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This is the new format for The Blacklist music on this site. It should solve most of the loading problems you may have experienced with the earlier files. The YouTube files take few moments to load

I look for the exact song version featured in the episode, or if not available, the closest version I can find. Videos are pulled from YouTube occasionally.

The list of All Songs By Episode is below. Ive also set up a Song Index in a separate file here. Just go to the link, click on the song title, artist name or episode info in the index at the top to get to the right file. Page down for video.

P.S. A special music feature

is that I have begun including Audio Buttons [ a square miniaturized version of the video ] of the YouTube videos in the scripts where the songs occur. Example Different Drum: [ Tap square below to play ]


This feature works for Seasons 4 to 9 only.

Song Lists:

⭕Season 1 (Below) ⭕S2 ⭕S3 ⭕S4 ⭕S5 ⭕S6 ⭕S7 ⭕S8 ⭕S9
⭕Clickable Song Index

Season 1A Episodes 1-10 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 1:1 Pilot / Ranko Zamani 99 Problems by Hugo, AEIOU by Jim Jones
⭕Episode 1:2 The Freelancer Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones, Citizens by Alice
⭕Episode 1:3 Wujing Here With Me (Calling name in midnight hour) by Susie Suh & Robert
⭕Episode 1:4 The Stewmaker Made Of Stone By Matt Colby, Up Past The Nursery by Suuns
⭕Episode 1:5 The Courier Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
⭕Episode 1:6 Gina Zanetakos Very Cruel by Polica
⭕Episode 1:7 Frederick Barnes Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (Gorecki) by Zofia Kilanowicz
⭕Episode 1:8 General Ludd Welcome Home by Radical Face
⭕Episode 1:9 Anslo Garrick [ No songs ]⭕Episode 1:10 Anslo Garrick Conclusion Pendulum by Pearljam

Season 1B Episodes 11-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 1:11 The Good Samaritan Killer The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash, Line of
  Fire by Junip, A Doodlin Song by Peggy Lee, Everything Trying by Damien Jurado
⭕Episode 1:12 The Alchemist [ No songs ]⭕Episode 1:13 The Cyprus Agency Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot
⭕Episode 1:14 Madeline Pratt Starfucker by Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second
⭕Episode 1:15 The Judge Slow-Ass Jolene sung by Oliver Ciderapple, written by Dolly Parton
⭕Episode 1:16 Mako Tanida Cello Song by Nick Drake, Theme from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky
⭕Episode 1:17 Ivan The Anniversary Waltz by Vera Lynn
⭕Episode 1:18 Milton Bobbit Keep In The Dark by The Temples, Im Sorry, But Im Beginning to
  Hate Your Face by Seagull, Cant Pretend by Tom Odell
⭕Episode 1:19 The Pavlovich Brothers [ No songs ]⭕Episode 1:20 The Kingmaker Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us? by Keaton Henson
⭕Episode 1:21 Berlin Anonymity is the New Fame by Frankl
⭕Episode 1:22 Berlin Conclusion Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

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Season 2A Episodes 1-10 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 2:1 Lord Baltimore No Sugar In My Coffee by Caught a Ghost,Divisionary (Do the
  Right Thing) by Ages and Ages
⭕Episode 2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank Long Way Down by Tom Odell, Heal by Tom Odell
⭕Episode 2:3 Dr James Covington Pilgrim by Fink
⭕Episode 2:4 Dr Linus Creel Tide by Junip
⭕Episode 2:5 The Front Go It Alone (Wish Coin) by Beck, The Baby You Were Born by Cloud
⭕Episode 2:6 The Mombasa Cartel Run from me, darlin by Timbre Timbre, Drifting Home To
  You sung by The Jody Brian Quartet, Proud as We Are by Daniel Martin Moore
⭕Episode 2:7 The Scimitar Bleeding Muddy Water by Mark Lanegan
⭕Episode 2:8 The Decembrist Great Sky by Other Lives
⭕Episode 2:9 Luther Braxton Blood on My Name by The Brothers Bright
⭕Episode 2:10 Luther Braxton Conclusion Baptisms by Radical Face

