Mẫu lệ là gì, có tác dụng gì?

Specimens are the dried/reddened shells of oysters, also known as oyster shells, oyster shells, room tears, cacti, .. the scientific name is Ostrea spp. The sample has a salty taste, soldering properties, fixed effects, low minus, positive potential, inhibits sour substances and clears heat. Therefore, it is often used to treat night sweats, dysmenorrhea, urinary incontinence and peptic ulcers. However, the specimen is soldering, so it should not be used… Sample tear is the dried/burnt red shell of the oyster, also known as the oyster shell, the hawthorn shell, the room leek, the cable leek, .. the scientific name is Ostrea spp. The sample has a salty taste, soldering properties, fixed effects, low minus, positive potential, inhibits sour substances and clears heat. Therefore, it is often used to treat night sweats, dysmenorrhea, urinary incontinence and peptic ulcers. However, the sample is soldering, so it is not used for cold-related diseases.

What is a template?

  • Other names: Oyster shell, Ha shell, Le room, Le cable, Ta Sac, Hai Le Tu Sac, Ha river, Hau du…
  • Scientific name: Ostrea spp
  • Drug name: Concha Ostreae
  • Family: Mother tears (scientific name: Ostreidae)

Raw oysters in many salt water areas. In our country, this animal is concentrated in Lach Truong sea (Thanh Hoa), Chanh River (Quang Binh), Bach Dang river (Hai Phong), Diem Dien (Thai Binh) and Tien Yen (Quang Ninh). Oyster meat is used to make nutritious dishes. Meanwhile, oyster shells are dried, calcined and powdered to make medicine called ma la. Oyster shells contain 80-95% calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate. Besides, medicinal herbs also contain some organic substances, iron oxide, aluminum, magnesium and some other minerals. October – March every year is the best time to exploit because oysters have a lot of food at this time, so they are often fatty and rich in nutrients. However, if only the bark is used to make medicine, it can be collected all year round.

Identification characteristics of the tear pattern

The specimen is the dried shell of all kinds of oysters. The shell is usually round or ovoid, thick and firm. Oysters live many years, the shell is more scaled and thick as rock. The outer surface of the shell is brown, purple, green or ash gray, the inner surface is pale yellow or white. Oysters live in salt water, often clinging to cliffs and unable to move. Oyster shells are normally open to breathe and hunt. Oysters are omnivores, food consisting of small plants, animals and some species of dogfish. Oysters spawn in July – October but mainly in August – September every year.

How to prepare the template

After collecting oyster shells, wash and dry them. Then you can prepare herbs in the following ways:

  • Put the shell in an earthen pot, cover it with earth and bake it until it turns red. Finally, grind it into a fine powder and store it for use.
  • If the quantity is not much, it can be burned directly on embers until red, finely ground to use.
  • Arrange bricks on 3 sides, spread charcoal and rice husk, then put a layer of medicinal herbs on. Do this continuously until you run out of herbs, but need to leave a hole in the middle for ventilation. The top layer must be rice husk and charcoal so that the leek is fully cooked. Then burn from the bottom up to ripen the medicinal herbs. When the oyster shell is cooked, take it out and grind it into a fine powder.
  • Crush if used raw or can be baked and then ground into a fine powder.
  • Use sample powder soaked with vinegar in the ratio of 1kg of flour to 100ml of vinegar.
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What is the effect of the pattern?

Taste: Salty, waxy and soldering. Going to the Sutra: Referring to the Kidney, Dom, and Can Sutra. According to modern pharmacological research:

  • Contrast can be made at a dose of 150-200g.
  • Calcium carbonate in medicinal herbs has the effect of neutralizing stomach acid, reducing ulcers and improving symptoms such as stomach pain, belching, heartburn, etc.

According to Oriental Medicine:

  • Uses: Clear heat, only system, sputum, puree, minus low, beneficial yin, dispersed, latent yang, except heat in joints, inhibit sour substances and try to lower digestion.
  • Treatment: Horror, eel pulse, malaria for many days, hot and cold typhoid, turbid urine, dysentery, lymphadenopathy, dysentery, mass accumulation, spermatosis, haemorrhage, diarrhea, stomach pain, lower abdomen , trouble apple, yin damage yang cang, calcium deficiency, tuberculosis, …

Dosage and usage pattern

Mainly used in powder form. Besides, the model can also be used in the form of a decoction. Daily use from 12-40g.

