Những loại nấm ăn lẫu ngon bổ dưỡng nhất 2021

Straw mushrooms reduce cholesterol, delicious low-calorie shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, cat mushrooms are delicious and healthy mushrooms. Let’s find out with ABC Land now!
What are the benefits of eating mushrooms?
The source is inherently a medicinal dish for health with many nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, toxins, catalysts, etc., necessary for the body.

Mushrooms… Mushrooms… Mushrooms… Mushrooms that lower cholesterol, shiitake mushrooms with low calories, are delicious and attractive, enoki mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, and mushrooms that are delicious and good for health. Let’s find out with ABC Land now!

What are the benefits of eating mushrooms?

The source is inherently a medicinal dish for health with many nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, toxins, catalysts, etc., necessary for the body. Eating mushrooms not only helps increase natural resistance but also helps the body to prevent the effects of cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many different diseases. Besides, eating mushrooms also supports the process of being more active, making you healthier. Mushrooms eat typical mushrooms as a low-calorie food, so it is extremely good for those who are afraid, chubby, want to lose weight, maintain a beautiful style, then regular mushroom supplementation will be the optimal choice. choose most. Not only that, eating mushrooms also helps the body to be healthier overall than eating meat a lot, because mushrooms can be eaten to completely replace meat, with nutritional content and vital animals, mushrooms also have, you also have. May be peace of mind.

Are mushrooms good to eat?

If you often go to eat hot pot, surely many of you often see hot pot dishes in addition to the main dish, there are some vegetables and 1-3 types of mushrooms included in the meal. The option type comb will use matching mushrooms displayed in the same location. The origin is automatically sweet, when used with watery dishes such as hot pot, it will help the hot pot increase its sweetness, the position is also more normal naturally without having to add a lot of seasoning and MSG will not good for health. If you eat hot pot without mushrooms, you will lose part of the delicious taste and excellent nutritional quality. It will be even more wonderful if you use hot pot to combine about 3-4 types of hot pot to eat together, it will make the hot pot sauce extremely delicious naturally. So which type of mushroom is the most delicious and nutritious to use in hot pot? Let’s find out with ABC Land now!

1/ Straw mushroom

Straw mushroom is extremely popular in Vietnam, used as a host doll, round like a quail egg, firm, juicy meat. When eating, slightly biting the water in the mushrooms will come out, giving a delicious and fragrant feeling.

Nutritional content in Straw very rich, including Protein, Lipid, Cellulose, Ca, Pe, Fe, … and a lot of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, …) and vitamins A, C, E, PP and vitamin D present in them. Mushrooms are very helpful for strong bones and teeth. Besides, there are 18 types of Amino Acid, of which there are 8 types that cannot be synthesized by the body, accounting for 38.2% higher than pork, beef, chicken eggs, cow’s milk, so using Straw Mushroom can replace all 4 types. Above, help better health, the fear of illness will be reduced many times. According to Oriental Medicine, Mushrooms have sweet taste, welding properties, have the effect of adjuvant, reduce heat, help gas, digest food, enhance immunity, reduce cholesterol, especially mail extremely good.

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2/ Gray abalone mushroom

Gray Abalone Mushroom considered an edible mushroom can be said to be the maximum information of use, often pre-shredded so it will be difficult for you to see clearly. The taste of the naturally sweet mushrooms is quite similar to the White Oyster Mushroom (which can be substituted), which is great. Abalone mushroom has many nutritional values, is an extremely nutritious dish for very good health. Each 100 grams of fresh mushrooms has only more than 30 calories, you can completely enjoy eating, safely adding to your diet every day without worrying about gaining weight! Abalone mushrooms can be eaten both at the foot of the mushroom and the part of the mushroom, so eating it with hot pot or soup, you will feel like eating normally, quite delicious and chewy at the foot of the mushroom, soft in the mushroom, sweet from the in out. This mushroom has Statins such as Lovastatin, which have effective cholesterol-lowering effects, helping to reduce fat, resistance, automatically increase resistance and effective cancer. The way to prepare Abalone Mushroom is also very simple, easy to combine with many vegetarian or savory hot pot dishes. Can make a lot of delicious dishes because the price of mushrooms is very affordable. Types of mushrooms that are easy to grow, have high economic value in Vietnam 2021

3/ Shiitake mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms)

Perfume Mushroom, also known as Dong Co Mushroom It is also quite popular, easy to prepare, low in calories, so it will be a suitable dish for women’s diet and weight loss. With the toughness in mushrooms, eating very well like a white dish, the aroma and natural sweetness make the dish more delicious than ever. It is the best cancer-fighting mushroom, the nutritional value is almost the highest in the world. information-eating mushrooms. The Queen of Plants or the King of Vegetables is on Shiitake’s list because of its higher fiber content than many root vegetables and other foods. Shiitake mushrooms help regulate, lower blood pressure with cholesterol in the blood, prevent stones and blood secretion as well as help the digestive system better.
Perfume mushrooms have The effect of converting energy in the body, supporting good immunity. Iron-deficient women, people with diabetes or dyslipidemia, and malnourished children need regular mushroom supplementation. The composition of Shiitake mushrooms is rich in Protein, Lipid, rich in fiber and liquid (calcium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, …), vitamins (B, C), provitamin D and more than 30 types of enzymes inside. Next to it are amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own.