Season 2B Episodes 11-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 2:11 Ruslan Denisov Every Step by Mavis Staples
⭕Episode 2:12 The Kenyon Family Down to the River to Pray by Philip Lawson, Beyond The Sea
  sung by Bobby Darin
⭕Episode 2:13 The Deer Hunter So Happy Together by The Turtles, Dream a Little Dream of
  Me by Doris Day, Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene by Hozier
⭕Episode 2:14 T Earl King VI Spring (Among The Living) by My Morning Jacket
⭕Episode 2:15 The Major Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) by Peter Schilling
⭕Episode 2:16 Tom Keen Always Gold By Radical Face (Everything goes away)
⭕Episode 2:17 The Longevity Initiative Baby Thats Not All by Josh Ritter
⭕Episode 2:18 Vanessa Cruz [ No songs ]⭕Episode 2:19 Leonard Caul Exxus by Glass Animals
⭕Episode 2:20 Quon Zhang How are you supposed to know? by Don Brownrigg
⭕Episode 2:21 Karakurt [ No songs ]⭕Episode 2:22 Tom Connolly Rocket Man by Elton John

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Season 3A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 3:1 The Troll Farmer Peace Frog by The Doors, Wassup by Hannibal Leq, No Harm
  by The Editors
⭕Episode 3:2 Marvin Gerard Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
⭕Episode 3:3 Eli Matchett Creepin by Eric Church, Somethin Goin On by Romi
  Mayes, Campaign by Modest Mouse
⭕Episode 3:4 The Djinn Cant Leave the Night by BadBadNotGood, Can You Get to That by
  Funkadelic, Trouble by On The Radio
⭕Episode 3:5 Arioch Cain Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak, Wouldnt Want to Dance
  Without You by Hal David & John Cacavas, Trouble by Robots Dont Sleep
⭕Episode 3:6 Sir Crispin Crandall Feel Alive by Signaljacker by Chris James, Radar Love by
  Golden Earring
⭕Episode 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan Without You by Lapalux
⭕Episode 3:8 Kings of the Highway Blame It On Me by George Ezra

Season 3B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 3:9 The Director Sour Cherry By The Kills,Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee
⭕Episode 3:10 The Director Conclusion Gods Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash, Rise Up
  by Andra Day
⭕Episode 3:11 Mr Gregory Devry Right back to where we started from by Maxine Nightingale,
  It Works Itself Out by Half Moon Run
⭕Episode 3:12 The Vehm [ No songs ]⭕Episode 3:13 Alistair Pitt Before Today by Everything but the Girl, Demon Days by Robert
⭕Episode 3:14 Lady Ambrosia Just Breathe Don Brownrigg
⭕Episode 3:15 Drexel The Killing Season by Mark Lanegan, Dear Trouble by Correatown
⭕Episode 3:16 The Caretaker Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Up from the Grave He
  Arose by Robert Lowry, In My Own Way by Ray LaMontagne

Season 3C Episodes 17-23 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 3:17 Mr Solomon Someone You Love by Tina Dico, Safe and Sound by Electric
⭕Episode 3:18 Mr Solomon Conclusion Youre Having My Baby by Paul Anka
  Lighthouse by Patrick Watson, Theme from Blinking Lights by EELS
⭕Episode 3:19 Cape May [ Instrumental score only ]⭕Episode 3:20 The Artax Network Part One Homecoming by Ray LaMontagne, Ooh La La by
  The Faces, Suitcase Full of Sparks by Gregory Alan Isakov
⭕Episode 3:21 Susan Hargrave Fire by The Last Internationale, Basic Feel by Power Haunts,
  Tilt-A-Whirl by Insane Clown Posse, So Long by Alyeska
⭕Episode 3:22 Alexander Kirk Papa was a Rolling Stone by The Last Internationale, Lullaby by
  the Dixie Chicks
⭕Episode 3:23 Alexander Kirk Conclusion Bowling Ball Blues by Mack Fields, Dodged a
  Bullet by Greg Laswell

