Giống Hoa Mai Đỏ Độc Lạ

In recent years, there is a strange type of apricot that is being hunted by many bonsai players, many people are not afraid to spend a lot of money to own, many trees are priced from several million to several hundred million dong/tree, That’s Red Plum Blossom Also known as Mai Nhat.

Like Flowers beautiful – unique – strange

Wrong flower, long-lasting

Eye-catching deep red, The flowers are 3-4 times bigger than the traditional yellow apricot varieties

Wooden body, easy to shape Bonsai

How to cultivate the super beautiful Red Apricot seed

Completely different from the traditional yellow apricot variety. Like Red Plum Blossom Unique with distinctive dark red color that cannot be mixed, large flower buds, with many layers of petals, long-lasting flowers that can be up to 2 months. Red apricot flower is also considered by bonsai enthusiasts as “peach blossom of apricot root” (a unique combination of flowers of peach tree – body of apricot stem)..

The level of “playing, paying” Hoa Mai on Tet holiday of Vietnamese people is always the second best in Southeast Asia

Not only for many flowers, Red Plum Blossom It also has a lot of meanings on Tet holiday. Therefore, this variety of Mai is being hunted by many people and is willing to spend a lot to own a tree like that every Spring. The tree is not only easy to grow but also easy to shape and shape Bonsai with many unique positions since the second year of planting.


Red Plum Tree is a plant in the rose family, the scientific name is Chaenomeles Japonica, in Asian countries it is also known as Moc Qua tree. With a unique style, easy to shape bonsai, red apricot becomes a bright “candidate” that can take the throne of Dao – Mai in the next few years.

The plant blooms after 2 years if grown from seed

As a woody, perennial, tree Depending on the player’s braking and trimming, they are transformed to play in many different ways. Just like Golden apricot, the older the tree, the higher the value.

Red Plum Blossom very fragrant and gives a lot of flowers, an average plant gives about 60-150 flowers, sometimes up to 200 flowers/plant. The older the tree, the more fruitful and valuable the tree becomes. The apricot trees are created with many unique BonSai shapes with flower details, a charming and lively fragrance that everyone wants to own.

Red apricots are molded by players, posing BonSai with many beautiful poses

Besides that, flower red apricot Also loved for its clustered flowers and very big cotton, 3-4 times more Traditional yellow apricots. On average, a flower has a diameter of about 3-5 cm. From the time it blooms to the time it fades, it takes about 2 months.

Flowers are scattered all over the branches

Red apricot It is a perennial, sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant, so it is very suitable for growing in Vietnam. This strange apricot variety has only one dominant red color. The tree is also quite fast to harvest, after only 2 years of planting you can see the brilliant flowers.. This unique apricot variety, although newly introduced, has a rather high price. from 3-5 million VND/pot of bonsai but this flower is still “attracting guests”. Mai – Peach are two types of flowers with bold Vietnamese identity and are indispensable in these Tet holidays.

Bonsai pots with many unique shapes

According to Ms. Linh, a small trader on Lac Long Quan Street (Hanoi) said: “Last New Year’s Eve, she imported more than 200 roots from gardeners, but within 8 days, only 80 were left. Compared with the traditional apricot – peach, the red apricot has a unique and fancy shape, the wrong flowers, and the red fills the street corner, so despite the high price, people still compete to buy it.” The gardeners have information that the yellow apricot village in Binh Dinh has also started to switch to growing apricot trees and has achieved much success.

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Red plum has “usurped the throne” of yellow apricots on the occasion of the 2018 New Year in Hanoi

Red Plum Blossom appeared in Hanoi for about 2-3 years, however, the 2018 New Year of the Dog has become a fever, usurping the golden apricot throne. The market of some provinces such as: Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan, Lam Dong, Ho Chi Minh, Tien Giang… also becomes more exciting every year.

Red apricot is not only beautiful but also has many auspicious meanings

Is a flower that is easy to grow, likes sunshine, has good drought tolerance, adapts to the climate and develops best at a temperature of 15-35 degrees Celsius. Normally, when growing from seeds, Red apricot blooms after 2 years of planting. Hurry up to order to have the set right away Red Apricot Seeds This is from Japan.


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roof is an easy-to-live ornamental plant that can be suitable in all different types of soil such as sandy soil, mixed clay soil, alluvial soil, red basalt soil, even soil mixed with gravel … apricots still grow well. Hoa Mai is not only known as a beautiful ornamental plant, but also an indispensable flower in the traditional Tet holidays of the Vietnamese people.

So how to make the tree flower on Tet holiday? Is it difficult?

1. Based on the size and shell of flower buds to pluck apricot leaves:

Flower buds arise from the leaf axils around May – June, the size gradually increases until December of the lunar calendar. Flower buds with enough time to grow will have the shape of an egg, with large buds of 2-3 husks covering the outside, the leaves will be plucked 13-14 days after Tet.

The flower bud is not fully developed yet has a pointed rhombic shape, with 3-4 husks on the outside, the leaves are plucked before the 15th day of the 12th lunar month so that the flower buds peel off the husk faster.

When in a plant, there are large and small buds that are different from each other: it is necessary to pluck the leaves from the small bud first, 5-7 days after the small bud bursts the silk husk and is almost equal to the large bud, then pull the leaves in the remaining bud. .

