Sống đời là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

The tree of eternal life is also known as the burning leaf tree, the tree of immortality, the groundnut of the land of birth, and so on. The tree of life has a cool, slightly acidic taste, referred to as the Can Sutra, helps to detoxify, stop bleeding, fight inflammation, cure skin burns, joint pain, hemorrhoids, sore throat. Dosage 20-40g leaves per day. Details refer below.
What is the tree of life?

Other names: Tree of eternal life, tree of burning leaves, tree of immortality, peanut… Tree of eternal life is also known as tree of burning leaves, tree of immortality, peanut of birth root,…. The tree of life has a cool, slightly acidic taste, referred to as the Can Sutra, helps to detoxify, stop bleeding, fight inflammation, cure skin burns, joint pain, hemorrhoids, sore throat. Dosage 20-40g leaves per day. Details refer below.

What is the tree of life?

  • Other names: Tree of eternal life, tree of burning leaves, tree of immortality, lost land of birth root, terroir, púa sung (Dao ethnic group) burning medicinal plant, immortality, cephalopod, immortality, chlorophyll apartment, …
  • Scientific name: Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Pers
  • Family: Burnt leaves – Crassulaceae

The tree of life is found in many countries around the world such as Vietnam, Australia, Madagascar or the West Indies… This plant thrives in places with plenty of light. The tree can grow wild naturally on rocky hillsides or along streams. In the rural areas of our country, living plants are often planted in the open spaces right in front of the house to play with flowers. Meanwhile, city people mainly play flowers living in pots. The whole plant is alive, but the most used medicinally are the old leaves. The tree lives all year round, so it can be harvested at any time and used. Leaves are brought back to be washed, soaked with diluted salt water and used immediately in fresh form. Leaves can be dried and stored for later use.

Characteristics of identifying trees of life

Evergreen is a herbaceous, branching plant. The maximum height of the tree can be up to 1 meter. Body round, smooth, purplish or blue. The leaves are green, thick, succulent and contain viscous substances. Leaves are opposite, short petioles, develop from the stem or from the branches. Leaf margin serrated, slightly purple. Leaves may or may not be lobed. A special feature of this plant is that there are seedlings that grow from the leaves. On one leaf, more seedlings can be developed in the notches on the edges of the leaf. Lifetime flowers bloom in spring (about February – May). Flowers grow in clusters of red, yellow, orange, white or pink, with many layered petals, hanging drooping on a long handle. Petals develop on branches or protrude from leaves.

How many types of trees are there?

In Vietnam, the tree has many different varieties. Plants of life include:

  • Live my life: Also known as the burning tree, the lantern flower
  • The tree of life in Da Lat: This variety is grown in Da Lat. Flower lanterns, large whole leaves.
  • Red life plant: The flowers are crimson, the flowers are fine. The tree usually flowers on the occasion of Tet in our country.
  • Tree of life with 5 colors: The tree gives pure flowers, there are 5 different colors. Flowers often bloom on the occasion of the traditional New Year, so they are planted in small pots to celebrate Tet.
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Chemical composition of the tree of life

The plant contains the following main components:

  • Kaempferol 3-glucoside
  • Malic Acid
  • Quercetin 3-diarabinoside
  • Isocitric
  • citric acid
  • Isoxitric acid
  • p-cumaric acid
  • Oxalic
  • P-hydroxybenzoic
  • Bryophilyn
  • pyruvic acid
  • Cis-aconitic acid…

What does the tree of life do?