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Season 4A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 4:1 Esteban Predator by Gadi Sassoon (featuring Elenna Canlas), Se Fue by Ortegon,
  This is a War by Losers
⭕Episode 4:2 Mato Where Are You? by Jono McCleery, If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon
⭕Episode 4:3 Miles McGrath Chk Chk Chk by Yadnus
⭕Episode 4:4 Gaia Writings on the Wall by Bob Moses
⭕Episode 4:5 The Lindquist Concern Different Drum by Linda Ronstad and Stone Poneys, By
  The River by Stu Larsen
⭕Episode 4:6 The Thrushes Fire on the Mountain by Wand, Dead Mans Party by Oingo
  Boingo, One by Harry Nilsson
⭕Episode 4:7 Adrian Shaw The Road to Nowhere by Radical Face
⭕Episode 4:8 Adrian Shaw Conclusion Voodoo In My Blood featuring Young Fathers,
  Between The Bars by Elliott Smith, Say Goodbye by Beck

Season 4B Episodes 9-15 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 4:9 Lipets Seafood Company Fishin Blues by The Lovin Spoonful, Vanishing Act by
  Early Winters, All Your Secrets by Yo La Tengo
⭕Episode 4:10 The Forecaster What I Like About You by The Romantics, Alone by Dark Horses
⭕Episode 4:11 The Harem I Love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt, Everybodys Changing by
⭕Episode 4:12 Natalie Luca Heartbeats by José González
⭕Episode 4:13 Isabella Stone Before I Sleep by Marika Hackman
⭕Episode 4:14 The Architect Mama Tried by Merle Haggard, Barracuda by Hayley Ross
⭕Episode 4:15 The Apothecary My Girl by The Temptations, No Salt On Her Tail by The Mamas
  and The Papas, All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan

Season 4C Episodes 16-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 4:16 Dembe Zuma [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 4:17 Requiem I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive (2nd version) by Cake,
  Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sadie B Hawkins, These Boots Are Made for Walkin by
  Nancy Sinatra
⭕Episode 4:18 Philomena Dear Mr President by Fitz and The Tantrums, Sundown by Gordon
  Lightfoot, All The Way Down by Soulsavers
⭕Episode 4:19 Dr Bogdan Krilov Dreamer by Supertramp, Don Giovanni by Mozart, Dream
  On by Aerosmith
⭕Episode 4:20 The Debt Collector The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, One Man No City by
  Parquet Floors, On Fire on a Tightrope by JBM
⭕Episode 4:21 Mr Kaplan Belgrade by Battle Tapes
⭕Episode 4:22 Mr Kaplan Conclusion Vicious by Lou Reed, Drowning by Kevin Morby,
  Bloodstream by Stateless

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Season 5A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 5:1 Smokey Putnam New York Groove by Ace Frehley (Kiss), The Boss by James
  Brown, Edge of the World by Redeye, Run Run Run by ChinChin, Dont Forget About
  Me by Simple Minds (sung by Paul Stone)
⭕Episode 5:2 Greyson Blaise Awoo by Sophie Tucker (feat. Betta Lemme), Afternoon Take-Off
  by Small Forward, Taking a Gamble by Frank Shelley and Adam Saunders (unavailable),
  LAmour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Love is Bohemias child) from Carmen by Georges Bizet
  (sung by Maria Callas), Say I Wanna Know by Nick Waterhouse
⭕Episode 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall My Time Is Comin by Marc Scibilia (unavailable), Lit Me
  Up by Brand New, Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka
⭕Episode 5:4 The Endling Fitzpleasure by alt-J, Dancing In The Moonlight (Its Caught Me In
  Its Spotlight) by Thin Lizzy
⭕Episode 5:5 Ilyas Surkov Resolution by Matt Corby
⭕Episode 5:6 The Travel Agency Way Down We Go by Kaleo, Change It All by Harrison
⭕Episode 5:7 The Kilgannon Corporation High Rise by Cross Record
⭕Episode 5:8 Ian Garvey Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Sound of
  Silence written by Paul Simon, sung by Disturbed

