How to Remove a Page Title in WordPress

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At its core, WordPress is pretty much a content management system for blogging, but thanks to its open source status and the huge database of plugins available to it, the platform is flexible enough for any type of blog. which website. If you want to get more out of WordPress and have it act like a slightly different kind of system, you will need to configure it to your requirements and this may mean making some tweaks and changes that can counter-intuitive, such as removing page titles and headings.

By default, page and post titles are displayed at the top of the content, and while these are generally considered an important design element, there can be other situations where they get in the way. For example, if you’re using WordPress for a single landing page, or you’re using a static page as your homepage, you may find that having the header in place gets in the way of the custom style you’re using. try to do it by cluttering up the page with redundant content.

The easiest way to remove the title of a page or post is to simply avoid entering the title. With pages, you need to enter a title initially before going back and deleting it. However, untitled pages will be labeled as (untitled) in the admin console, and this can be difficult if you have a large number of such pages. There are also various free plug-ins available through the WordPress plug-in database that provide header removal functionality.

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How to remove the page title manually

If you don’t want to install a plug-in to remove the page title, you can do this manually by making a small modification to the HTML code of the page in question. Technically, this doesn’t remove the title, but it will hide it from the page itself. You can still see the page title in the admin console so you know where to find your content.

Step 1 – Determine the class name of the header

1. Open the page in your browser to view it as if you were a visitor to its website.
Right-click on any blank area of ​​the page and click “View Page Source” if you are using Chrome or “View Source” if using Internet Explorer.
Press Control + F to open the Search box and type “h1” without quotes. The class name of the header will be specified in the h1 tags as shown below:

<h1 class="entry-title">Sample Page</h1>

Here, the class title is “entry-title” and it will most likely be the same as yours.

Step 2 – Locate the Site ID

Now you will need to find the ID of the page or post you want to remove the title from. You can find the ID code using a plug-in like WP Show ID or by reviewing the source code. If you look at the source code, you’ll find the ID just above the class name, such as in the example below:

<div id="post-2" class="post-2 page type-page status-publish hentry">
<h1 class="entry-title">Sample Page</h1>

Make a note of the post ID.

Step 3 – Edit the Stylesheet for Your Theme

You’ll now need to add a short line of code to the stylesheet for your current theme. In your administrator dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Editor > Styles > Stylesheet (style.css). Scroll down to the bottom of the code and enter the following, changing the page ID value and entry title using the information that you noted down in the previous steps:

.post-2 .entry-title display: none;

Click “Update File” to save your changes and the title of your page or post will be hidden. You will need to repeat this step if you change or update your WordPress Theme.


Manually hiding a post or page title should take no more than a few minutes once you’re familiar with the steps above. However, a slightly faster and easier way is to use a plug-in such as Title Remover, Toggle Title or Hide Page and Post Title.

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