Cây cứt lợn là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Pork shit plant, also known as Foul grass, pig shit flower plant, succulent plant, win red thistle, pig shit grass, thanks to knocking, chain compensation, rotten grass, five-color flower plants, etc. Pork shit has an effect. cooling, detoxifying, and dissolving stones should be used by Oriental medicine to treat sinusitis, urinary tract stones, swelling, joint pain, toxic heat… Can be used in fresh or dried form with a dosage of 15-30g… Pork shit is also known as Foul grass, pig shit flower plant, succulent plant, winch red thistle, pig shit grass, thanks to throwing up, chain compensation, rotten grass, five-color flower plants, etc. Heat, detoxification, and lithotripsy should be used by Oriental medicine to treat sinusitis, urinary tract stones, swelling, joint pain, toxic heat, etc. Can be used in fresh or dried form with a dosage of 15-30g a day. Details refer below.

What is a pig shit plant?

  • Other names: Foul grass, pig shit flower plant, succulent plant, winch Hong thistle, pig shit grass, thanks to the swarm, chain offset, rotten grass, five-color flower plant
  • Scientific name: Ageratum conzoides L.
  • Family: Aster – Asteraceae

Pork shit plant can adapt to all types of soil, so it can grow wild everywhere. From vacant land, by the roadside, by the field or in the garden, you can easily find this plant. Except for the roots, all the remaining parts of the pig shit plant have therapeutic effects.

Identification characteristics of pig shit plant

Stem: Pork shit plant is also known by the familiar name skunk grass – a small plant with a soft, erect stem, the average height of the plant is about 25 – 50 cm. Body blue or purple, outside covered with a short white coat. Pork poop leaves: ovate, growing symmetrically, with short stalks, one tip, the size of each leaf is about 2 – 6 cm (length) and 1-3 cm (width). The edges of the leaves are circular serrated. The upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are hairy. The leaves are green but the underside is paler. When you rub the leaves, bring them to your nose, and you can smell a very strong smell. Flowers: Grows in clusters at the top, purple, white or purple-blue. Each flower is made up of many tiny petals. Based on the color of the flower, folk divide this herb into 2 types, including white pig shit flower and purple pig shit flower plant. Fruit: Pork loin flower produces black, 3 – 5 vertical pods

How to prepare the medicine of pig shit

Foul grass grows all year round, so it can be harvested at any time. Mature plants are uprooted, roots removed, and diseased and wilted leaves removed. Next, medicinal herbs are washed again and again through many times with water to remove sand and dirt. Can be used fresh or dried. If using fresh, it should be soaked with diluted salt water to disinfect. In case of dry use, chop the pig shit flower into short pieces of 2-3 cm before drying or drying. With fresh herbs, you should use them immediately to keep the full medicinal properties of the grass. If stored in the refrigerator, it must be drained, put in a plastic bag and then punch a few small holes. However, doing so can only store the drug for 2-3 days. When storing dried pig manure, you just need to avoid it in a humid place.

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Chemical composition of pig shit

  • Oil
  • Saponins
  • Caryophllen
  • Ancolloid
  • Demetoxygeratochromene
  • Cadinne
  • fumaric acid,
  • Phenol
  • Quercetin
  • Cumarins
  • Resins
  • Tanins
  • Kaempferol
  • Charomones
  • Caffeic Acid

What is the effect of pig shit?

Calculation of taste: Pork shit is cool, spicy, and mildly bitter.

  • Sutra of Thai Yin Pho
  • Sutra to decide the sound of the heart plan

According to traditional medicine: Oriental medicine believes that pig shit has the effect of cooling, eliminating stones, detoxifying, reducing swelling, and preventing bleeding. Treats the following diseases:

  • Acne
  • Sore throat
  • Bleeding, postpartum haemorrhage
  • Urinary tract stones
  • Sinusitis
  • Joint pain, rheumatism…

According to modern medicine:

  • Pork shit shows obvious anti-inflammatory and swelling properties
  • In 2012, a publication published in the journal African Health Sciences said: When testing pig poop extract on diabetic rats, scientists found that their blood sugar dropped to 39, first%.
  • With a high magnesium content, fenugreek extract is also very useful in preventing and fighting cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
  • It also helps prevent constipation and promotes cell growth thanks to its rich fiber and protein content.
  • A study published in the journal Pathog Glod Health in 2014 was able to inhibit the activity and kill the Trypomastigote parasite and cause toxicity to other parasite groups such as Leishmania, Leishmania.
  • In addition, the ethanol component in pig poop has the ability to astringent the surface of sores in the breast of nursing women caused by maggots. The cure rate is up to 92.7%.

Dosage, how to use pig shit

– Dosage when used orally: 15 – 30g of dried pig shit (equivalent to 30 – 60g of fresh) – Usage form:

  • Drink color
  • Crush, filter the juice to drink or apply on the skin
  • Cook steamed water
  • Burn to smoke

Toxicity: Research has determined the amount of LD-50 toxin level when using pig shit orally at a dose of 82g/kg.

Some remedies for diseases from pig shit

1. Treat dandruff, reduce itchy scalp, smooth hair

  • Take 200g of fresh plants and cook with 20g of roasted locusts
  • Use this water to wash your hair 3 times a week

2. Treatment of sore throat

  • Combine pig shit and honeysuckle (20g each), ground licorice (16g), fan rag leaves (6g)
  • Decorate a medicine ladder to take 300ml of water divided into 2 times and drink it all during the day.

