Shop hoa với 1001 giống cây trồng độc đáo

Thang Long Bonsai flower shop with 1001 unique and rare plant varieties

.. is selected from European varieties, countries with developed agriculture through testing, trial production or ornamental plants, native flowers with good adaptability to soil and climate conditions. After all, the weather of our country. We invite you to come to Thang Long Bonsai Flower Farm – Thanh Tri – Hanoi to visit, enjoy and choose for yourself beautiful healthy plants that bring a green space to your beloved home!

I. Strange flowers – beautiful flowers, rare ornamental plants: a variety of beautiful, strange and unique ornamental flowers from shape, color to fragrance to satisfy all customers’ needs: wisteria, blood dragon, pink climbing varieties, tiger’s claw, peony, magnolia, blue apricot, iris, dove, bird of prey, lotus multi-lotus, carefree, purple phoenix, osaka (canary), American peony, Thanh Anh, Thuy European fairy, meteor, scorpion, box orchid….

Thang Long Bonsai flower shop has hundreds of beautiful domesticated inflorescences, multi-colors, bold fragrances, many sizes and designs.

see more Magnolia tree >>>> extremely wrong flower, funny shape, passionate fragrance.

The ginkgo tree – the autumn tree with yellow leaves belongs to a precious tree species with many uses, which is popular in the world, and has also been domesticated in Vietnam. flower shop Thang Long Bonsai

Young lilache weak and fragile, but once the tree blooms, it will forever be imprinted in the hearts of those who see it.

The brazilian vine grows fruit on the trunk, sweet and sweet berries are loved by many people both for decoration and as a great source of nutrition.

The red maple tree with legendary colors has gone into movies and poetry creating beautiful scenes for any space the tree exists.

Wisteria loves sunlight, likes deep, rich, sandy soils, also has a certain tolerance to cold, drought, and water.

Blood dragon climbing flower is suitable for many climates, is shady, drought tolerant, not picky about soil, grows quickly.

Caring for the tiger’s claw is also quite difficult, because its nature is a legume species. The roots mostly have nodules (Nosites) that absorb protein (N), which is the main food. Lack of protein, tiger’s claw. will become weak, bare stem, not bear fruit normally.

Worried flowers grow straight from the trunk, all the way from the base up, the inflorescence can be up to 2-3m long, the fruit is large and round, the diameter of the fruit can be up to 20cm.

Purple phoenix must be grown by seeds, so after some plants have been imported to Vietnam, the propagation is quite slow because it cannot be cut. Plants grown from seeds flower after 2-3 years, when the tree is still quite low (adults can reach the flowers).

Canaries likes sunshine and good drainage, not suitable for arid or cold climates; although it is drought and salt tolerant.

Ivy is a perennial plant with a tall herbaceous plant, blade-shaped leaves and large, colorful flowers with three petals and three drooping sepals,

The dove is a herbaceous plant with many years, many branches, and colorful flowers that bend down very strangely, creating a unique and impressive shape of flying pigeons, growing better in shady places, cold-tolerant, and soil-loving. Grow loose, avoid waterlogging.

Currently, Thang Long bonsai has more than 100 varieties of inflorescences with diverse colors and types

The lotus flower belongs to a unique flower in the Thang Long Bonsai flower shop, the flowers can be kept for 5-7 days after being cut. It seems that few flowers have the ability to reproduce continuously and full of life. like this unique Da Loc flower!

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Natural flower bird cIt is also loved by many people. In the summer, when the temperature is high, the tree is prone to drying and disease, so it is necessary to shade, pay attention to ventilation; winter need to cover the wind

II. Climbing flowers with drooping flowers, potted flowers: a variety of healthy and beautiful flowers: Huyen eye, double single rose, canary apricot, military mandarin, Trang radio…. evening primrose, drooping begonia, geranium, indo chrysanthemum, love bell, lavender, strawberry… developed in beautiful flower shop ours

Coconut flowers droop when the flowers bloom, if placed in a place that is not bright enough, the flower color will not be beautiful, because the drooping coconut tree belongs to a tropical tree, so it likes light, so it must be sunny enough for new flowers to be many and wrong, the flower color is bright. The solution of hanging flower pots and watering every day is very suitable for periwinkle flowers because they like moisture but must be dry.

Lavender is a sun and drought tolerant plant that does not like moisture. The climate is too humid or too hot for lavender to grow well, requiring careful care.

Lavender does not like roots that often retain water.

Strawberries love moisture and are very drought tolerant, so they should not be planted in places with continuous hot sun. But if there is a lack of sunlight, the tree will turn yellow, grow slowly and do not give fruit, or less and the quality of the fruit will not be good. Suitable location for growing strawberries in townhouses: windows, balconies are only sunny in the morning or afternoon, if planted outdoors or in the garden, they should be planted in the shade of large trees but still have moderate sunlight and can good moisturizing

Tula orchid (love bell flower) Love bell flower grows well in cool conditions (about 50% light). Water regularly in the early morning, limit watering in the afternoon because the plant will be susceptible to disease. When the flowers have bloomed, only water the root, do not water the leaves and flowers, do not water too wet because the plant is easy to rot.

Weep begonias Caring for drooping begonias need to pay attention especially in hot and humid Hanoi weather: they like moisture but are prone to waterlogging. Symptoms of waterlogging are seeing glossy leaves and silvery white

Lipstick tree is a light-loving plant, but does not like sunlight, suitable for growing in shady places with high humidity.

