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Why Learn about Affiliate Marketing

For bloggers, affiliate marketing is a tool to monetize their resources. There are many reasons why this type of activity might benefit you:

  • It’s a great idea to get passive income. Even with a full time job, one can use links and posts to earn extra money.
  • No deep and long-term marketing experience is required to become an affiliate.
  • Low cost to get started and no need to pay if the links fail.
  • Opportunity to work from home or anywhere with internet access.
  • Freely choose any niche that corresponds to the blog topic.
  • Higher payment tier from merchants when driving more sales.

Moreover, you will not need to change the design of your blog. Simply place affiliate links anywhere on the site. Insert them into video posts or descriptions, email overlays and newsletters, social media posts, and so many other places.

The best affiliate marketing blogs

How can you choose a good affiliate marketing blog that will be helpful for learning new skills? Resources must correspond to the niche you are working in, such as travel or dating, must be authentic and offer personal opinions, and provide quality information. It is important to read blogs that keep up with search trends and provide only relevant information.

travel expenses

travel expenses

If you are looking for the best blog site for affiliate marketing, pay attention to Travelpayouts Blog. Travelpayouts is an affiliate marketing network in the travel industry. By the end of 2020, there are about 270,000 people participating in this affiliate network.

The blog is notable for its versatility. Although it unites travel agencies, there are many things that can be useful to professionals in different fields, such as:

It’s a good start for anyone getting into affiliate marketing as you’ll be introduced to both its general patterns and its tiniest nuances. You will appreciate their valid, practical tips and recommendations as well as the many relevant tools described on the site.

The blog interface is friendly and easy to navigate, allowing you to find any article you need. Just enter a keyword in the search field in the blog’s title and all the posts that cover that subject will appear instantly. Besides that, other sections that showcase the company’s affiliate marketing offers, news and events are worth checking out.

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Affiliate Marketing Blog

The Affiliate Marketing Blog helps to deepen affiliate marketing research through news and personal opinions in the field. It was created and developed by Shawn Collins, Co-CEO of Affiliate Summit, the most famous and authoritative conference on affiliate marketing.

In this blog, Shawn shares effective recommendations, tips, and tools for gathering knowledge and samples from conferences and business trips. A special section on the site allows you to learn how to become an affiliate blogger and how to grow long-term in accordance with the latest trends and requirements. On that page, one can find useful links, resources, and documentation.

The blog contains notes on sessions from Affiliate Summit, and it’s a great “hint” for those looking for visual content to work towards their affiliate marketing goals.

Mobidea Academy

Mobidea Academy is created on the basis of an affiliate network and its content is for newbies, small businesses and solid brands. In addition, it presents a database of the best ad networks to allow you to find quality traffic sources. They provide free and paid affiliate marketing tools for SEO, blog creation and development, results tracking, etc. Blog cooperates with a wide range of software and offers coupons for technical products. number.

Those who take the first step and want to learn affiliate marketing can use this glossary and read the textbook articles divided into several levels from Newbie to SuperPro. There are also special categories for media buyers and marketers looking to create blogs for affiliate marketing, build landing pages, or design call-to-action buttons.

Furthermore, they provide instructional content to attract adult traffic and the opportunity to research blockchain, ICOs, and other aspects of the crypto world in the context of affiliate marketing.

Pursue a niche market

NichePursuits teaches how to build a successful online business from scratch. Spencer Haws, the blog’s founder, has created a content library of cases that demonstrate effective affiliate marketing strategies.

Spencer Haws focuses on niche business ideas and answers questions like how does the affiliate program work for bloggers, how to handle ecommerce and tool optimization, how to create and develop a niche website, etc.

Spencer Haws offers its own solutions and training, apps and software that optimize your website keywords, build profitable websites from scratch, create and insert product comparison tables products, get free organic traffic, etc.

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John Chow

John Chow started blogging in 2006 and just two years later he was making $40,000 a month. John started his affiliate marketing path by blogging about his personal life: income, house, food and other everyday aspects. Now he teaches people how to make money and covers both online and offline business/marketing.

In addition, John offers nine training modules that cover topics such as how to choose a niche and branding, WordPress themes and plugins, WP, email and content marketing, blog monetization. , SEO, etc. In other words, John Chow introduces valid tools to start an affiliate marketing blog and scale it.

John helps new bloggers figure out how the WordPress platform works so they can set up their first blog for free. He is interested in SEO plugins and teaches how to implement the right plugins to attract targeted traffic. If you are looking for profitable affiliate links for bloggers, check out John Chow’s blog.


Affilorama is another affiliate marketing blog founded by a successful affiliate marketer and a coach, Mark Ling, in 2006. In the blog you will find reviews of new tutorials , best practices, top affiliate programs in a given niche, as well as many alternatives to a certain tool or solution. The content is for new and intermediate affiliate marketers and that’s why the most successful affiliate marketers should look for a more advanced platform. Another notable feature is the quick response to follower questions. All in all, it’s a good educational resource that includes an entire library to get started with and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Affiliate Summit

The Affiliate Conference presents tips and recommendations to help you succeed in affiliate marketing from the point of view of the Affiliate Conference events and performances (regular corporate conference). Note that the conference welcomes all those interested in affiliate marketing, which increases the risk of encountering fake or fraudulent products there.

The blog is notable for its versatility: there are documents on email marketing, privacy policy, lead form optimization, Instagram accounts, and other specific questions. They usually deal with a certain narrow topic relevant to any business sector.

NGO Charles

If you are planning to become a leader in affiliate marketing, keep in mind Charles Ngo’s blog, which covers a lot of questions related to both affiliate marketing and business. There are many psychological articles to strengthen your motivation.

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Charles Ngo is a renowned affiliate marketer who has been working in this field since 2008. In his blog, Charles tells many personal stories to escape the need to go through the pain of learning.

The main feature of Charles Ngo is that he offers many free tips that are accurate, relevant and informative. He gives valuable insight into the world of affiliate marketing.


affiliaXe is a blog that sheds light on not only affiliate marketing but also SEO, email marketing, PPC, ROI, and other metrics. The ad network of the same name shares its knowledge and experience on the pages of the blog. It dives into online marketing and shows connections with key players in the field. You can find lots of valid interviews with the most successful marketing CEOs and must-read lists for new knowledge.

Blog content is categorized to allow you to find information quickly, whether it is related to social media, monetization, PPC or anything else.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Through Blog

On your way to the largest community of affiliate marketers, consider the blogs mentioned above, as they allow you to learn effectively and for free. They are packed with information and can provide valuable practical tips. Do not choose a single blog but at least follow several blogs to gain knowledge about each topic under review.

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