Some remedies from the model medicine

1. Remedy to treat exhausted gas and non-stop bleeding

  • Preparation: Wear armor and samples 90g each.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, use 4g each time, use 3 times a day.

2. New epidemic medicine is not stable, body is weak, people sweat on their own – especially at night, thin, short of breath, depressed

  • Preparation: ephedra root, ma li (soaked with rice water and reddened), agarwood 30g each.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder. Each time use about 9g decoction with 100 vascular grains and 450ml of water, the remaining 300ml. Remove the residue, use water to divide it into 2 drinks and use it all during the day.

3. Remedies for dysuria, painful secretions and not relieved by blood drugs

  • Preparation: The emperor and the mother are equal.
  • Implementation: Grind the flavors into a fine powder, take 3g each time with aniseed water.

4. Remedy to treat dreams, sperm, and stools

  • Preparation: Sample powder and vinegar.
  • Implementation: Mix well to make the size of a corn kernel. 30 capsules each time, 2 times a day.

5. Remedy for dizziness and lightheadedness

  • Preparation: 9g chrysanthemum, 12g ha thu o and tree, 18g each of dragon bones and ma li.
  • Implementation: Bring the decoction to drink during the day.

6. Remedy to cure diseases, thirst for many days does not go away

  • Preparation: After a long period of time and sample rate, the same amount.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, use 4g each time, use 3 times a day.

7. Remedy to treat leprosy, headache, and sweating during the year

  • Preparation: Room of leprosy, model and white truffle 90g each.
  • Implementation: Bring the flavors into a fine powder, use 4g each time, use 2 times a day.

8. Remedies for polyuria

  • Preparation: Simultaneously turning 3 pounds and majesty (so that it smokes).
  • Implementation: Bring the remaining color to 2 pounds, divide it into 3 times to drink and use it up during the day.

9. Remedy for active escape

  • Preparation: calcined char siu and burnt samples.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, mix the two flavors. Put rice flour in wine, cook it into a paste and mix with powdered medicine to make pills. Drink salt water on an empty stomach.
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10. Remedies for nosebleeds when working hard and people who have just recovered from a serious illness

  • Preparation: 5 parts plaster and 10 parts sample.
  • Procedure: Grind into a fine powder. Use 4g each time with alcohol, use 3-4 times a day.

11. Remedy to treat night sweats caused by tuberculosis

  • Preparation: Sample 15g.
  • Implementation: Bring 500ml decoction, remaining 200ml and divide into 2 drinks. Use the remedy continuously for a few days to stop sweating. If relapse, should take another 2-3 days.

12. Remedy to help reduce sweat and improve health

  • Preparation: Royal flag and ephedra root 4g each, 10g bran and 10g sample.
  • Implementation: Sac with 600ml of water, remaining 200ml and divided into several uses.

13. Remedy for leukoplakia and leprosy

  • Preparation: Mau la (baked and then crushed) and flowers 40g each.
  • Implementation: Dry the spices and grind them into a fine powder. Use 12g of powder every day.

14. Remedy for emerging pimples that have not yet shown pus

  • Preparation: 1 little powdered sample.
  • Implementation: Mix with water, then mix well and apply to the skin.

15. Remedy to cure Di dream Tinh

  • Preparation: Locust dew 50g and sample 10g.
  • Implementation: Bring the medicinal herbs to powder, sifted thoroughly and mix well. Each day use from 8 to 16g drink with 30g rose water decoction.

16. Remedy for urinary incontinence and urinary frequency

  • Preparation: Buffalo skin, tang adventure pepper (stars with wine), velvet buds and red-burned mother tears, the taste is equal.
  • Implementation: Grind the flavors into a fine powder, then sift thoroughly and mix with glutinous rice to make a ball the size of a corn grain. Use 25 tablets each time with salt water mixed with alcohol, used when hungry. Use twice a day until healed.

17. Dishes from the mother’s tears cure urinary incontinence

  • Preparation: Large bubble and 40g sample powder.
  • Implementation: Put the powdered medicine into the pig’s bubble and cook until tender. Let it cool, remove the powdered medicine and cut it into small pieces, eat it all within a day.