Season 5B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 5:9 Ruin Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen, No Roots by Alice Merton
⭕Episode 5:10 The Informant Nightlife by Alexis Smith, Joe Henson and Oliver Dalston,
  Upside Down by Gracie and Rachel
⭕Episode 5:11 Abraham Stern Life Like This by Kurt Vile, Up Past The Nursery by Suuns, My
  Type by Saint Motel, Legendary by Welshly Arms
⭕Episode 5:12 The Cook Ring of Fire by Wall of Voodoo (Johnny Cash/Anita Carter), Signal to
  Noise by Frankel
⭕Episode 5:13 The Invisible Hand I Aint The One by Spoon
⭕Episode 5:14 Mr Raleigh Sinclair III The Devil You Know by X Ambassadors, Cut Me Down
  by Kevin Morby
⭕Episode 5:15 Pattie Sue Edwards Drowning by Mick Jenkins (feat. Badbadnotgood), Fall by
  Lisa Hannigan
⭕Episode 5:16 The Capricorn Killer True Lies (feat. Camp Lo and Tribeca) by M-Dot, What
  Arrows by Hey Rosetta

Season 5C Episodes 17-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 5:17 Anna-Gracia Duerte At Seventeen by Janis Ian, Evil Ways by Black Mountain,
  Time Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring) by BadBadNotGood
⭕Episode 5:18 Zarak Mosadek On vit dans un sitcom (We live in a sitcom) by Grems, Put the
  Blame on Mame by Rita Hayworth (Anita Kirk Ellis dubbed in), Sympathique by Pink
  Lemonade, Rise Up by Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, Sheets by Damien Jurado
⭕Episode 5:19 Ian Garvey Pt 2 Reconfiguration by Other Lives, House of the Rising Sun by
  River Matthews
⭕Episode 5:20 Nicholas T Moore Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence by Kin (substituted for
  Christie Crews version), Im Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Alejandra Ribera
⭕Episode 5:21 Lawrence Dane Devlin Without You by Junip, For What Its Worth by The Lone
  Bellow (orig by Buffalo Springfield), At Last by Etta James
⭕Episode 5:22 Sutton Ross Cry of the Martyrs by Algiers, Chimes Broken by Holy Fuck, Last
  Resort and Spa by Battle Tapes, Retrograde by James Blake, Lawless by Unkle, Nobody Knows
  (feat. Wynne) by Autograf

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Season 6A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, Wide Awake by Parquet
  Courts, How Many Times by Dope Lemon, Turnunders and Overpasses by Baptist Generals
⭕Episode 6:2 The Corsican I Am The Fly by Wire, Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing,
  You Keep Coming Alive by Sean Rowe, Hard Times (feat. Congratulationz) by Vision Vision
⭕Episode 6:3 The Pharmacist Where Ya Gonna Go by Gregory Alan Isakov, Poison in the
  Water by Von Grey
⭕Episode 6:4 The Pawnbrokers Bottom of the River by Delta Rae, My One And Only A by
  Albert Lennard, Ty Ardis and Noah Jackson, All Eyes On You by Robbie Nevil
⭕Episode 6:5 Alter Ego Well Meet Again by Vera Lynn, Summer Skeletens by Radical
⭕Episode 6:6 The Ethicist World Undone by Calexico, Everythings Just So Fine by Dominic
⭕Episode 6:7 General Shiro Mongolian Throat Singing No. 7 by Erdem Baatar, Keep Moving
  by Communist Daughter
⭕Episode 6:8 Marko Jankowics Paper Aeroplane by Angus and Julia Stone, Too Dry to Cry by
  Willis Earl Beal