Taste: Coolness; Taste: Slightly sour, acrid and pale Quy Kinh: The tree of life can affect the Can meridian Effect of the tree of life – Rule – According to traditional medicine: The tree of life has the effect of hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, muscle, relieve pain, stimulate blood circulation, only system, eliminate toxins for the body. Ruler:

  • Stomach ulcer disease
  • Internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids
  • Skin burns
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Headache
  • Drunk
  • Fever
  • Prolapse (rectum prolapse)
  • Joint pain
  • Measles
  • Purple marks on the skin
  • Sore throat
  • Insect stings
  • Leprosy and many other diseases

According to modern research:

  • For the liver: According to a publication in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, using the juice from fresh raw leaves can help overcome jaundice. This remedy has been used by Indians for a long time. Using the juice of medicinal leaves in rats with CCl4 hepatotoxicity showed a significant improvement in toxicity.
  • For the kidneys: Tested on rats, scientists found that the extract of the raw leaves exhibited powerful antioxidant properties. It helped reduce the negative effects of the antibiotic Gentamicin on the kidneys of rats.
  • On the respiratory system: The results of a study published in the journal Phytomedicine show that the extract of raw leaves has the ability to stabilize the immune system, inhibit allergic reactions in the respiratory tract.
  • Cancer prevention: According to an information published in the journal Phytochemistry, the extract of living leaves has good potential in treating and fighting the growth of cancer cells.
  • For people with Leishmaniasis: The juice of fenugreek leaves contains several active ingredients that may help inhibit the development of Leishmaniasis.

Dosage, how to use the tree of life

Patients can use live plants at a dose of 20-40g a day depending on the type of disease and the severity of the disease. Medicinal herbs are used in one of two ways:

  • Used in: Eaten raw, juiced or decoction
  • External use: Crush fresh leaves and apply directly to the skin or make an ointment for external application.

Toxicity: Raw leaves are non-toxic External use: Puree the fresh leaves of medicinal herbs. Prepared into an ointment applied to the skin or applied directly to the affected skin area. Use in: Crush the fresh leaves of medicinal herbs, extract the juice to drink or use fresh leaves to eat raw or decoction to drink water.

Some remedies from the tree of life

The tree of life is an indispensable ingredient in many traditional medicine remedies such as: 1. Treatment of edema Squeeze fresh leaves to take 60ml of drinking water. Do it 2 times a day. 2. Treatment of bloody stools Combine 30g of living leaves with 10g of wormwood, 10g of conifer leaves (star), 10g of pot grass (squid grass). Sac 1 scale divided several times a day. 3. Cure armpit odor. Pick 3-4 fresh leaves, wash them, pound them, extract the water and keep them separate. The water used to drink, the residue is left to rub in the armpits for about 10 minutes and then wash with water to clean. Apply this remedy once a day after taking a shower to achieve better results. 4. Treatment of joint pain, back pain Use a few large medicinal leaves to heat on a charcoal stove to make it hot, and apply it to the painful area. After a few minutes, the leaves will stop being hot, you can bake them again and continue to apply them for about 15 minutes. Repeat several times a day to reduce swelling and relieve pain. When performing, should carefully adjust the temperature so as not to burn the skin. 5. Treatment of dysentery, hemorrhoids Combine 20g of living leaves with 20g of present sage (also known as purslane). Both bring the decoction of water divided into 3 times to drink or chew and swallow to cure hemorrhoids, dysentery 6. Treatment of intestinal infections, stomach ulcers, bloody stools due to internal hemorrhoids Use 50g of leaves Live a good life with 3 bowls of water, get 2 bowls. Divide and drink in the morning and afternoon 7. Cure sleep disorders (insomnia, trouble sleeping, restless nights), postpartum women with loss of milk Use 8 leaves of life, chew and swallow both pulp and water. Apply this remedy regularly 2 times a day. Patients with insomnia should eat in the evening about 1 hour before going to bed. 8. Cure centipede bites, potty burns, boiling water burns, dissolving bruises, speeding up the healing of injuries caused by accidents. Picking fresh leaves depends on the area to be treated. Wash with salt water, pound directly on the lesion. 9. Cure eczema, urticaria, acne. Cook fresh leaves of the plant, get water, and let it cool. Clean the outside of the area to be treated. Another way can be taken crushed leaves and applied to the damaged skin twice a day. 10. Alcohol solution for cases of drunkenness Picking 10 leaves of life for the subjects that need to be eaten will help the body to be more awake after about 10 minutes of medication. 11. Cure scabies, impetigo, boils in children Cook 1 handful of raw leaves, take 40ml and divide it evenly for children to drink in the morning and evening. Combine drinking inside with pounding and applying herbs outside the lesion to quickly heal. 12. Treatment of nosebleeds, sinusitis. Pick the leaves of life, pound the juice, soak it in cotton balls, and stuff it in turn on both sides of the nostrils. Applying 4-5 times a day has hemostatic, antiseptic, and healing effects on the nasal mucosa. 13. Treatment of idiopathic pruritus leprosy (the cause of the disease cannot be determined) Use the leaves of eternal life, leaves of wild laksa leaves, leaves of spearmint, and leaves of euthanasia with equal quantity. Cook steam water and take a bath when it cools. 14. Treatment of dengue fever Decoction 1 handful of fresh burned leaves drink until the disease is over. Dosage depends on the time as follows:

  • The first day of fever: Drink 3-4 times a day x 100ml/time
  • 2nd day of fever onward: 2 times a day x 60ml/time
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15. Remedies for children with whooping cough Use 6 to 8 sharp leaves with 200ml of water to take 20ml. Divide the medicine into 2 times for the baby to drink while still warm 16. Lower blood pressure, cure headaches, nervousness, restlessness Fresh leaves of life, drink twice a day, 60ml each time 17. Treatment of fever, Constipation, difficulty in defecation for children Use 15 leaves of old life to cook drinking water with the following dosage:

  • Children with constipation: Drink 2 times a day, 60ml each time
  • Children with fever: Drink 2-4 times a day when the child has a fever, 30ml each time

18. Treatment of dysentery Use a remedy including the following flavors: 40g of living leaves, 20g of luong grass, 20g of apricot leaves, 16g of ground licorice. Cook all together and drink water several times a day instead of tea. Perform regularly 1 month a day until the dysentery symptoms stop completely. 19. Treatment of cough, sore throat, sore throat Every morning and afternoon of the day, pick 4 leaves of the tree of life, wash it, chew it well, swallow the water slowly, let it slide down the throat, if you can swallow the residue, the better . In the evening of the same day, continue to pick 2 more burned leaves to chew and swallow in the same way. If the response is good, after about 3 days, the disease will improve markedly. 20. Treatment of boils without pus Use 30g of life leaves, 15g of vermicelli leaves, 20g of apple leaves. All washed with salt water and then pounded on pimples twice a day to reduce pain and swelling. 21. Treatment of otitis media in the acute stage. Fake 2-3 fresh medicinal leaves and squeeze the juice into the inflamed ear. 22. Soothes sunburned skin Crushing the leaves of life and applying it to the affected area has a cooling effect, soothes burning on the skin, and prevents infection. 23. Children have a lot of night sweats. Crush the leaves of life to get the juice for children to drink 2 times a day, 60ml each time. 24. Treatment of colitis Patients with colitis should eat 20 leaves of the plant every day to improve symptoms and limit dependence on western medicine. In which 8 leaves are eaten in the morning, 8 leaves are eaten in the afternoon and the remaining 4 leaves are eaten in the evening. Children under 10 years old use half the dose of adults. 25. Treatment of vomiting blood (vomiting blood) for cases of being beaten or having an accident Grind 7 leaves of life to get the juice. Stir in the amount of sugar just sweet enough to drink once a day. 26. Treatment of pink eye: Crush 3 leaves of eternal life, strain the water to drink, and put the residue in a clean thin towel to cover the eyes. Leave it overnight, the next morning, wash your eyes with physiological saline. 27. Fast wound healing. Fresh leaves of the plant are applied to the wound twice a day to fight infection and stimulate the rapid growth of young skin. In short, the Tree of Life has a cool, slightly acidic taste, referred to as the Can Sutra, helps to detoxify, stop bleeding, fight inflammation, treat skin burns, joint pain, hemorrhoids, sore throat. The above are the effects of the tree of life and instructions on how to use medicinal herbs to treat diseases properly. When using the drug by the external route, it is necessary to ensure that the leaves are washed clean and sterilized with dilute saline so as not to injure the bacterial superinfection. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Key word:

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