Hoa mào gà là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Cockroach flower plant is also known as millet, comb plant, millet quan flower, etc. seeds, cotton or sprouts can be used as medicinal herbs. The plant has many valuable effects such as treating bloody stools, vomiting blood, when damaged, spermatozoa, nosebleeds, etc., refer to the details below.
What plant is the crested flower?

Other names: Cockroach tree, millet, chicken comb, flower millet, flower crown, millet… Crested flower plant is also known as millet, chicken comb, flower millet, … seeds, cotton or flowers. The sprout can be used as a medicine. The plant has many valuable effects such as treating bloody stools, vomiting blood, when damaged, spermatozoa, nosebleeds, etc., refer to the details below.

What plant is the crested flower?

  • Other names: Chicken crested millet, millet, chicken comb, flower millet, cotton flower, head millet, eel tail
  • Scientific name: Celosia argentea
  • Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranthaceae)

Both white and red coriander plants use parts such as seeds, inflorescences and sprouts as medicinal herbs in traditional medicine. Flowers and seeds are usually harvested in September – October every year when the seeds are ripe. Cotton clusters are cut and brought to dry or dried. Break the flowers to separate the seeds, then dry them again so that the medicinal herbs can be stored for a longer time. The young clusters of the plant are collected at any time of the year. White crested seeds contain fat and some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. Meanwhile, red crested plant contains betanin, anthocyanin and fat-containing seeds.

Identifying characteristics of crested flowers

The crested plant or the crocus is a flowering plant that belongs to the amaranth family. A soft-stem plant, one year, was first described by science in 1753. The plant produces very beautiful flowers and has many different colors such as red, white, yellow, orange… In which, white crested flowers and white flowers. red are the two most commonly found in our country. Common types of crested flowers and their distribution

White crested flowers

The white cock’s crest is also known by other names such as eel-tail tree, wolfberry stick, pennant cock’s crest, white millet mandarin flower or white cotton-flower tree… The plant grows all year round, has a straight, small body, smooth outer shell, and abundant feces. branches. The height of each tree ranges from 0.3 to 2 meters. The leaves are alternately white, the leaves are whole, lance-shaped at the tip, about 2-4 cm wide and 8-10 cm long. The white crest produces flowers from spring to summer of the year. Flowers white or pinkish, growing at the apex or tip of the stem, sessile. Each flower can be 3-7cm long. The capsule contains many flattened black or reddish brown seeds with a diameter of only about 1mm. The white-flowered cockatoo species currently being grown in our country originated from the East of India and migrated to. Plants can be grown wild or grown everywhere as ornamental plants, for medicinal purposes. In Africa and some Southeast Asian countries, people also collect leaves and white flowers to make vegetables for daily consumption.

Red crested flowers

The red crested flower plant is folk called by many other names such as red crested flower or millet quan hoa. Scientific name is Celosia cristata L. Perennial tree with hard stem and many smooth branches. Leaves are long, pointed, petiolate, and with blades that are ovate. The flowers are bright red or velvety red, stiff, cymbal-shaped, and wrinkled, similar to a cock’s crest. Most flowers are either stalkless or, if present, very short. The fruit is ovoid or spherical in shape. Inside contains 8-10 black seeds, glossy outer shell. Compared with white crested flowers, red crested flowers have more eye-catching colors and shapes, so they are often planted in pots in front of the house as an ornamental. The plant grows best in hot, humid climates with lots of light.

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What is the effect of the flower crest?

Calculation of taste, business rules

  • White crested flowers: Slightly cold, bitter taste, referred to in the Can
  • Red crested flower: Coolness, sweet taste

White primrose plant has the effect of clearing the throat, anti-inflammatory, hemostasis, depression, heat removal, and brightening of the eyes. Used to treat high blood pressure, vomiting blood, bacillus dysentery, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, painful urination, frequent urination, toxic boils, menstrual cramps… Red crested flowers: Helps clear heat, stop bleeding, except low, salary only blood. Treatment of diseases, menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, skin urticaria …

Dosage, how to use medicinal chicken color flowers

– White chicken crest: 4-12g of flowers per day, 10-15g of seeds or 30-60g of the whole plant in the form of excellent drinking, making or cooking water to wash outside. – Red crest: Dosage 10-15g per day in the form of oral decoction