Season 6B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 6:9 Minister D White Glass by Loma, 7 & the Fall by Jesse Marchant
⭕Episode 6:10 The Cryptobanker Somethings Off by Jacuzzi Boys, Run Through the Jungle
  by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Diggin a Hole by Mississippi Twilight
⭕Episode 6:11 Bastien Moreau Not Broken by Skye, Farewell by UNKLE
⭕Episode 6:12 Bastien Moreau, Pt 2 The Old Mans Back Again (Dedicated To the Neo-Stalinist
  Regime) by Scott Walker
⭕Episode 6:13 Robert Vesco Bruised Bones by Les Brown, Barber of Seville by Rossini, In The
  Arms by Lucy Schwartz
⭕Episode 6:14 Osterman Umbrella Co Love Like Theres No Tomorrow by The War and
⭕Episode 6:15 Olivia Olson All There Is by Gregory Alan Isakov
⭕Episode 6:16 Lady Luck Gamblin Man by Lonnie Donegan, Every Breath You Take by
  The Police (plus alt choral version)

Season 6C Episodes 17-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 6:17 The Third Estate The War by SYML
⭕Episode 6:18 The Brockton College Killer Love Doesnt Last Too Long by The Weepies
⭕Episode 6:19 Rassvet Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
⭕Episode 6:20 Guillermo Rizal Wild Ones by Crystal Fighters, This Must Be The Place (Naïve
  Melody) by the Lumineers
⭕Episode 6:21 Anna McMahon [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 6:22 Robert Diaz Best Friend by Sofi Tukker, Batshit by Sofi Tukker, Mascaron by
  Lissom, Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild by Kevin Morby, I Feel Free by Cream

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Season 7A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 7:1 Louis T Steinhil La Danse de Nuit by Le Petit Orchestre De Cafe Paris, Tu Peu
  Bien by Francoise Hardy, Solid Ground by Michael Kiwanuka
⭕Episode 7:2 Louis T Steinhil, Pt 2 Death March by Algiers, Force of Habit by Charlie
⭕Episode 7:3 Les Fleurs du Mal Running with the Wolves by Aurora
⭕Episode 7:4 Kuwait Letters Home by Radical Face
⭕Episode 7:5 Norman Devane You Drive Me Crazy by Grand Prix, Mi Verdadero Amor by
  Álvaro Torres y Los Reyes Latinos, Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins
⭕Episode 7:6 Dr Lewis Powell [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes Scratch The Surface by Forest Veil (unavailable)
⭕Episode 7:8 The Hawaladar Bury The Shadows by Ryan Kinder (unavailable)

Season 7B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

⭕Episode 7:9 Orion Relocation Srvs Shady Grove by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
⭕Episode 7:10 Katarina Rostova Wor by Django Django, Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) by
  Michael Kiwanuka
⭕Episode 7:11 Victoria Fenberg Starts Right Here by Battle Tapes (feat. Valerie
⭕Episode 7:12 Cornelius Ruck Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson
⭕Episode 7:13 Newton Purcell Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Green Grows the Lilac by Jenn
⭕Episode 7:14 Twamie Ullulaq Berth by Gregory Alan Isakov
⭕Episode 7:15 Gordon Kemp Who We Are by Welshly Arms
⭕Episode 7:16 Nyle Hatcher Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Season 7C Episodes 17-19 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 7:17 Brothers Warm Shadow by Fink, Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, Blackbirds
  Song by Lee DeWyze, Down the Line by José González
⭕Episode 7:18 Roy Cain On the Road Again by Stéphane Pompougnac, The Answer by
  Unkle feat. Big in Japan, Light by Michael Kiwanuka
⭕Episode 7:19 Kazanjian Brothers Ballroom Blitz by Sweet, Paint It Black by The Rolling

