Bạch phục linh/ nấm bạch linh chữa bệnh gì, bao nhiêu 1kg?

Bach Linh mushroom also has other names such as phu Linh, Bach Phuc Linh, Hole mushroom, etc. This is a parasitic fungus living around the roots of pine trees. Bach Linh mushroom has the effect of supporting spleen, harmony, beneficial water and low subtraction, so it is used to treat difficult urination, body weakness, insomnia, poor spleen leading to indigestion, abdominal pain, Diarrhea, … More details refer to the use of mushrooms … Bach Linh mushroom is also known as the reishi, the white bovine, the hole mushroom, etc. This is a parasitic fungus that lives around the roots of the pine tree. Bach Linh mushroom has the effect of supporting spleen, harmony, beneficial water and low subtraction, so it is used to treat difficult urination, body weakness, insomnia, poor spleen leading to indigestion, abdominal pain, Diarrhea, … Details refer to the use of white calendar mushrooms are shared below. *** Top easy-to-grow mushrooms with high economic value

What is Bach Linh?

  • Other names: Phuc Linh, Bach Phuc Linh, Ho mushroom.
  • Scientific name: Poria cocos
  • Pharmaceutical name: Sclerotium Poriae Cocos
  • Family: Hole mushroom (scientific name: Polyporaceae)

Ganoderma lucidum is distributed mainly in China. In 1977, Bach Linh mushrooms were found in Da Lat in our country, but the quantity was limited and not yet exploited much.
Rejuvenating Mushrooms contains triterpenoid compounds, minerals, beta-pachyman, protein, fat, histamine, gum, beta-pachymanase, adenine, lipase,… The whole white reishi mushroom is used as medicine:

  • The outermost layer of the mushroom, the outer shell usually has a white/light brown side and a dark brown side.
  • Phuc Linh block: Phu Linh block is the remaining part of the mushroom after separating the outer shell. Phu Linh block is usually light brown, light pink or white.
  • The red or light brown part of the mushroom.
  • Bach Phuc Linh: The white part inside the mushroom.
  • Adoration: The part of the mushroom that embraces the root of a pine tree.

Identification characteristics of white reishi mushroom

White dress spirit It is a fungus that grows around the roots of pine trees. This mushroom is cube-shaped, weighing from 3 to 5 kg, but some trees can be as small as a fist. The outer surface is dark brown or brown, the surface is convex and wrinkled. Reishi mushrooms are usually harvested in July – September every year. After picking, remove the sand and impurities, then pile them up to sweat. Then spread to a ventilated place to astringent mushrooms, continue to pile up and dry a few more times until the surface of the mushrooms is wrinkled. Finally, let it dry until the mushrooms are completely dry. Or you can cut fresh mushrooms into pieces and then dry in a ventilated place to dry.

What is the effect of white reishi mushroom?

Taste: Sweet, light, average. The Sutras: Take refuge in the Pi, the Heart, the Kidney, and the Waste. The effect of white spirit according to Oriental medicine:

  • Uses: Sedative, succulent, beneficial water, harmony, low minus,
  • Indication: Sphincter weakness, difficulty urinating, insomnia, moist phlegm, tachycardia, diarrhea, edema, hypothermia (cystitis, abdominal distension), weakness of the heart.

According to modern pharmacological research:

  • White reishi mushroom has the effect of protecting liver cells, lowering blood sugar, reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.
  • The polysaccharide component in herbal medicine has the effect of enhancing immunity, anti-cancer, diuretic and sedative effect.
  • In addition, the decoction from reishi mushroom also inhibits deformed bacilli, colonic bacilli, spirochetes and staphylococcus aureus.
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Dosage, how to use reishi mushroom

Bach Linh is used in the form of complete, canopy and decoction, can be used alone or in combination with other medicinal herbs depending on the purpose of use. Dosage reference: 6-12g/day.

Some remedies from Bach Linh medicine

1. Remedy for insomnia, trouble sleeping, restless sleep

  • Preparation: Long eye humiliation, bony bones, worshiping gods, vien chi, party ginseng and serving spirits are equal.
  • Implementation: Grind the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, then refine the honey to complete and use cinnabar to make a shirt. Use 10-20g each time, use 2 times a day (afternoon and evening before bed).