2. Based on the weather to pluck apricot leaves:

Good sunny conditions, high air temperature make the flowering process take place faster. In places with a climate of 30-35 degrees Celsius, the leaves will be plucked 13-14 days after Tet.

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On the contrary, cold conditions slow down the flowering process, the temperature is 20-30 degrees, and it is necessary to pluck the leaves about 20 days earlier before Tet.

For places with a temperature of 15-20, it is necessary to pluck leaves 01 month from Tet.

Almost all large and small gardeners and families are based on: large and small flower buds combine the weather to pluck leaves for apricot trees to flower 100% on Tet holiday.

So if the flowers come out early before Tet, can it be stopped? Can late flowering stimulate flowering?

It will be extremely easy if you read the following notes:

The nature of the tree is: hot, it blooms early, and when it is cold, it shrinks and lasts.

+ For early flowering apricot trees: You need to bring the plant into the cool room and only water the base every day, not the top. Because the roots will directly absorb water to the buds and stems when cold, the flower buds will shrink and prolong the flowering time. Note: do not water the flower buds.

+ For late flowering plants: You need to bring the plant to the sun, every hour, use a spray bottle to only mist the flowers and leaves, do not water the base. When the flower bud is exposed to the amount of water combined with the sun, the flower bud gradually warms up, according to the natural reaction, the flower will bloom 4-5 times faster than usual without spraying any drugs. On the 2nd and 3rd day, just start watering the roots a little, according to this force, the tree will flower quickly. This is more effective than any other stimulant on the market. Visible effects after only 3 days.

Some notes: If you want to change the tree from one pot to another so that the tree can be beautiful to play Tet! Absolutely light hands, do not break the main root pot, and must be repotted before Tet at least 1 month. If the plant is passive on the main root, the plant will stop blooming or if you stimulate flowering, you will experience wilting and falling flowers. That will not be happy for the new year.

Pot of Red Apricot creates waterfall shape

– Beautiful Flower Shop Easy to Grow Share you should change the beautiful pot 1.5 months before Tet so that the tree has strength.

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Selling price: 215,000 VND 21% discount to 170,000 VND

Package Includes: 01 Packet of Red Apricot Seeds (10 Seeds) + 03 Germ-stimulating Tablets + 01 High-class Japanese Insecticide + Planting instructions, flower cultivation techniques for Tet


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Soil: Red apricot prefers loose, nutrient-rich, well-drained soil.

Planting pots: You should choose a pot that is deep and has holes for drainage. Because the pot is deep, you can raise it up so that the tree sticks out its roots beautifully, freely creating Bonsai, waterfall. It would be nice to be able to play both roots plus flowers.

Seed incubation: You put the seeds on a damp paper towel, put them in a zip bag, and then put them in the fridge in the fridge temperature 4-7 degrees Celsius. Or you can soak the seeds for 5 minutes in cold water, then crush them and mix them with clean soil, bury the seeds in the mixture 1cm deep, then cover with a lid and place in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4-7 degrees Celsius. , seeds will germinate after 4-6 weeks.

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Red Apricot seeds are dormant

After the seeds have germinated, you put them in the seed pellets. With the germinating tablets, you soak the water for 3-5 minutes to let the tablets expand to their full size, crush the soil in the tablets and then bury the seeds in.

Seeds will germinate in 4-6 weeks

Note: so that the sprouts are facing up and do not leave the newly sown seeds where the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius. When the seedlings are about 10 cm tall, plant them in a prepared pot.

The light: Mai must be kept in a cool, well-lit place.

Red apricot is quite easy to grow, easy to care for

Sprinklers: Water once a day or every other day. Watering directly at the base and spraying water with a small jet all over the foliage is better. Watering should be done in the early morning (before 9 am) or in the cool afternoon.

Remember to water when the weather is cool

Fertilizing: Rotten manure is always the number one choice or you can use compost. In the rainy season from June to October of the solar calendar, use NPK Dau Trau to fertilize, each time fertilizing 40-50g/pot containing 50-60kg of soil, once every 20-30 days.

Red plum is rarely attacked by pests and diseases

Kill weeds, catch worms: Regarding pests and diseases, red apricot trees have high disease resistance properties, so they are rarely damaged by pests.


Selling price: 215,000 VND 21% discount to 170,000 VND

Package Includes: 01 Packet of Red Apricot Seeds (10 Seeds) + 03 Germ-stimulating Tablets + 01 High-class Japanese Insecticide + Planting instructions, flower cultivation techniques for Tet


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Beautiful Flower Shop Easy to Grow specializes in providing all kinds of flower seeds, and specializes in selling fruit tree seeds, mini trees, Japanese mini lotus seeds and many other mini seeds.

Type of flower/plant Japanese red apricot, quince
Color Red
Number of seeds/pack 10 seeds
Season Flowering late winter early spring
Germination temperature 4-7 degrees Celsius
Drench No
Treatment of seed pods No
hibernating seeds Have
Origin Japan
Pack Russia



Germination time

4-6 weeks

Flowering time

2 years

: Red apricot, Red apricot seed, Moc Quai flower tree


HCM Office of Education: 325 Binh Loi, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh

(Having seeds and seedlings + constructing soluble vegetable rigs – aeroponics)

Hotline – Zalo: 0917.147.248 VND

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