Cỏ dùi trống là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Drumstick grass is also known as cup elixir, Thien Tinh Thao, peacocktail grass, Buddha peak, etc. Drumstick grass has a spicy, mild sweet taste, and is calculated to help brighten eyes, treat headaches, and sore throats. , glaucoma, cough caused by heat,… details below.
What is drumstick grass?

Other names: Coc Tinh Tinh, Thien Tinh Tinh, peacock tail grass, Buddha’s top tree
Scientific name: Eriocaulon… Drumstick grass is also known as cup essential, celestial essence, peacock tail grass, top Chau buddha tree, etc. Drumstick grass has a spicy, mild sweet taste, is calculated to help brighten the eyes, regulate treatment of headache, sore throat, glaucoma, cough caused by heat, … details below.

What is drumstick grass?

  • Other names: Coc Tinh Tinh, Thien Tinh Tinh, peacock tail grass, Buddha’s top tree
  • Scientific name: Eriocaulon sexangulare L
  • Family: Eriocaulaceae (Eriocaulaceae)

Drumstick grass has a total of 1207 species, most widely distributed in countries in the Americas with tropical climates. Only a few species are found in temperate regions, such as the United States, Canada or Europe. The plant likes to live in moist, shallow places. In our country, grass grass often grows on the edge of the field after the rice harvest season. Most are in Hai Hung or Quang Ninh provinces. The flowers and stems of the drumstick grass are parts with high medicinal value and are used as medicines in Eastern medicine. In the summer and autumn, when the tree blooms a lot, it is the right time to collect medicinal herbs. Flowers and flower stalks are cut close to the root, washed, dried in the sun a few times or dried to preserve them for a long time.

Identifying characteristics of drumstick grass

Drumstick grass is a small, annual or multi-year herbaceous plant. The reason the tree got this name is because its outer shape looks similar to a drumstick. This grass usually grows thanks to the bad breath of rice after it is harvested, so it is called cup of essence in oriental medicine. Here are some features to help you identify drumstick grass: Stem: Drumstick stems are very short. The upper part bears many leaves. Leaves: Rounded in clusters spreading around the stem, elongated, smooth surface. There are many veins along the leaves. Flowering: Summer and autumn is the time when the cup of echinacea produces the most flowers. Flowers have two types including male and female flowers, purple or white, ovate or cylindrical, with a handle with a length ranging from 10 – 55cm, sharp edges, twisted. The inflorescences are head-shaped, brown, with many small layers of gray-white scales on the top, about 50-80mm in diameter, long-handled, often tied in a bunch. Can be used together or separate flowers and handles. If only flowers are used, it is called cup Tinh Chau. Squeeze the flower with your hands and release many tiny black seeds.

How to preserve drumstick grass after harvesting?

Drumstick grass, if not stored well, will easily crumble and mold, affecting the effect of medicinal herbs. Therefore, care should be taken to store the drug in a cool, dry place, at a temperature similar to room temperature. For long-term use, store in a covered container or pack in a plastic bag. Absolutely do not store medicinal herbs in places with high humidity, in the bathroom or near the sink. When you see a drumstick showing white mold, discoloration or crumbs, it is best not to use it.

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What is the effect of drumstick grass?

Drumstick grass contains the main ingredient is Carbohydrate. Taste: Spicy, mildly sweet; Calculation of calmness and coldness According to Oriental medicine, drumstick grass has the effect of preliminary, dispersing heat, clearing urine, relieving pain, brightening eyes, dispelling dreams. Drumstick grass has the main effect:

  • Eye problems: Pink eye, conjunctivitis, pterygium, impaired vision, night blindness, traction eye
  • Headache
  • Cough due to wind heat
  • Sore throat
  • Goosebumps
  • Gingivitis
  • Toothache
  • Diarrhea with vomiting in children…

Dosage, how to use drumstick grass

The usual recommended dose of Drumstick herb is 9-13g per day. Can be used in the following forms:

  • Drink color
  • Grind powder to make paste or mix with drinking water

Toxicity: None

Some remedies from drumstick grass

1. Cure sore throat

  • Preparation: 10g drumstick grass, fan rag root and ground licorice 12g each, dandelion 16g
  • How to use: Sharpen well, decant for drinking water

2. Treatment of conjunctivitis, pterygium – Lesson 1:

  • Preparation: Drumstick grass 60g, cypress 60g
  • How to use: Grind both into a fine powder, store in an airtight jar. When using, take 10g of powder and mix it with half a bowl of rice water and drink it about 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

– Lesson 2:

  • Preparation: 30g drumstick grass, 30g feather shell powder, 200g pork liver
  • How to use: Clean pork liver, thinly sliced, boiled in boiling water and then marinated with a little seasoning. Two traditional herbs bring powder. Finally, cook all together with 200ml of filtered water for 30 minutes, add a little seasoning to taste and then turn off the stove. Eat twice a day for breakfast and dinner.

– Lesson 3:

  • Preparation: 9g of drumstick grass, 9g of maple room
  • How to use: Put the medicine in a sharp kettle with 2 cups of water to concentrate to half. Drink while the medicine is still warm, 1 month a day.

3. Treatment of pink eye – Lesson 1:

  • Preparation: 9g drumstick grass, 9g real licorice, 9g dahlia, 9g dress dragon, 6g lentils, 6g marjoram, 6g extra cloves and 3g licorice
  • How to use: Mix everything with 1 liter of water, let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Decant to drink many times to finish. The decoction of the day should be drunk all day, the next day, the new color scale. If the case is atopic, after 2-3 days the red eye will be relieved. However, if the disease does not get better, you should go back to the doctor to treat with other more effective methods.