4/ Cat mushrooms (wood ear mushrooms)

Cats are also known as Mushrooms Very good for blood. People with diseases of the blood, heart vessels and women should supplement more with Mushrooms. According to Oriental Medicine, Cats have a sweet taste and are average. When used, the activity will go into the parts “colon, kidney, liver, spleen and stomach”. We have the effect to support for your disease: “blood staining, urine or hematuria, value, position, qi supplement, blood activity, leprosy lower blood, profit, field benefits, …” extremely effective. The nutritional content of Mushrooms is very rich, helping to supplement good health for patients. Not only that, they increase strength, protect the cardiovascular system, make bones strong, etc. to the user’s health. Note: Only dried mushrooms should be used and processed properly, otherwise you will have trouble with the Morphine in mushrooms that cause light allergies.

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5/ Needle mushroom

Needle Mushrooms called the Brain Mushroom, as small as a tree, with a round hat, because it’s both sweet and light, with a very good shot. Information up to 10 hot pot dishes, we have all 9 dishes available. Kim Cham when eaten with hot pot will increase the natural sweetness of the water, cooked with soup or with seaweed soup is even more delicious, the broth is very sweet and elegant, the whole seaweed rope … make sure to eat it. Mushrooms are rich in fiber, blood-friendly B vitamins, essential substances such as Magnesium, Fe and Zinc. This mushroom has a high amount of Lysine, which helps to boost the brain and intelligence of children very effectively.

6/ Black termite mushroom

Black glass lettering only has a bit of natural deliciousness. This mushroom species can be cultivated and is easier to find and buy. Although in the same row, the design is not very similar, the mushroom is black, round and slightly flying, the body is long and cylindrical, irregular. You can try to I get to the Mushmeters to every when using the hot pot at home, but at the eat in will hard feel, if you don’t try it, you will regret the results. The delicious, aromatic, chewy, sweet taste of this mushroom will make you hard to forget. Check out keywords help secretarial in women, prostate cancer in men, assist in the treatment and prevention of dangerous calculations for health and many different extremely wonderful effects.

6/ Natural termite mushrooms

Natural mushroom is definitely the most sought after hot pot mushroom, it is a naturally growing mushroom that cannot be grown, the price is quite high but the taste is almost unbeatable in all common hot pot mushrooms. Mushrooms are rich in nutritional value, can promote health, prevent diseases and support the treatment of many dangerous diseases for health. The delicious taste of this mushroom cannot be described in words, you have to try it to feel it, because it is extremely delicious and naturally sweet, especially at the stem, once you eat it, you will be addicted and remember forever.

8/ Mushrooms

Mushroom fat consists of 2 types, white and brown, which is also a relatively popular hot pot dish in hot pot dishes, in many different countries, and cooks many delicious dishes. Mushrooms are big and round and have a lovely short and fat body like a non-mobile barrel. Fat is definitely the most recognizable, different types of mushrooms, but complementary. Is an extremely quality mushroom and has a lot of vitamins, substrates, and amino acids that are good for health that cannot be synthesized. Mushrooms are quite easy to eat, look at the local to make it so fat but the meat is quite soft again, the part looks like a thin and empty layer, we will give you the feeling of biting into the meat, the taste of the flesh … Summoning is strange again delicious.

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9/ Mushroom chicken thighs

Chicken Mushrooms have this name because you see, we quickly get this white chicken thighs, we are also called Water hyacinth Mushrooms in some localities, because when they are erected, there is nothing else to sleep. lunch. We are also hot pot mushrooms quite common, with small Chicken Mushrooms, it is often used to cook hot pot, using information in hot pot dishes in Vietnam with Abalone Mushroom, Perfume Mushroom, Moi Mushroom. In foreign countries, they often eat grilled straw mushrooms, with varieties like real chicken thighs, if grilled, it should be onion fat, butter / cheese or a little more satay will eat very well. The nutritional content of chicken drumsticks is quite high, the protein alone is 4-6 times higher than other vegetables, not to mention many vitamins, fiber, and different fibers are abundant in that mushroom. We will see more in hot pot dishes, we and other mushrooms will make hot pot dishes more sweet and nutritious.

10/ Pearl mushroom

Finally, the type of mushroom that Mushroom mentions is Ngoc Tam Mushroom, Mushroom Taste of Cua or Narcissus Mushroom. Some places call them fresh Ganoderma or fresh White Reishi, it sounds like there are many types but they are actually one type. The reason we have Mushrooms is because we have its characteristic smell, some people think that like seafood, the feeling that we bring to people eating it is that it has a very fragrant taste and is very delicious to eat. additional term of care. You will see less types of mushrooms in normal dishes, but hotpot dishes will definitely see more, but probably few people pay attention to the type used to eat hotpot usually White Ngoc Tam Mushroom (similar to Kim Cham Mushroom), brown varieties are less likely to be found in hot pot dishes. We have a fairly high nutritional content that is heard, for example, Arginine, Lysine and Dextran… are very brain supplements and good for memory. Supplementing with this mushroom is very good for young children, helping them to develop intelligence, similar to Kim Chi Mushroom (Ich Nem Mushroom). Not only that, Ngoc Tam mushroom also helps to strengthen a healthy immune system, fight cirrhosis, and strengthen the body’s strength. Above are additional and delicious edible mushrooms that baonongsan.vn would like to share with you. Hope this article will give you more useful information! Good luck. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Keyword:

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