Review bột lúa non barley golden Nhật Bản 2021

Japanese young barley golden rice powder extracted from clean natural ingredients brings many uses for health and beauty: weight loss to keep fit, beautify skin, purify the body, prevent aging, and provide fiber. vitamins and minerals for a healthy body.
Which country’s Nippon Yakken contains energy?
Nippon Yakken is a Japanese domestic company providing health supplements… Japanese young barley golden rice powder extracted from clean natural ingredients brings many uses for health and beauty: weight loss, keeping in shape. , beautifying the skin, purifying the body, preventing aging, providing fiber, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body.

Which country’s Nippon Yakken contains energy?

Nippon Yakken is a Japanese domestic company that provides health supplements for Japanese people, which is also quite famous. Nippon Yakken’s products are rated as high quality, moderate in price, not cheap but commensurate. with the composition and effectiveness of the product. Therefore, although it is not a large-scale functional food company, Nippon Yakken has a loyal fan base and a number of outstanding “top” products that have been loved for decades. Japanese young rice flour golden barley is one of them. Nippon Yakken’s products are always trusted by consumers in Japan to choose and use for a long time.

Barley Golden Japanese Young Rice Flour

Grass Barley Golden adds a large amount of fiber, helping to support the digestive system to work more efficiently, preventing constipation. As a result, users can better control the amount of food they eat. This is especially useful for you who are looking to lose weight and keep fit. In addition, Barley Golden young barley powder from Japan also helps to strengthen resistance, stimulate the elimination of toxins, purify the body, treat and prevent internal heat very well. Thereby indirectly improving the condition of pimples on the skin. Especially according to the survey, maybe after a period of regular drinking of young barley flour, you will see that inflammatory acne is reduced.

What ingredients does Barley Golden Barley Powder contain?

In each pack Japanese young barley leaf powder Contains the following nutritional ingredients:

  • The main ingredient is Barley young powder (from Japan) – Japanese young barley leaf powder (Japanese national product)
  • In addition, in 1 package of young rice flour Grass Barley Golden also contains: Energy … 8.8 kcal; protein… 0.9 g ; lipids … 0.2 g ; Sugar Quality: 0.2 g ; dietary fiber: 1.3 g ; sodium: 0.8 mg ; saturated fatty acids: 0.0 g ; trans fatty acids: 0.0 g ; Cholesterol: 0.1 mg ; β-carotene: 0-1320 μg; Vitamin B1: 0.01 mg ; Vitamin B2: 0.04 mg ; Vitamin B6: 0.02 mg ; Vitamin C: 1.1 mg ; Vitamin E: 0.2 mg ; Vitamin K1 … 81 μg ; Biotin … 0.7 μg ; Folic Acid … 16 μg ; Niacin … 0.1 mg ; Pantothenic Acid … 0.04 mg ; Calcium … 12 mg ; Magnesium… 5 mg ; Potassium … 72 mg ; Phosphorus… 12 mg ; Zinc: 0.1 mg ; Copper: 0.03 mg ; Iron: 0.3 mg ; Manganese: 0.08 mg ; Chromium: 2 μg ; aspartic acid: 56 mg ; alanine: 38 mg ; arginine: 33 mg ; isoleucine: 26 mg ; Glycine 32 mg ; glutamate 68 mg ; cystine 8 mg ; threonine 28 mg ; serine 25 mg ; tyrosine 18 mg ; tryptophan 12 mg ; valine 35 mg ; histidine 14 mg ; Phenylalanine 31 mg ; proline 29 mg ; methionine 12 mg ; lysine 34 mg ; leucine 49mg ; tannins 18 mg ; caffeine (anhydrous) SOD like activity not detected 19-930 units ; Total chlorophyll … 25 mg ; polyphenols… 21 mg
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It can be seen that the nutritional content, vitamins and minerals in Japanese young rice flour are very diverse in types, providing a full range of nutrients for the body. How to make Japanese young rice flour {standard} Enzyme ingredient SOD (superoxide dismutase) found in young barley sprouts from Japan – a strong antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals Toxic (thought to be the main culprit in the aging process) abounds in every pack Barley Golden young barley flour. Thanks to that, Grass Barley Golden has the ability to help anti-aging for the whole body, prolonging the life of the user. Barley Golden Japanese young rice powder also contains 18 different amino acids (including 08 essential amino acids) to help nourish and promote the body’s metabolism better. Besides, Grass Barley Golden Barley Flour It also adds many other essential vitamins for the body such as:

