Bột rau xanh yakult Nhật Bản review: thơm ngon, hiệu quả

Japanese yakult green vegetable powder extracted 100% from clean green vegetables without pesticides, no preservatives, the product has the effect of losing weight, adding fiber, balancing nutrition, purifying the body. Japanese green vegetable powder sells for about 560,000 VND. Review of specific product uses below.
What ingredients does Japanese Yakult green vegetable powder contain?
Ingredients in each package of fruit and vegetable powder… Japanese yakult green vegetable powder extracted 100% from clean green vegetables, no pesticides, no preservatives, the product has weight loss effects, fiber supplements, Balance nutrition, purify the body. Japanese green vegetable powder sells for about 560,000 VND. Review of specific product uses below.

What ingredients does Japanese Yakult green vegetable powder contain?

Ingredients in each package of Japanese green vegetable powder include:

  • Energy… 24kcal
  • Protein… 0.9g
  • Fat… 0.2g
  • Carbohydrates… 6g
  • Sugar… 3.3g
  • Fiber… 2.7g
  • Vitamin K… 91ug
  • Folic acid… 40ug
  • Calcium… 13mg
  • Potassium… 269mg
  • Magnesium… 7mg
  • β-Carotene… 800ug
  • Polyphenols… 52mg
  • Lutein… 1.5mg

Who is Japanese yakult green vegetable powder suitable for?

Product Yakult Japanese vegetable powder Only 100% ingredients are clean Japanese vegetables, added fiber, so it is safe and good for anyone to use, regardless of age, young or old, male or female. Buy yakult here

Japanese vegetable powder Yakult have very good uses for malnourished children, poor eaters, the elderly, treatment of chronic diseases. The following people are the people who benefit the most from regular intake of aojiru Yakult powder:

  • People who want to lose weight
  • People who need to detox their body
  • People with toxic bodily manifestations such as clear heat, many boils, sluggishness, and minor illnesses
  • People who eat little or no vegetables
  • Children malnourished, rickets. Children are lazy to eat vegetables
  • Poor absorption by the elderly
  • People undergoing treatment are not able to eat a lot of green vegetables and supplement vitamins and minerals

What is special about Japanese yakult green vegetable powder?

yakult . green vegetable powder packaging design

Outside, yakult barley green vegetable powder has a paper box design with 2 main colors: green, yellow and white letters. Inside the Yakult powder box, there are 60 small packages of powder coated, in the form of a stick. This is a very convenient design for the use and storage of vegetable powder. At the end of 2019, the product Japan Yakult national green vegetable powder has released a new packaging model, with a slight change compared to the specific old model as shown below. Those who have used Japanese domestic products will know that Japanese companies often change the packaging once every 1-2 years so that users can easily distinguish new products, and at the same time limit the situation of counterfeit goods. now.

The taste of Japanese green vegetable powder

  • Yakult Vegetable Powder has a green color like vegetable leaves, looks very fresh
  • The powder is fine, easy to dissolve, and does not clump when mixed with water, even cool water
  • When drinking, Japanese green vegetable powder Yakult has a mild, cool taste like drinking other vegetable juices, without any sweet or bitter taste, completely easy to drink, just like the taste of gotu kola unmixed. that’s the way
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Uses of Japanese yakult fruit and vegetable powder