– Lesson 2:

  • Preparation: Drumstick grass, mulberry leaves, ground licorice 10g each, green beans 20g
  • Usage: Decoction with 0.5 liters of water for 30 minutes. Decant to drink 2 times.

– Lesson 3: Used in case of red eye pulling the membrane

  • Preparation: 20g drumstick grass, 10g alfalfa, 8g burdock, 8g white bougainvillea, 8g dahlia, 8g marjoram, 8g rhubarb, 8g pine needles, 8g pink flowers, 8g licorice.
  • How to use: Put the herbs in a hot pan and grind them into a fine powder. Use 3-6g per day by mixing with warm water to drink.
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4. Headache treatment – ​​Lesson 1:

  • Preparation: 10g drumstick grass, 15g licorice root, 20g mulberry leaves, 16g porcelain cotton
  • Usage: All in one ladder. Use as a decoction.

– Lesson 2:

  • Preparation: 9g earth dragon, 3g black green incense, 6g drumstick grass
  • How to use: All powdered, mixed together for even. When used, take a grain-sized amount of rice to burn and inhale the smoke.

– Lesson 3:

  • Preparation: 30g cup of essential oil, 50g Khuong vu root powder (galangal dong)
  • How to use: The essence is ground into powder and mixed with the remaining herbs, adding a sufficient amount of water to make a thick paste. Take a thin sheet of white paper and stick it on the painful area. When the medicine is completely dry, peel it off.

5. Cure headache, pain in eyebrows

  • Preparation: 8g of drumstick grass, 12g of Han (earthworm), 4g of frankincense.
  • Usage: All crushed. When used, take 4g to burn and then inhale the smoke into the nostril on the affected side.

6. Treatment of glaucoma (natural head system)

  • Preparation: Dried Drumstick Grass
  • How to use: Crush the medicine into a fine powder, mix it with the paste to make a thick paste, apply on the painful area.

7. Treatment of cough caused by heat

  • Preparation: Mulberry root bark and ground licorice 12g each, 10g drumstick grass and 16g mulberry leaves
  • How to use: Sac take water divided into 3 times to drink in the morning, noon, and night. 1 ladder per day.

8. Cure blurred vision, impaired vision

  • Preparation: 12g each of cassava seeds and goji berries, 10g of drumstick grass
  • How to use: Bring all 3 prepared flavors with 500ml to concentrate to 200ml. Divide and drink 3 times a day, 1 ladder per day.

9. Cure colds due to wind and cold without sweating, flu

  • Preparation: 30 – 50g drumstick grass
  • How to use: Sac to drink condensed water while it is still hot. Combined with a blanket to sweat a lot will heal faster.

10. Treatment of night blindness in children

  • Preparation: 150g goat lung, 30g cup of essence
  • How to use: Wash the lungs, cut them into bite-sized pieces, soak them in boiling water and marinate them with spices to taste. Both of them cooked together into soup to eat continuously for 7 days. It should be given to children while it is still hot.

11. Treatment of cataracts

  • Preparation: 50g drumstick grass, 50g sea clams and 50g blood cockles
  • How to use: Prepared ingredients are dried, crushed and cooked with 100g of pork liver. Eat both food and water, use in the evening.

12. Cure headache, eye pain, wind heat

  • Preparation: 20g cup of essential oil, 10g spent, 10g auxiliary nail (wooden pine), 8g molasses, 10g marjoram, 16g black ginseng.
  • How to use: All put in a kettle and cook with 400 ml of clean water. When the water boils, reduce the heat to low until it is concentrated to 100 ml. Divide and drink 2 times a day while the medicine is still warm.

13. Treatment of orange, blurred vision, red eyes and fear of light for children

  • Preparation: 60g pork liver, 60g drumstick grass
  • How to use: Clean pork liver, then cook it with drumstick grass for 30 minutes. Decant water for children to drink while the medicine is still warm.
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14. Treatment of gingivitis, toothache pain

  • Preparation: 30g cup of essence, 15g of national elder
  • How to use: Both herbs are decoction with 3 bowls of water to get 1 bowl. Split drink 2 times in the morning and evening. Use for 3-5 days for the disease to have a marked improvement.

15. Cure nosebleeds that don’t stop

  • Preparation: Cup of dried herbs
  • Usage: Grind the medicine into a fine powder. When nosebleeds can’t be stopped, take 6g and drink it with vermicelli juice.

16. Cure heatstroke, thirst, vomiting with diarrhea, restlessness and discomfort in children

  • Preparation: Drumstick Plant
  • How to use: Bring the medicine to burn or burn into charcoal, lower the earth, and finely ground. Take 2g each time mixed with cold rice water to drink.

17. Treats dry eyes and night blindness

  • Preparation: 20g of drumstick grass, 8g of eucalyptus, 10g of yellow chrysanthemums, 10g of giant flower and 20g of baked mussel shells.
  • Usage: All dried, ground into a fine powder. Adults use 12g per day, children use 4-5g. Mix with warm water to drink.

Note when using drumstick grass as medicine

  • Use medicinal herbs to treat the right disease, in the right dose
  • Do not use drumstick grass if you are allergic to this herb
  • Pregnant women, lactating women, people who are being treated with western medicine or other herbal medicines should consult their doctor before taking.
  • Avoid using for objects without wind and heat
  • Iron drumstick grass. Therefore, avoid taking iron supplements or eating iron-rich foods during herbal treatment.

Thus, drumstick grass has a spicy, mildly sweet taste, is calculated to help brighten eyes, treat headaches, sore throats, glaucoma, cough caused by heat, etc. drum. To use the drug safely and effectively, you should only use it when prescribed and advised by a specialist. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, grow vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers in all regions of the country. Key word:

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