  • Zinc and folic acid help prevent anemia in the body.
  • Calcium helps develop strong bones, grow taller in children and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.
  • Many B vitamins contribute to healthy cell function and metabolism. At the same time, it nourishes the cells in the skin, hair and nails, improving the condition of thin, sensitive, and vulnerable skin by the surrounding environment.

What is special about barley golden young rice flour?

  • Outside, Barley Golden Wheat Germ Powder designed in the form of a simple paper box, with vivid textures, with green and yellow tones mainly. On the box of barley flour, there is also a picture of a glass of light green barley flour, which looks very attractive.
  • Inside, the young Japanese barley germ powder is broken down into 46 packets. Convenient for daily use, can be brought to work to drink on lunch break or late afternoon
  • Some copies of Golden Barley young barley flour are also given 2 more packages, a total of 48 packages with the same price.
  • The design of the Barley Golden powder pack is a deep golden, metallic color with information attached in blue font. The overall look is very harmonious and eye-catching.
  • Barley Golden of Japan is a soluble powder, just mixed with a cup of warm water can be used.
  • Japanese young rice germ powder dissolves very well in water, not being lumpy, creating a difficult feeling to drink like other types.
  • When drinking, you will feel a little bit of matcha flavor. I think this will be a big plus because it will make users more interested in this drink, especially for matcha fans.

Is Grass Barley Golden Young Rice Flour Good?

Advantages of young rice flour Grass Barley Golden

Convenient, easy to drink and taste appreciated by the majority of consumers. Very suitable for those who do office work, can bring to drink on lunch break or late afternoon. Designed to be divided into small packages for easy carrying. Each use uses up 1 pack to help ensure hygiene. Especially for people who are in need of weight loss, Japanese young rice flour will help ensure the body is full of nutrients but does not cause fat. Especially adding a lot of fiber to help smooth excretion, support the elimination of toxins quickly to help lose weight more effectively. Ingredients Barley Golden young rice flour of Japan is 100% natural origin, ingredients are grown in Japan, so it is very benign and safe. Can be used continuously for a long time as a daily nutritional drink, without any side effects. Regular and long-term use is very good for health.

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Cons of young rice flour Grass Barley Golden

Grass Barley Golden has a Japanese tea-style matcha scent, so those who do not like this scent should consider using it. The price is a bit high compared to students

How to use Japanese young rice flour

  • First, mix 1 packet of Japanese barley grass leaf powder with 100ml of plain or warm water.
  • Then, stir quickly and evenly with a spoon to help the young rice flour dissolve better.
  • Grass Barley Golden young rice powder should be drunk immediately after mixing to ensure that the nutrients in the powder are not lost.
  • It is recommended to regularly use 1-2 packets of young Japanese rice flour to add to the daily diet to provide adequate fiber needed for the body.
  • In addition to mixing with water, you can also dissolve Japanese golden barley powder in a variety of ways, such as mixing it with fresh milk, soy milk, etc., all of which are very delicious.