  • Because there are ingredients from many types Japanese vegetables The best, most prominent are young barley leaves, young rice, kale, angelica leaves… Thanks to that, Japanese green vegetable supplement Yakult provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber with high content for the body. body, has the effect of slowing down the aging process of the body in general and skin aging in particular. Thereby, Japanese green vegetable powder Yakult helps anti-aging, reduces skin wrinkles, repels melasma, freckles, helps skin stretch, healthy and full of life.
  • Regular use of Yakult Japanese vegetable powder also helps to detox the body, purify toxins, and support the body to excrete toxic and excess substances better. Therefore, the Japanese herbal medicine Yakult helps to treat hot flashes, reduce acne, reduce sebum secretion, and improve many skin diseases in both women and men.
  • The regular excretion of toxic substances from the body also helps the body stay healthy, the organs work smoothly, reduce diseases, reduce minor illnesses, relieve headaches, runny nose or frequent colds.
  • Maintain drinking Japanese aojiru Yakult powder It also regularly supplies chlorophyll to the body, helping to improve body odor from the inside. Thereby improving problems such as bad breath, foot odor, body odor.
  • Japanese vegetable powder treats constipation well, helps digestion smoothly, fights blood clots, improves cold limbs. In addition, Japanese green vegetable powder also improves dizziness and headaches for people with anemia.
  • The chalcone essence present in angelica leaves is a type of flavonoid that has the effect of breaking down cellulite – the type of fat that easily accumulates in the abdomen and shoulders. Thanks to this ingredient, Yakult Japanese vegetable powder also supports weight loss in a scientific, healthy way, without harming the body.
  • Japanese green vegetable powder is processed according to exclusive processing technology, there is almost no bitter taste of kale, so it is easy to drink, moreover, aojiru Yakult powder has a slight matcha taste when mixed, it will be very fragrant. yummy.
  • Fine powder, easily dissolved in water, no lumps or lumps.
  • Yakult Japanese Green Vegetable Powder Received many reviews for quick results. Within just a few days after taking it, digestion is smooth and there is a positive improvement in the skin.

Is Japanese green vegetable powder good?

Advantages of Japanese green vegetable powder

  • Ingredients of national vegetables, grown in Japan 100% according to a closed process, should ensure the source of clean, absolutely benign ingredients, very safe to use.
  • Supplement with a variety of fiber, vitamins and minerals for the body, support beautiful skin, reduce acne, treat constipation and many other effects. Useful to health in many ways, similar to spirulina.
  • The taste of yakult vegetable powder is easy to drink, tastes like fresh vegetables and green tea, absolutely not bitter, mixed with filtered water can also be drunk easily. Therefore, children can also drink without difficulty.
  • The effect of constipation is quite fast, only about 1-2 days, it has an immediate effect.
  • The way of packaging is divided into separate packages to make traveling and carrying in bags more convenient. At the same time ensure the hygiene and quality for each package of green vegetable powder separately.

Cons of Japanese green vegetable powder

  • Each use must be mixed and dissolved, so it will take time, more or less lick than using a vegetable pill.
  • The price is not too cheap. Students, low-income people have difficulty using.

Does Japanese Yakult green vegetable powder work to lose weight?

During a visit to the beauty groups of the sister association, I saw that this Yakult national vegetable is receiving a lot of positive comments about its ingredients and uses, so I also bought it to try it out. My first impression of her is that the yakult powder box has a cardboard-style paper cover, a slightly glossy surface and is quite sturdy. In general, the box is not easily deformed when holding or carrying, creating a very “genuine” feeling, assured of product quality. Above the box is printed with a picture, each purchase will see this image change. Sometimes it’s printed with smiling faces of Japanese people, sometimes it’s a picture of a barley tree or something… However, my feeling about the packaging is that the design is a bit rural. When opening the box, inside are 60 separate powder packets made of tin, in the form of bars. Just take out 1 pack each time and use it up without leaving any leftovers, so it’s very hygienic. When I drink this powder, it feels like gotu kola juice. That is, it is a bit cool like eating vegetables or drinking vegetable juice, not sweet. Of course, anyone who just likes to drink sweet milk tea will feel that this water has nothing to do with oranges. But even so, think about the effect it brings to try to drink. Personally, I find it very delicious. I often mix it with soy milk to drink a little fragrant, I like it. This powder dissolves very easily, so it only needs to be stirred and dissolved, without any lumps. Also less prone to sedimentation. I took a few breaths and it was all clean without much sediment at the bottom. After drinking for about a week, I saw that my excretion was better, I went every day and was absolutely not constipated. Thanks to that, the stomach is very light, the person is elegant, the skin is also more alive. In short, I’m sure drinking it for a long time will be effective for weight loss and acne reduction. I will try to save money to drink regularly. If it’s about 10 thousand/day, it’s fine. For the health of our children :)))