Thang Long Bonsai flower shop has a variety of cactus

Although the white and green peacock tail flowers look fragile, they have very good endurance. In order for the plant to have many flowers, it needs full light, and lots of watering. After each bloom, the tree can be trimmed neatly.

III. Aquatic plant:

Diversity of aquatic plants at Thang Long Bonsai Flower Shop

Some notes when taking care of aquatic plants:

1/ Light:

+ Avoid direct sunlight.

+ Place the plant where there is 40% – 50% diffused natural light.

+ Avoid places with more than 50% natural light, the plants will grow moss and damage the roots.

+ Put the plant in a place under 30% light, the roots are quickly damaged, so it must be changed in a more airy place in about 10 days.

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2/ Country:

+ It is recommended to change the water every 10 to 15 days

+ Add water moderately, do not fill the roots with water.

+ Each time you change the water, you should add nutrients to the glass of bonsai

+ When changing the water for the cup, limit or not pull the plant out of the cup (it will hurt and mess up the roots).

In an air-conditioned room or when it’s dry, the plant can dry out quickly. Pay attention to replenish the lack of water.

3/ Exhibition space:

+ Should be well ventilated.

+ Have natural light or use lamp to grow plants, avoid being too dark due to pulling the curtain or the room does not have diffused natural light.

+ Plant cups need to ensure a stable amount of light, water and nutrients.

4/ Illness:

+ Weak plants, often due to damaged roots, can be washed with lime water every day for a week. After each wash, put it back in the nutrient water according to the quantity

IV Shrub varieties: Diversity of low shrubs, tall shrubs, border trees, and carpet trees below are some types:

Japanese jasmine: Japanese jasmine prefers a cool, humid but sunny climate. The more the plant is flowering, the more it will flower.

Thanh Anh flower: When it’s cold, the leaves start to turn yellow, they need to be put in a warm and airtight place (in a greenhouse) to cross the city.

Flowers Kim Amulet (veranda) is less susceptible to pests and diseases, does not require much fertilizer, just needs to be watered enough to grow well and give beautiful flowers.

European daffodils are sun-loving, drought-resistant, and heat-tolerant plants.

In the desert, the cactus is dry for many days, when it rains, they all flower at the same time. Sunflower trees also need time to dry out, the tree can flower.

V. Flower shop
The scene of Thang Long still exists Diverse varieties of unique specialty fruit trees: milk apple, Taiwanese mango, red flesh dragon fruit, four-season guava, American red grape, Thai jackfruit, seedless jackfruit, Thai toad, seedless lemon, peach lemon

Milk thistle is fast, likes a temperature of 22-34 degrees Celsius, likes alluvial soil, light soil, good drainage, little acidity.

Taiwanese mangoes are easy to grow, with little care, and the rate of flowering is quite high. Especially, fruiting right after the first year

Red flesh dragon fruit contains Lycopene, a natural antioxidant, can fight cancer, heart disease and lower blood pressure.

Four-season guava: easy-to-grow four-season guava, suitable for alluvial soil, six months of divination, one year of fruiting.

Stinging nettle can be grown on a variety of soils such as alluvial riverside, hilly soil, ancient alluvial soil, valley soil in mountainous areas, etc., with a pH of 5.5-7.

According to the American Pharmacopoeia, grapes are also used to treat indigestion, fever, hemorrhoids, constipation, liver and kidney diseases.

The Thai jackfruit tree bears fruit all year round, on the same tree there are ripe fruit, some fruit is coming out; The flesh of jackfruit is dark yellow, low fiber, crispy, drained, sweet and fragrant.

Seedless jackfruit tree: Seedless jackfruit has a sweet taste, aroma, yellow pulp and segments, uniform thickness, no seeds inside, small pulp, very little fiber, and the percentage of edible parts is over 90%. .

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Some fruit trees we can plant pots in townhouses:

The Thai toad tree, which is easy to grow and produces fruit, is very suitable for growing as a potted bonsai in urban homes.

Seedless lemons that produce fruit all year round are imported from the United States, have a thin, fruity skin, mild sour juice and no bitter taste.

Peach tree: The fruit of peach lemon is very effective in treating cough.

BECAUSE. 1001 hourstube Office bonsai

Thang Long Bonsai flower shopWe develop, sell and rent hundreds of types of office plants, indoor plants of many designs and sizes, suitable for all spaces.

For plants in the office to grow well, the necessary conditions are water and light. Always make sure living plants in the office have enough water, light and air circulation.

Light: When arranging plants in the room, you must also ensure adequate light for the plants. Make sure to place the plant in a location with about 2-3 hours of natural light in the room.

Watering: For ornamental plants in the house, the amount of water should not be too much, when the soil is dry, water it. In addition, a spray bottle can be used to spray plants. In summer, spray twice a day, in winter, once a day to increase moisture, clean leaves, beneficial to the photosynthesis of plants. good greenery.

Indoor plants need to pay more attention to buying the right pots. You can use pots with discs underneath for easy movement and good drainage.

Measures to recover when the tree is withered: When detecting that the tree has yellowing, withering, and dropping leaves, it is necessary to take timely care measures to help the tree recover its vitality. Do not allow direct sunlight to irradiate the plants to avoid making the heat of the sun adversely affect the plants or possibly cause the plants to die due to dehydration. The place to take care of the plant must be a cool place with fresh air and should be protected from strong winds.

Some pictures of interior plants at Thang Long Bonsai flower farm:

Van Nien Thanh office bonsai


Interior plant, Orchid, large flowers, fragrant

Houseplants Sapphire

Plant varieties Tiger tongue

The interior tree of the bird’s nest is green and full of life

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