Review of young barley golden rice powder from customers

Review of Japanese young rice leaf powder from You Thao

“Golden young barley flour review: Many functions, many uses
I heard that this Japanese young barley flour is very well reviewed in terms of adding fiber, vitamins, and nutrients to the body, and it is still as delicious as match, how can a matcha addict like me ignore it About the packaging: I bought it in the form of a 46-pack line yellow paper box. This product is a powder in the form of a stick in a box. Each use is a pack of 1 stick. I find this bar design very convenient, easy to carry, easy to use, and convenient for storing and monitoring the dosage. The packaging on the box mixed between green and yellow looks very eye-catching. About quality: this Japanese young rice flour is a finely ground powder, containing fiber ingredients, 49 ingredients or something. Contains high levels of vitamin C, calcium, zinc, fiber and minerals. This baby has a smooth dark green color like a match, a very fragrant smell of herbs mixed with a little matcha and cereal, I find this drink very delicious and fragrant. In addition, we can also mix this baby with yogurt mixed with milk and water or sprinkle on cereal as we do. And I find that every dish that adds this baby is great, adds flavor but still delicious, easy to load. About the effect of this young Japanese barley powder package is real, after drinking all the boxes of 46 packets, I find that my skin is smooth, less acne and darkening is also faster. In addition, the body has more energy, less stomach pain, eats better, the digestive system also works better. My mother also told me to drink this but I must be constipated. In short, it is a functional food that is so good that I like it”

Review of Japanese young rice leaf powder from friend Xuan

“Young barley flour review: I like the taste of this barley grass powder, so just mix it with water. Those who do not like the taste of matcha may have to put it in the milk to feel more fragrant. This Japanese young barley flour has been talked about a lot by people, there is no need to argue about its effectiveness. I’m busy, so my diet is very lacking in vegetables, often not enough vitamins and minerals. I clearly feel that my metabolism is poor. My skin was also prone to acne before. Since I drink barley flour regularly, my acne has completely improved. Feeling that people are always cool, have vitality from the inside. Metabolism is better, so in the cold season I don’t get cold hands and feet, in the summer it’s cool The price of this Japanese young barley powder I think is also reasonable, has 10k a pack, suitable for daily drinking . If you have the conditions, you should drink it without interrupting.”

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Review of Japanese young rice leaf powder from Ngoc Hanh

At first, when I saw the review on beauty tips, I saw why I was so praised for beautiful skin, endocrine regulation, and then there were people who took care of Apple in general, it was beautiful enough, but when it came to beauty, it was Hanh pleasure. According to the review, taking 4 days to see good bowel movements, in fact, it took me 1 week to see the intestines working smoothly, which is too embarrassing but it’s true. Facial skin, hidden acne pushed up loudly after 3 days of drinking, I ignored still washing my face with toner but didn’t take care of it and saw that the acne was dry, the acne was pushed up and squeezed it out, the other day it pushed a slight crisis because of the muscles. My body’s endocrine system is not stable, so acne is caused by hormones, when I see that, I am confused as to whether my endocrine is reacting to this young rice flour or is cooperating to eliminate the bad things anymore. The result is that I sleep better, sleep deeper, my body is really cooler, not as obvious as a white bath cream that turns on something after 2-3 days, but I feel a positive change in my body. That alone makes me happy.”

Review of Japanese young rice leaf powder from Kim Thanh

“This is a product that I find really effective with hormonal acne, after taking it for a week, my skin does not have new acne anymore. It is a bit difficult to drink if mixed with water or milk, but extremely easy to eat if you mix it with yogurt. At first, I ate 2 packs a day, but after 2, 3 days, I went down to 1 day / pack. After 3 weeks I can eat 2 packs/week. I’m so lazy, but since using it, my acne has not come up anymore, it’s true, friends!”

Review of Japanese young rice leaf powder from Huynh Anh

“The taste of this baby is the freshest of the young rice sprouts that I have ever drank, my constipation is better. Worth buying”

Should young children use Grass Barley Golden?

With the confidence that no pesticides are used in the growing process, no additives, no flavoring, no preservatives in the production process, yellow barley Japanese barley leaf powder is a nutritious and safe drink. for the whole family, from adults to children.

How much does Barley Golden young rice flour cost?

Currently, Grass Barley Golden products in Japan cost about 450k for a box of 46 packs. *** Types of hot Japanese young rice leaf powder 2021 The above are reviews and evaluations of young barley golden rice powder that ABC Land wants to share with you. Hope this article will give you more useful information! Good luck. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Key word:

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