Sâm cau rừng là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Ginseng areca forest also known as wormwood areca, ginseng Tien Mao, Coc Noc, Ginseng areca black, … is used as a medicinal herb in Eastern medicine with the name Tien Mao. Ginseng areca forest has a warm, spicy taste attributed to the Can, Lung, and Kidney meridians, treating diarrhea, rheumatism, impotence, physiological weakness, and sexual dysfunction in men. Reference details about the use of forest ginseng are shared below.
Forest areca ginseng… Forest areca wormwood is also known as wormwood areca, Tien Mao ginseng, alcohol, black areca ginseng, etc., is used as a medicinal herb in Eastern medicine with the name Tien Mao. Ginseng areca forest has a warm, spicy taste attributed to the Can, Lung, and Kidney meridians, treating diarrhea, rheumatism, impotence, physiological weakness, and sexual dysfunction in men. Reference details about the use of forest ginseng are shared below.

What is the forest ginseng plant?

  • Other names: Areca ginseng, areca wormwood, Tien Mao ginseng, alcohol, black areca ginseng, Tien Mao?
  • Scientific name: Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.
  • Family: Dwarf garlic (Hypoxidaceae)

Wild ginseng grows wild in mountainous provinces in the northwest of our country, such as Tuyen Quang, Cao Bang, Yen Bai or Hoa Binh… This is a precious medicinal herb that is being exploited more and more. Therefore, some places have brought domesticated varieties and planted them in the plains, but they are not very popular and are not appreciated as well as areca ginseng growing naturally in the forest. In addition to Vietnam, forest areca ginseng is also found in some other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, India or the Philippines, etc. Rhizome ( tuber). This is the concentrated part of the most valuable nutrients of the forest ginseng plant. Oriental medicine uses this medicinal herb with the name of xiao.

Identifying characteristics of forest areca ginseng

Wild ginseng is a wild grass with a maximum height of about 25-30 cm. The tree has many leaves that grow from the trunk to the sides. The leaves are green, smooth surface, with many prominent veins, the shape looks almost similar to areca leaves. Each plant has 3 or more leaves. Wild ginseng flowers are yellow, have 6 petals, grow from rhizomes interspersed between leaves, have small stalks. The rhizome is black, surrounded by many small roots. Fruit capsule, oblong shape, about 1.5 cm in size. Each fruit has about 1 – 4 seeds. Cylindrical forest ginseng root, formed by the enlarged main root. The outside has a rough, brown or dark brown skin. There are many small roots growing around. The substance inside is lean, firm, ivory yellow.

How to prepare forest areca ginseng

Wild ginseng is harvested all year round. However, ginseng will give the best effect at the time of September – December of the year. People dig up the whole tree, then cut off the tubers, remove the roots around, and bring back to wash the sandy soil. Then use a razor to remove the outer skin. Because of its toxicity, areca ginseng is soaked in water to wash rice for 1 night so that the tubers can release all the toxins out. Then cut into thin slices, cut into pieces or keep the whole tubers to dry or dry.

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Chemical composition in forest ginseng

The ingredients in the forest areca ginseng root include:

  • Saponins
  • Phytosterols
  • Tannin
  • Starch
  • Phenolic glycosides
  • Lignan
  • Fatty Acids
  • Beta-sitosterol
  • Amino Acids
  • Stigmasterol
  • Flavonoids
  • Cycloartan glycosides
  • Curculigosaponin
  • Steroids have similar effects to the male hormone testosterone

What are the effects of forest ginseng?

Taste: Wild ginseng is warm, spicy, slightly salty. Regimen: Can, Lungs, Kidneys – According to traditional medicine: Ginseng areca medicinal plant has the use of kidney tonic, increasing erectile ability, anti-stasis, tempering. Middle, strong tendons, low apples, stable digestive function, stimulate sexual desire. Ruler:

  • Impotence
  • Cold Crystal
  • Cold uterus
  • Neurasthenia
  • Physiological weakness
  • Rheumatism
  • Asthma
  • contraband
  • Diarrhea
  • Itchy skin
  • Joint pain
  • Regulate menstruation in women

– Uses of wild ginseng according to modern research:

  • Against aging
  • Increase male sex hormones naturally, improve sexual physiology for men
  • Improve sperm quality, stimulate testicular development
  • Increase the body’s resistance

Dosage, how to use forest ginseng

Dosage: 10-15 g per day depending on the disease condition. How to take medicine

  • Drink color
  • Done
  • Freshly pounded on the skin
  • Made into ointment

Toxicity: Wild ginseng is poisonous. Using medicinal herbs that have not been prepared for detoxification or used for a long time can cause some side effects such as poisoning, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin rashes, etc. To ensure safety, it is necessary to Use forest areca ginseng properly, in the right dose as recommended by the doctor.