18. Remedy to treat swelling pearl onions in children

  • Preparation: Crushed peach kernels and red-fired samples, the flavors are equal.
  • Implementation: Mix the herbs, then add water to make a paste and apply on the painful swollen area.

19. Remedies for fever in the afternoon and yang

  • Preparation: Bach thuoc, raw ginger and concoction 10g each, 3 big apples, 12g samples and 3g licorice.
  • Implementation: Take the herbs, cut them into small pieces, let them dry completely and sharpen them with 400ml to get 100ml of juice. Divide into 2 doses and use up throughout the day.

20. Remedy for night sweats

  • Preparation: Do weight and sample equal amount.
  • Implementation: Dry, grind into a fine powder, each time use 1 teaspoon of powder to drink with alcohol. Use 2-3 times a day until cured.

21. Remedy for high blood pressure

  • Preparation: Xuyen Nguu Tat, Birth Mother Li, Born Long Bone, Thien Mon Dong, Born Malt, Duong Quy, Nhan Tran and Sinh Quy Ban each 12g, Born Fake Jelly 20g, Born Bach Thuoc 20g, Licorice 4g, ginseng 16g.
  • Implementation: Bring the decoction to drink every day.

22. Remedy for spermatogenesis in men

  • Preparation: Lien humiliation, lack of food, continuous monasticism, mother tears, Kim Anh Tu, dragon bones and sa lien clematis, all of you are equal.
  • Implementation: Bring the stars and grind into a fine powder. Use decoction or powder to complete.
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23. Remedy for the treatment of leukoplakia

  • Preparation: Great price of 10g jelly, chain jelly, a delivery, return body, mother-in-law, Loc Giac Giao and customary section 12g each, can Khuong 4g.
  • Implementation: Grind the powder to complete, use 3 times a day, each time using from 6 to 8g.

24. Remedies for lymph node tuberculosis

  • Preparation: 10g raw licorice, good quality glutinous rice (yellow star) 240g, black ginseng, seaweed and ma lily 120g each.
  • Implementation: Bring the flavors to a fine powder, make small balls. Each time use 4g drink with warm wine or use with filtered water.

25. Remedies for hepatosplenomegaly

  • Preparation: A medicinal herb, frankincense and armory of 6g each, guiwei, single skin, peach kernel, mother lily and zech lan 12g each.
  • Implementation: Sac drink used during the day.

26. Remedies for peptic ulcers

  • Preparation: Raw dragon bones and burnt samples, 30 – 50g each. If you sleep poorly, add 15g to the stomach, if you have a lot of epigastric pain, add 10g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink every day, divided into 2 drinks.

27. Remedy for rickets

  • Preparation: Bach Truc, Long Bone, Regulation, Mountain Medicine, Five Vizi, Mother Li and Royal Flag are equal.
  • Implementation: Bring powder, use 15g each time, use 3 times a day. Apply the remedy continuously within 2 months to complete a course. Multiple courses should be taken to heal the ulcer and prevent its progression.

28. Remedies for pain relief from stomach ulcers

  • Preparation: 16g dandelion, licorice, night cam and tulips 12g each, 15g sample, 10g each of post-sketch and bare skin, 16g of Hoai Son, 14g of Bach Truc.
  • Implementation: Sac drink 1 day, divided into 3 uses.

Note when using medicinal herbs to treat diseases

  • Samples are soldering, so they should not be used in case of cold illness.
  • Cold semen and kidney failure without heat should not be used medicinal herbs.
  • Absolutely not for people with diarrhea belonging to gas and yin without real heat.
  • It is necessary to distinguish the sample from the resolution jelly (the dried shell of abalone). Thach Minh Minh often has many small holes on the outside of the shell and is used to treat eye diseases.
  • Medicinal herbs hate Tan Di, Wu Shu Du and Demon Emperor.

In summary, fenugreek is often used to treat night sweats, dysmenorrhea, urinary incontinence, and peptic ulcers. However, the sample is soldering, so it is not used for cold-related diseases. In addition to the ability to cure diseases, medicinal herbs also work to provide calcium for pregnant women and young children. To avoid hypercalcemia with long-term use, you should consult a doctor to adjust the dose accordingly. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

  • Pay attention when using templates
  • Sample medicinal herbs
  • Form of the canopy
  • O thief bone
  • High Mother Le
  • Sample scientific name

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