2. Remedy for diarrhea

  • Remedy 1: Prepare sage and wood incense 4g each, processed ginger, bare skin and semi-lowered each 5g, inject licorice 3g, party ginseng, Bach Phuc Linh and Bach Truc each 10g. Grind the flavors into a fine powder, then mix with apple ginger juice to make balls (the size of a green pea). Each time use 4 – 8g or can increase or decrease the dose according to age.
  • Remedy 2: Yield, white bean (star), Bach Truc, ginseng (party ginseng), lotus seed, ground root and Bach Linh each 80g, prickly licorice, sand wings, ceiling skin and sa core each taste 40g. Grind into a fine powder, mix with glutinous rice flour into a ball. Use 4-8g each time, use 3 times a day.

3. Remedies for edema, little urine

  • Preparation: Cinnamon 4g, Bach Truc, Bach Linh and Tru Linh 10g each, 12g.
  • Implementation: Bring all medicinal herbs into a fine powder, use 10g decoction each time. Use 2-3 times a day until the disease is completely relieved.

4. Remedies for edema and difficulty urinating

  • Preparation: 12g for worship, 10g for each person and 10g for each.
  • Implementation: Sac drink, use 1 ladder a day.

5. Remedy for edema caused by pregnancy or body weakness

  • Preparation: Fine rice bran 60g and Bach Linh 250g.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, use 10g each time, 2 times a day.

6. Remedies for edema, urinary incontinence

  • Preparation: Licorice and dong quai each 20g, chi chi and dahlia each 125g, 24g serving spirit.
  • Implementation: Bring all the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, each time use 8g decoction with 1 cup of water remaining 8 parts, drink while the medicine is still hot. Use twice a day until the disease improves.

7. Remedies to treat loose stools, diarrhea, stomach upset, many bowel movements, yellow face due to low spleen damage

  • Preparation: Phuc Linh and Bach Linh 12g each.
  • Implementation: Sac get water and drink before eating.

8. Remedies to help you sleep well, sedation

  • Preparation: 16g frankincense, 24g ginseng and amulet (the part of the reishi mushroom growing around pine roots) 125g.
  • Implementation: Bring the medicinal herbs to powder and make them completely, 4g each time, 2 times a day.

9. Red bean porridge to serve the spirit of healing diarrhea yellow skin

  • Preparation: 100g of intention, 50g of small bean chain and 20g of reishi powder.
  • Implementation: Put in a pot, add rice and water to cook into porridge. When the porridge is cooked, you can add white sugar to eat.

10. Bach Linh porridge treats diarrhea, less urination, hyperlipidemia and edema in the elderly

  • Preparation: 100g plain rice and 15g white Phuc Linh (powdered).
  • Implementation: Add the rice to make porridge, then add the flour to boil again. When ripe, season to taste and eat every day.
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11. Glutinous rice porridge for treatment of cough, asthma, shortness of breath, chest pain due to inflammation, exudation of pulmonary effusion

  • Preparation: 60g glutinous rice and 30g Bach Linh.
  • Implementation: Cooked into porridge, divided into 2 servings and eaten during the day.

12. Spirits’ wine for treatment of leprosy and asthma characterized by symptoms of dizziness and headache

  • Preparation: Yeast of wine, divine song and powder for worshiping spirits.
  • Implementation: Mix well and drink with boiling water.

13. Banh mi Linh stimulates digestion, suitable for young children with weak spleen, diarrhea, belly and waist, yellow and weak people.

  • Preparation: 280g white sugar, 100g honey, ginseng party, reviving spirit, real food, humiliation, grated tubers 40g each, plain rice and glutinous rice 300g each.
  • Implementation: To separate the honey and sugar, use the rest of the ingredients to make a fine powder, then add honey and sugar, mix well. Steamed and then cut into bite-sized pieces (3×3). Every day, give children a few cakes in the early morning to improve their digestive function.

14. Goat grilled with sa nun dress to treat diuresis and spermatogenesis in men

  • Preparation: 100-150g goat meat, 30g sa core and 60g white spirit.
  • Implementation: Bring the powdered herbs, then marinate with goat meat and then bake. Serve with meat as an appetizer and drink with a little wine.