Remedies to use forest ginseng and areca

1. Stabilize blood pressure Patients with high blood pressure can use the remedy “Nu Tien Thang” for treatment. This remedy is a combination of forest ginseng and some other medicinal herbs, including: three halves, fairy spirits (lustrous yang hoac), tri model, grim skin, dong quai, 12g each. All washed, put in a glass jar with a wide mouth. Submerge the wine to soak for at least 30 days. Drink 2-3 small glasses a day to stabilize blood pressure. 2. Wild ginseng soaked in wine to cure impotence Prepare fresh wild ginseng and strong white wine (from 45 degrees or more). For every 1 kg of ginseng, it is soaked with 3 liters of alcohol. Leave the bottle of wine in a cool place, after about 10 days, it can be taken out and used. Men who are impotent and unable to get an erection during sex can take 40-50 ml of forest ginseng per day, divided into 3 times, with meals. Drink 1 small glass before sex 30 minutes to make the “boy” more full and fight more resilient. 3. Treatment of body aches and pains, treatment of rheumatism The ingredients to be prepared include: Dried forest ginseng and areca, Truong Cao Mau and Ha Thu O each 50g, 650ml delicious white wine. The herbs are chopped, put in a jar soaked with alcohol. The longer it is soaked, the better the ginseng wine is. However, if you need to use it urgently, you also need to wait about 10 days from the time of soaking to drink. Dosage to treat rheumatism, body aches: Each time 50ml x 2 times/day before eating. If you don’t have a good tolerance, you should reduce the amount you drink or dilute it with water to reduce the alcohol content of the wine. In addition, you can take alcohol to massage outside the painful joint to see the effect faster. 4. Ginseng areca forest soaked in wine tonic kidney, increase erectile ability Use 1kg of forest areca ginseng, 500g of three purple sizes, 100g of yang hoac, all in dry form. All 3 herbs were prepared to be soaked with 5 liters of alcohol. Leave for about 90 days for the precious medicinal substances to be secreted into the wine. Men with symptoms of kidney failure, weak kidneys, and difficult erection during sex should drink this wine regularly every day to improve the condition of the disease. Drink 2-3 times a day, 3 tablespoons each time (equivalent to about 15ml). 5. Treatment of impotence, difficulty climax, cold semen in men Preparation: 1kg of dried forest ginseng and areca, 500g dried jade mushroom, 500g dried chicken intestine, 100g dried fairy spirit, 7 liters of 45 degree wine. All mixed, soaked together for 3 months or more. Drink 15-20ml each time, 3 times a day. 6. Treatment of diarrhea and asthma with forest areca ginseng Roots of forest areca ginseng purchased are washed and sandy, thinly sliced, dried or dried. Take 12-16g of yellow star every day, sharp with 250ml of water until it dries up to 50ml. Drink it all once before breakfast or lunch to prevent and support the treatment of chronic asthma, loose stools many times a day. 7. Treatment of rheumatism, fortifying blood and qi, curing kidney failure causing erectile dysfunction, back pain and fatigue, increasing vitality for men Use medicinal dishes from forest ginseng with the following ingredients: : 15g of forest areca ginseng, 2.5 ounces of lean chicken, 15g of fairy spirit, necessary spices. First, clean the chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces, marinate with a little ginger and spices to absorb. Thinly sliced ​​forest ginseng. Put everything in an earthen pot, pour water to cover the face. Cook until chicken is cooked through. Use both water and hot water. 8. Ginseng areca forest to treat dengue fever Patients with dengue fever can use 20g of forest areca ginseng, 12g of pot grass, 10g of cypress cypress, and 8g of water hyacinth. Black star ginseng isca, cypress cypress and hydrocele, then put in a warm pot with 600ml water. Cook on low heat until it is reduced to 200ml. Decant the medicine into a cup, let it cool, divide it into 2-3 equal parts and drink it all during the day. Take the medicine before meals. 9. Treatment of impotence in cases of neurological dysfunction – Lesson 1: Using a ladder of medicine including: 20g of forest areca ginseng, 12g of earth ginseng, 12g of snail scales, 12g of goji berries, 12g of herbs scratched large roots, 12g of continuous segment, 12g of golden herb, 12g of three size heaven, 12g of Hoai Son, 8g of Bach Lap Thuot, 8g of five houseplants. The above herbs are washed, chopped, and dried. Bring the decoction with 750 ml of water to take half. Drink 3 times before eating. Use 1 month a day until the disease is cured. – Lesson 2: Prepare: 20g of forest ginseng, 16g of chicken intestine, 16g of breaking co only, 16g of fenugreek, 16g of humiliating pecans, 4g of repatriated cottage. Drink color similar to the post above. 10. Cure cold semen, impotence, cold uterus women Combine 6g of forest ginseng and areca with flavors including 8g of groundhog, 8g of hot pepper, 8g of breaking down, 8g of walnuts (humiliated pecans), 4g of anise smell. Decoction 1 month with 500ml take 250ml, divided and drink 3 times. 11. Cure physiological weakness for both men and women Use 20g of dried forest areca ginseng with three sizes and an adequate amount of anise. Drink for 1 month in a row 12. Cure impotence Use dry forest areca ginseng, wild licorice, main ginseng, scratched grass, 8g each. Sac get condensed water divided and drink 2 times / day for 1 month continuously. 13. Treatment of body weakness, rheumatism Thai thin 50g ginseng areca forest, yellow star, lower the earth to cool. Put medicinal herbs in a few jars and then fill them with wine to soak for at least 7 days. Drink before eating 2 times a day, each time 15ml.

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Note when using wild ginseng

  • People who can be negative with prosperity and fire should avoid using it. Symptoms of this condition are dry mouth, dehydration, constipation, headache, etc.
  • Prepare medicinal herbs properly before using to eliminate harmful toxins
  • Children and pregnant women should not use wild ginseng soaked in alcohol
  • Wild ginseng is hot, so people with liver disease should be careful when using it.

In summary, forest ginseng is warm and spicy, referred to in the Can, Lung, and Kidney meridians, as a treatment for diarrhea, rheumatism, impotence, physiological weakness, and sexual dysfunction in men. However, forest areca ginseng is poisonous. To ensure safety, it is necessary to use wild ginseng properly and in the correct dosage as recommended by the doctor. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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  • There are several types of ginseng
  • Image of black ginseng plant
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