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Season 8A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 8:1 Roanoke Landslide by by Fleetwood Mac (Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie
⭕Episode 8:2 Katarina Rostova Pt 2 Marthas Dream by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
⭕Episode 8:3 16 Ounces [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 8:4 Elizabeth Keen Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Tchaikovsky, Long as I Have You
  by Al(i) Hazan (feat. Myrna Rowlands), Ruins by aYia (feat Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir), One
  Way Or Another by Until The Ribbon Breaks
⭕Episode 8:5 Fribourg Confidence James Bond by Iggy Pop, Compared to What by Roberta
  Flack, Diviner by Hayden Thorpe
⭕Episode 8:6 Wellstone Agency No Turning Back by Claire Guerreso, Get Up Lets Go by
  Richard Myhill, Were Not Here for a Long Time by Huey Lewis and The News, We Are The
  World (Bonus Song) by Various Artists
⭕Episode 8:7 Chemical Mary Its a Long Way Down by Katie Garfield
⭕Episode 8:8 Ogden Greeley Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart, Sunset Village by Beverly Glenn-
  Copeland, The Worlds Made Up of This and That by Deeds Plus Thoughts, River Dreams by
  Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Season 8B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 8:9 The Cyranoid [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 8:10 Dr Laken Perillos Summer Winds by Rob Kirk, Stabat Mater by Antonín
⭕Episode 8:11 Captain Kidd Our Darkness by Anne Clark, Chains by Avi Kaplan
⭕Episode 8:12 Rakitin Ritual by Other Lives
⭕Episode 8:13 Anne Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush, How Low by José González,
  Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin (Bonus)
⭕Episode 8:14 Misère Tilly Tilly Bom (Russian Lullaby) by Violent Eve, Fa-Fa-Fa by Datarock,
  How Low by José González, Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush
⭕Episode 8:15 The Russian Knot [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 8:16 Nicholas Obenrader [ No Songs ]

Season 8C Episodes 17-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 8:17 Ivan Stepanov Season of the Witch by Donovan, Moment by Holy Fuck, The
  End by Kings of Leon
⭕Episode 8:18 The Protean Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers, Id Love to Change the
  World by Ten Years After, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Bonus Song) by Gordon
⭕Episode 8:19 Balthazar Bino Baker The Tale of Tsar Saltan: Flight of the Bumblebee
  by Katica Illényi, Youre Somebody Else by Flora Cash, Solitude by Black Sabbath
⭕Episode 8:20 Godwin Page [ No Songs ]⭕Episode 8:21 Nachalo Jingle Bells in Minor Key arranged and played by Toms Mucenieks,
  Its a Mans World by James Brown
⭕Episode 8:22 Konets Somewhere Only We Know by Reneé Dominique, Keep Watch by
  Adult Karate, One Last Dream by Radical Face

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Season 9A Episodes 1-8 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 9:1 The Skinner Head On by José González
⭕Episode 9:2 The Skinner Pt 2 Rival by Ruelle
⭕Episode 9:3 The SPK Money, Money by Rupert Pope/Giles Palmer; Holy, Holy, Holy (Trad.)
  at Durham Cathedral
⭕Episode 9:4 The Avenging Angel Im Still Here by Holocaust Survivor Inge Ginsberg and
  The TritoneKings
⭕Episode 9:5 Benjamin T Okara Dark Matter by Seratones
⭕Episode 9:6
⭕Episode 9:8

Season 9B Episodes 9-16 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 9:9
⭕Episode 9:10
⭕Episode 9:11
⭕Episode 9:12
⭕Episode 9:13
⭕Episode 9:14
⭕Episode 9:15
⭕Episode 9:16

Season 9C Episodes 17-22 (press Header for videos)

Includes these song videos:
⭕Episode 9:17
⭕Episode 9:18
⭕Episode 9:19
⭕Episode 9:20
⭕Episode 9:21
⭕Episode 9:22

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