3. Treatment of colds and fever (according to Guangxi Chinese herbal medicine)

  • Prepare 60g of fresh grass
  • Decoction of water divided 3-4 times a day until cured

4. Treatment of bleeding in women after giving birth

  • Prepare 30 – 50g of fresh pig shit
  • Wash medicinal herbs, soak with diluted salt water to sterilize
  • Crush, filter and drink the juice 3 times a day
  • Use the drug for 3-4 consecutive days to regulate menstruation, stop menorrhagia after childbirth.

5. Treatment of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis

  • Method 1: Take a pounded pig’s poop leaves and then use a cotton ball to soak it in water and stuff it into the affected nostril
  • Method 2: Use 15 – 30g of dried branches and leaves of the sharp pig shit flower plant with 1/2 liter of water to get 200ml. When the medicine is still evaporating strongly, take the nasal spray until it cools, then divide it into 2 doses.
  • Method 3: Prepare a medicine ladder consisting of 30g of pig shit, 12g of spearhead (horse’s head), 20g of honeysuckle and 16g of ground licorice. Sac took water divided into 3 times to drink. Use 1 ladder a day to repel the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis from the inside.
  • Method 4: Combine 100g of pig shit with 10g of lemon leaves and 50g of camphor. All of the above flavors are used in fresh form, decocted with 300ml until it is reduced to 100ml. Use nasal spray 3 times a day for 10 consecutive days.
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6. Cure toxic boils that cause swelling and pain

  • Prepare 1 handful of pig shit (use the whole stem, leaves, flowers), wash with salt water, cut into small pieces
  • Blend herbs with cold rice and 1 teaspoon of salt, crushed
  • Use as a poultice directly on the area of ​​​​poisonous boils
  • Bandage fixed, change medicine twice a day

7. Cure pain, swelling due to joint pain, tendon relaxation (according to Fujian folk herbal medicine)

  • The pig shit is washed and dried
  • When using, take a handful to burn, bring the painful area close to smoke

8. Treatment of bleeding due to foreign injury

  • Use 1 handful of pig shit flowers, wash them and soak them in salt water
  • Crush and apply to the affected area twice a day

9. Treatment of colds, malaria (according to Van Son Trung herbal medicine)

  • Prepare the branches and leaves of the grass about 15-20g
  • Thoroughly take condensed water and drink it twice a day

10. Treatment of pharyngitis – Method 1:

  • Use 30 – 60g of the leaves of the pig shit plant, pounded
  • Add 1 cup of cooled boiled water, stir well, filter the juice
  • The amount of medicine collected is divided into 3 uses. When drinking, add a little rock sugar to make it sweet enough

– Method 2:

  • Pick the leaves of the pig shit flower plant in bulk and wash it
  • Dry or dry the medicine and then grind it into a fine powder
  • 3 times a day, take a little powder in your mouth and then slowly swallow it down your throat.

11. Cure boils with pus but not broken (according to Guangxi Chinese herbal medicine)

  • Preparation: 1 handful of pork shit, 1 little red sugar
  • Both of them put it in the mortar and pound it together, and put it on where there are pimples

12. Treatment of “poisonous fish mouth” (swollen lymph nodes on the left or right side due to syphilis)

  • Combine 100 – 120g of fenugreek leaves and 15g of Binh tea
  • Crush everything and apply hot star to the affected area
  • Consistently apply this remedy every day to see results quickly.

13. Treatment of aphthous stomatitis (from abroad), painful swelling and redness of pimples

  • Pick 10 – 15g of pig shit’s branches and leaves
  • Rinse a few times with water to remove all dirt and sand
  • Sac take 500ml of water and drink it several times a day until it’s all gone

14. Treatment of joint pain, rheumatism, fractures (after being fixed with bandages)

  • Pick 1 handful of fresh pig’s dung flowers, wash them thoroughly and drain
  • Crush, apply on the painful area

15. Treatment of urinary tract stones

  • Use pig shit grass and plantain (20g each), white ear herbs (16g), corn silk (12g, far money (20g), licorice land (16g).
  • Sac every day 1 ladder drink 2-3 times. Combine with drinking lots of water to easily remove the stone

16. Cure inflammation in the respiratory tract

  • The composition of the remedy includes 16g of white eucalyptus, 20g of pig shit grass, 12g of calendula leaves
  • Bring the decoction with 500ml of water until it is reduced to 1/3
  • Divide into 2 doses. Use while still warm will achieve better results
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17. Support in the treatment of cervical cancer in women and stomach cancer

  • Use a medicinal ladder consisting of 20g of pig shit flower, 30g of squid, 30g of Kim Niu nut, 30g of white head, 15ml of decoction of ma maple tree.
  • The herbs are washed, crushed and squeezed to extract the juice
  • Mix more magnolia juice into chia and drink after breakfast and dinner

18. Cure haemorrhage, non-stop bleeding in postpartum women

  • Use 30 – 50 g of white or purple pig shit flower, wash and soak in salt water to make sure it’s clean
  • Grind to drink water for 3-4 days to stop bleeding

19. Treatment of eczema (eczema), impetigo

  • Pick 1 handful of fresh grass and cook it with 1000ml of water
  • Boil for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat
  • Wait for the water to cool down to wash the damaged skin
  • Repeat in the same way twice a day

20. Treatment of ear infections

  • Pick 1 handful of fresh pig shit leaves, crush them and squeeze out the juice
  • Use a cotton swab soaked in pig poop water to gently peer into the affected ear.

Note when using pig shit flower plant

Do not use for cases of allergy to the ingredients of pig shit. Avoid confusing pig shit with waterpipe or five-color plants because they have similar names. In summary, pig shit has the effect of cooling, detoxifying, and dissolving stones, so it is used by Eastern medicine to treat sinusitis, urinary tract stones, joint pain, swelling, toxic heat, etc. However, patients should talk to their doctor. specific dosage and usage to achieve the best effect. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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