15. Carp stewed with red bean and white spirit to treat edema of the whole body

  • Preparation: 30g Phuc Linh, 1 carp and 50g small bean chain.
  • Implementation: Stew medicinal herbs with carp and drink water.

16. Stewed pork with Ling Bach Truc to treat atrophic neuralgia

  • Preparation: 20g Bach Truc, 250g lean pork, 15g reishi, 300g carrot.
  • Implementation: Pack the medicinal herbs into a cloth bag, cut the carrots into bite-sized pieces and crush 1 ginger root. Put the whole thing in a pot, add water and simmer until the meat is cooked through. Then put the medicine residue, taste the seasoning and eat both the water and the fish. Should eat 1 time / day for consecutive 5-7 days.

17. Remedy for edema

  • Preparation: Wood pine 5g, tang white skin and white spirit 10g each.
  • Implementation: Sac take water, divide it into 3 times and use it up during the day.

18. Remedies for rheumatism caused by mild or low heat

  • Preparation: Sai Ho and Bach Phuc Linh each 120g, room maple and marjoram each 100g, licorice, Khuong Hoat, Cross-frame, Poisonous, Sand Wings, Money Ho and only 80g each.
  • Implementation: Bring the herbs into small pieces, then dry and grind into a fine powder. Each time use 10g drink with boiling water to cool, use 2 times a day. If used in young children, use only ½ of the usual dose.

19. Remedies for depression, body weakness and fatigue

  • Preparation: Hoai Son and Son Thu each 16g, birth ground (or field) 32g, Trach cho, peony and Bach Phuc Linh each 12g.
  • Implementation: Bring the flavors to a fine powder and make into members. Use 20 to 30 grams per day.

20. Remedies to help improve health and improve physical condition

  • Preparation: Father, Trach choi and peony each 8g, humiliation cinnamon 12g, Hoai Son, Bach Phuc Linh and Son Thu each 16g, field 24g.
  • Implementation: Bring all the ingredients to a powder and then make a ball. Every day use 20-30g or decoction as medicine.

21. Remedies to help improve health, reduce fatigue and weakness in the elderly and people with long-term weakness

  • Preparation: Cinnamon 4 – 8g, Bach Truc 12g, ginseng 16g, Bach Linh 12g, royal flag (star) 12g, licorice 8g, cross-frame 8g, field 20g, Bach Thuoc 12g, dong quai 12g.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, prepare with honey as a member. 20g each time, 2 times a day.
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22. Remedies for sedation and peace of mind

  • Preparation: Chrysanthemum sting, longan, apple kernel (black star), vien chi, worship god, ginseng, dong quai, white truss (gold star) each 12g, wood incense and licorice root 8g each. 5 apples.
  • Implementation: Prepare soft finished and drink before sleeping.

23. Remedy for low spleen damage

  • Preparation: Tran kumquat skin, Bach Linh skin, tang white skin, Dai Phuc skin and birth Khuong skin you equal quantity.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, use 8-12g each time, drink with boiled water to cool.

24. Remedy for leprosy caused by hypothermia

  • Preparation: Bach Linh and food, a sufficient amount.
  • Implementation: Grind into a fine powder, mix with honey to complete. Each time use 10g complete drink with light salt water.

25. Remedy for sore limbs due to low temperature

  • Preparation: Ginseng Party, Shu father, Dahlia, Bach Truc and Bach Linh 10g each.
  • Implementation: Bring the celery to 10 minutes before, then add other herbs to the decoction to get drinking water.

Note when using white reishi mushrooms

  • Excessive urination, sperm movement due to damage to welding, spleen damage lower (stomach prolapse, rectal prolapse) and hernia should not be used in large doses.
  • Avoid using vinegar while using remedies and dishes from reishi mushrooms.

In summary, Bach Linh mushroom has the effect of supporting spleen, harmonizing taste, benefiting water and reducing low, so it is used to treat difficult urination, body weakness, insomnia, poor spleen and stomach leading to indigestion. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. Bach Linh is a precious medicine, so it is quite expensive. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should choose a reputable business establishment to avoid buying fake and poor quality medicinal herbs. Besides, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use to achieve the best treatment results. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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