Try to hold it for at least 10 minutes each time, then spit it out. 13. Treatment of chronic bronchitis, phlegm cough, asthma Using essential oil extract from Thanh Hao. Drink 20ml each time x 3 times/day. Use the drug for a course of 10 consecutive days. If the disease is not over, continue taking another course. At most, the drug should only be taken in 3 courses. About 330 cases of asthmatic chronic bronchitis are treated this way. As a result, 91.97% of cases had good asthma relief after taking the drug. 14. Treatment of SLE Daily use 36 – 54g depending on the condition of the disease. Take medicine with boiled water to cool Lesson 2: Drink 0.3 – 0.6g of Thanh Hao factor every day. The course of treatment is for 2-3 consecutive months. Applying this remedy to treat 21 cases of lupus erythematosus, 12 cases were stable, 6 cases had good results and 3 cases had no results at all. 15. Reduce fever Use 200% injectable solution for intramuscular injection with a dose of 2 – 4 ml / injection, 1-2 times per day. Applied on 126 cases of high fever, the fever reduction rate reached 68.25%. 16. Treatment of typhoid fever, fever due to common disease, body sweating a lot, cold Prepare ingredients: Thanh Hao yellow flower 20g, dong dong, raw rice, rhubarb 15g each, ginseng party 12g. Decoction with 800ml of water to take 300ml. Drink 3 times a day 17. Treatment of fungal infections in the oral mucosa causing inflammation According to a report by Long Kinh Phan published in the Shanghai Journal of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in 1982, using Thanh Hao to treat 30 cases of oral mucositis. due to fungi have shown positive results. 18. Cure heat illness in the summer leading to fever, dry mouth or thirst, frequent urination, tuberculosis, mild heat in the afternoon Thanh Hao, goji, tri model, wu cuu, and cardamom 12g each. Sac drink *Note: Children use half or 1/3 of the dose of adults depending on the age of the baby. 19. Treatment of urinary tract infections Use 200-300g of fresh, pounded hao. Putting both the water and the cloth on the navel for a while has a convenient effect, stimulating urination. 20. Treatment of heat illness in children due to hot weather, diarrhea, red urine and little use of fresh herbs, 20g of fresh herbs each. Sac drink regularly 1 ladder per day. 21. Cure itchy skin Use fresh or dried yellow flower stick in an appropriate amount. Cook the steam for a while. When the water is cold, use it to bathe or clean outside the itchy area. 22. Treatment of nosebleeds, skin diagnosis. Patients with nosebleeds use freshly crushed stick hao, filter the juice, and dilute it with a little boiled water to cool it down to drink. In the case of a skin rash, a combination of Thanh Hao with aquatic fish body, pierced mountain armor, Van Quy, Chau Ma, Earth Emperor, and Chains are equal. Color drink. 23. Cure fatigue in the body, anorexia, not eating much. Use the leaves of the yellow flowers and leaves in a pot to cook with water. For 1 part leaves, boil with 3 parts water. When the water boils, turn down the heat and cook until it thickens. Form the pellets to the size of a grain of corn, store in a jar for later use. Take 10-20 tablets per day with hot wine. Should be taken before going to bed or taken on an empty stomach to achieve the best effect. In a nutshell, the barberry is a bitter, cold medicinal herb that is used by Oriental medicine in the treatment of diseases such as nosebleeds, malaria, boils, toothache, swelling, sweating, etc. If you have a damaged spleen, if you intend to use the medicine, you should carefully consult your doctor before using it. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Key word:

  • onion plant
  • broom
  • artemisia annua
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