Some remedies from the crested flower

1. Cure intestinal bleeding, stomach bleeding: Take 10g of dried red crested flowers (equivalent to 25-30g fresh). Small pound. Each time take 1-2g x 3-4 times a day. Combine 10 chicken crest seeds, chew well, swallow water, and apply residue at the snake bite site. 2. Cure urticaria Take 15g of white crested flowers, 8g of jujube and 10 jujubes. Yellow star spear, remove thorns. Put it all in a warm drink for 1 month. Combine taking the sprouts of red crested flowers to cook with water to wash outside the damaged area. 3. Treatment of eye pain, conjunctivitis in the acute stage Combine white crested flowers seeds with tofu (Hoang Cam), gentian 9g each, 15g rhubarb, and 12g white chrysanthemums. Sac drink day 1 ladder. 4. Treatment of menorrhagia, heavy bleeding during menstruation Lesson 1: Take the white crested flowers to dry and grind them into powder. Twice a day, take 6g of powdered medicine mixed with a little white wine and drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol can be replaced with warm water. Lesson 2: Use 30g of red crested flowers with wine. Lesson 3: Take 25g of red chicken crested flowers and cook with lean pork into soup to eat about 3 days before menstruation. 5. Treatment of hemoptysis Lesson 1: Use 6g of white crested flowers with vinegar, pounded. Take the medicine with warm water or a little alcohol, twice a day. Lesson 2: Use the whole plant, fresh or dried. Sac drink ivory 1 handful Lesson 3: Use 15-24g of fresh white cockroach flowers (equivalent to 6-15g dried) and cook with pig’s lungs for 60 minutes. Divide into 3 times a day. Drink water and eat the whole thing. 6. Treatment of vaginal infections Red crested seeds 60g, 15g sifted plant. Boil water to wash the intimate area twice a day. Taboo for pregnant women. 7. Treatment of spitting up blood Lesson 1: Take white crested flowers, white flowers, white flowers, 30g each. Sac drink 1 ladder a day. Lesson 2: Combine 24g of fresh crested flowers with 30g of grass roots. Use 1 day in the form of oral decoction. Lesson 3: Stew 15-24g of white flowers and stewed with pig’s lungs until soft and then divided into 3 meals. 8. Cure hemorrhoids, sores, Use flower crested, five multi-element 3g each. Grind into a fine powder, mix it with a little mothball powder and add pork bile to form a paste. Apply to hemorrhoids 1-2 times a day. 9. Treatment of the deadlock. Pick 24g of fresh chicken crest and cook with 60g of lean pork into soup. Eat 2-3 times a day instead of vegetables. 10. Treatment of hemorrhagic disease Lesson 1: White crested flowers and anise with equal doses. Dry, grind into a fine powder, then wash the pellets and drink with rice water. With the size of each tablet as big as a corn grain, take 70 tablets per day. Take the medicine on an empty stomach. Lesson 2: Use 30g of white chicken crest combined with royal jelly and 30g of charcoal each. Grind it all into powder. For each use, take 6g mixed with rice water to drink. 11. Treatment of rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, blood in the stool Take 15g of seeds and red crested flowers with 3 bowls of water until 1 bowl is empty. Decant to drink 3 times a day. Can be dispersed in large quantities for a long-term return. 12. Treatment of schizophrenia (Nosebleeds or nosebleeds) Lesson 1: Prepare a ladder of medicine including: White cockleaf flower, human cosmopolitan, and black pot grass 30g each. Sac get condensed water, decanter drink 1 ladder per day. Lesson 2: Use the whole plant with 30g white chicken crest. Sac with 500ml take 200ml. Decant the medicine divided and drink 3 times a day Lesson 3: Use 30g of white crested flowers and 60g of seaweed (seafood). Sac drink 1 ladder per day until cured. Lesson 4: Take 9g of stewed chicken crest with 250g of pork. Eat 3-4 times a day. 13. Treatment of cataracts Use white flower chicken crest, sample of the root and wormwood root 15g each. Sac drink regularly 1 ladder a day. 14. Cure the blood of the forest Lesson 1: Use white cockroaches to burn into charcoal. Daily take 15-20g mixed with rice water and drink Lesson 2: Decoction 15g white crested flowers take water divided into 2 times drink in the morning and afternoon until the disease is cured. 