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Review of Japanese Yakult fruit and vegetable powder

Your review Hario

“This is my favorite Japanese green vegetable powder Drinking aojiru powder has become my daily habit, because either way, the amount of vitamins and minerals I get from food is not enough. If you use cosmetics on the outside to apply it, but if it doesn’t improve on the inside, it won’t make your skin beautiful. Since the day I made a habit of drinking 1 pack of aojiru a day, my skin has become smoother, my acne has decreased, I must say it is extremely effective. I have tested a few types of Japanese vegetable powder and found that Yakult powder is the most worth using. The effect is similar to other types, but the cost is cheaper, can be used for a long time. In addition to reducing acne, digestion is still good and smooth, never having constipation again.

Your reviewn Sayako

Japanese green vegetable powder review: yakult’s aojiru tastes good, it’s very easy to mix. Japanese vegetable powder is nutritious, just afraid of each one is a bit unpleasant bitter taste when drinking. But the way this yakult is processed, it has no taste at all, just like matcha water, it is also pleasant. If mixed with filtered water, it has a slight vegetable taste, but when mixed with milk, it looks like matcha latte which is very delicious and easy to drink. After using it for 4 days, I found that I was not constipated, very smooth, while before, even though I ate vegetables, I was still apple often. :))) I’ve only been using it for a few days, so I can’t review the skin case, but I can clearly feel that people are relieved. Like being purified or something. Waking up every morning is also very refreshing, not tired and dizzy at all. Must be good enough to be healthy :))) In general, it’s very ok. Should be used for a long time, I think the more obvious the effect”

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Your review Tomio

“Effective cheap Japanese green vegetable powder It turns out that yakult is quite cheap compared to other aojiru powders (if the criteria are set for 100% of the national vegetables grown in Japan). But if I say Chinese vegetables this or that, I don’t count. The effect I feel is similar to other types. I used to drink aojiru orihiro powder and some more expensive ones than orihiro, but feel the effects are not obvious, still light, detox, reduce acne, stop constipation. So it’s okay to use expensive ones :))) I decided to use this yakult Japanese vegetable powder for a long time, buying 1 box every 2 months. Doesn’t cost much. Protect your health.”

Your review Nguyen Trang Nhung

“I have chronic constipation due to lack of green vegetables in my daily diet. I don’t know what to do to improve that digestive condition. Because I hate eating vegetables, I don’t like to eat any green vegetables, so my relationship is getting worse and worse. Then I found out if there was something to replace eating vegetables every day, I found this green vegetable powder. It is very easy to drink. The taste is mild, not greasy like other green vegetable powders. Drink it to cool him down. The put out is so pretty.”

Your review Kieu Anh

“I have a secondary boil or something. Naturally, I have acne around my eyes and mouth. My mother told me it was because I was hot inside, so I bought this powder for me to drink. Persistently using it for a while, the skin looks better, the acne is also better.” Aojiru fruit and vegetable powder review: This aojiru powder is easy to dissolve, delicious, I give it to children at home to drink, they also like it, not uncomfortable at all.

Should children drink Japanese Yakult green vegetable powder?

Yakult Japanese vegetable powder with ingredients is 100% national vegetables grown in Japan, ensuring the cleanest and safest. Suitable for supplementing fiber for all ages, especially children with anorexia.

How to use Japanese green vegetable powder effectively?

  • It is recommended to use 1-2 packets of Japanese vegetable powder per day to improve health.
  • Can be dissolved in water and drunk as a smoothie or can be mixed with milk or fruit juice.
  • Japanese greens powder can be used at any time of the day, but the best time is in the morning after waking up, in the middle of the afternoon and in the evening after a meal about 60 minutes. Note that you should not drink at the time of eating too much.

How much does Japanese Yakult green vegetable powder cost?

Yakult green vegetable powder sells for about 560,000 VND. Above is the information about Japanese yakult green vegetable powder that ABC Land wants to share with you. Hope this article will give you more useful information! Good luck. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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