15. Treatment of spermatogenic disease, premature ejaculation in men 30g white flower crest, 15g each of Kim ti Thao and gentleman’s sugar. Use the drug in the form of oral decoction. 16. Treatment of poisonous boils in the nape of the neck Chicken crests, jade grass, and the most pink point of each, a handful of each. Crush with a little red sugar and then apply the pulp to the boil. 17. Cure a lot of bad gas Lesson 1: Use 60g of crested flowers and 30g of deer horn. Grind everything into a fine powder. Drink 6g x 2 times/day each time. Take medicine with a little wine Lesson 2: White cotton crest 15g, star candle 6g. Take 1 color scale drink daily. Lesson 3: Prepare 30g of white flower chicken crest and 1 medium sized chicken. Chicken clean feathers, remove viscera. Tuck medicinal herbs into the belly and stew to eat Lesson 4: Take 21g of white crested flowers, like 15g of pears, 10 seeds of ginkgo. Put it all in a warm drink for 1 month. Lesson 5: Combine the flavors of white crested flowers, great heirloom roots, and 9g long Nha Thao each. Sac drink Lesson 6: Fairy cranes, hollyhock, white crested flowers 9g each. Use in the form of decoction, 1 ladder per day. Lesson 7: Take 9g of dried white crested flowers, grind into a fine powder. Drink 1 time a day in the morning before eating to treat a lot of white discharge. Lesson 8: Using Bach Truc, Bach Linh each of 9g, fresh flowers of 30g, 15g of white chicken crest and 2 eggs. All combined into 1 scale, excellent drink. Lesson 9: Crest white flowers 15g and wear fish bones 9g. Use 1 ladder per day by decoction. 18. Cure blood in the urine, painful urination Use white cockroaches to burn into coals (survival). Daily take 15-20g mixed with rice water to drink. Or you can use 15g of white flowers to drink. 19. Treatment of uterine bleeding Take 15g of crested flowers combined with squid apricot and white bean 12g each. Sac drink instead of tea daily until the bleeding stops. 20. Cure bloody stools Lesson 1: Use white chicken crests in a hot pan to keep the count, powdered. Drink each time 6-9g x 2-3 times/day Lesson 2: Combine 30g of white crested flowers with 30g of wormwood. All black stars, mixed together. Color drink. 21. Treatment of venomous snake bites Take 4-12g of red cockroach flower, drink it or use it fresh, pound it to get its juice, and drink it 22. Treatment of dysentery Use red cockroach and spread root each 50g. Yellow star, finely powdered, mixed with rice water to make a corn-sized ball. Take 1 pill each time x 2 times/day. 23. Treatment of high blood pressure Take 3-4 red crested flowers and bring them together with 10 jujubes. Drain the water and drink it twice a day. 24. Treatment of irregular menstruation Lesson 1: Use both white and red flowers of 9g each. Sac to drink condensed water Lesson 2: Take 15g of white chicken crest and stew with 12g longan flower, 9g lieutenant and 100g lean pork. Eat twice a day. In case of irregular menstruation accompanied by vaginal discharge, add 9g of white bark of white root to the medicine. 25. Cure abdominal pain in women after giving birth Use 30g of sharp cockroach flowers with wine to drink 26. Treatment of vaginitis caused by flagellates Take red crested flowers and wash the vagina with water. The flagellates can be destroyed after 5-10 minutes of contact with the cockroach decoction.

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Note when using crested flowers to treat diseases

People with obesity, lumps should avoid using. People with poor digestive function, indigestible food, afraid of cold, cold hands and feet should not use white crested flowers. This medicine has stagnation, if used will make the above problems worse. Thus, in addition to being used as a medicine, the plant can also be used to make many delicious dishes such as fried chicken crested with shrimp, chicken crested chicken soup with minced meat, fried chicken with duck meat, etc. Housewives can process these dishes for the whole family to use in hot summer days to cool down, stimulate digestion, and prevent constipation. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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