Bạch cập là cây gì, có tác dụng gì?

Bach access also known as Bach level, Bach can, Cam can, Lien access Thao, Hat Tat Da, Vong Lat Da, Nhuoc orchid flower, Tu orchid, … is a precious medicinal herb in Eastern medicine. Birch root has the main uses such as curing nosebleeds, treating bleeding stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers, boils, swelling, skin wounds… Details about the use of white gourd plant. share… Bach access also known as Bach level, Bach can, Cam can, Lien access Thao, Hat Tat Da, Vong Lat Da, Nhuoc orchid flower, Tu orchid,… is a precious medicinal herb in Oriental medicine. Birch root has the main uses such as curing nosebleeds, treating bleeding stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers, boils, swelling, skin wounds… Details about the use of white gourd plant. share below.

What is the plant?

Other names: Bach grade, Bach root, Cam root, Lien access Thao, Hat Tat Da, Hammock, Lan flower, Tu orchid, Truc tuc Giao, Snow Tathagata, Tu intellectual root, Tu orchid root. Scientific name: Bletia hyacinthine R.Br.ex Ait Family: Orchidaceae Parts used: rhizomes (tubes) In our country, white rattan grows wild in many cool high mountains such as Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lang Son, Laos Cai, Tuyen Quang. However, after harvesting, processing and comparing with imported Chinese herbal medicine, it is not very similar. In China, Bai Ti is found in Shaanxi, Zhongfu, Anhui, and Anqing. The part used to make medicine is the rhizome (bulb). After preliminary processing, the medicinal herbs have the shape of a flat, thick cake with barbs, and the outer surface has small concentric veins. The white medicine has a solid substance, the cross section resembles that of a horny substance and is difficult to break. The best variety has a milky white color, a solid consistency, and a thick fat tuber.

Identification characteristics of the octopus tree

Bach cac is a herbaceous perennial that grows wild and is grown in moist soils. This plant has the following characteristics. The rhizome or rhizome has a rhizome divided into globose, flattened branches, arranged in a chain of long, sheathed leaves that overlap into 2 rows with rhizomes and scales. It is a perennial plant with a height of 0.9m, roots bulge into tubers, leaves are burgundy in summer. Leaves grow from roots, lanceolate from 28-40cm long, 5cm wide. Purple-pink flowers grow in clusters at the top, rhombic capsules.

The chemical composition of the octopus plant

According to Chinese medicine, in the fresh root of white rattan there are:

  • 30% starch
  • 1.5% Glucose
  • 15% essential oils, mucus, water

According to Vietnamese medicinal plants and herbs, Bach accession has:

  • 50% mucus
  • A little essential oil
  • Glycogen

How to prepare herbal medicine

The only part used medicinally is the rhizome. It can be harvested all year round, but the best time to harvest for medicinal herbs to promote their medicinal properties is in the winter. How to prepare:

  • After collecting the rhizomes, cut off the roots of the rhizomes, wash them or dip them in boiling water. When the inside and rhizomes are milky white, peel the outer skin and dry lightly in the sun or dry on low heat (common).
  • After harvesting, washed, steamed, sliced, and dried. Use raw or powdered (according to Essential Oriental Medicine)
  • Bring medicinal herbs washed, incubated soft, sliced, lightly dried to dry. Grind into powder or make medicine completely for use (according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia Encyclopedia)
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What is the effect of Bach?

Bach access is a multi-purpose medicine that has the effect of stopping color, good for people with gastrointestinal perforation, can treat coughing up blood, acne and many other diseases. Properties: According to traditional medicine, white pepper has a bitter-sweet taste, slightly sticky, cold, and non-toxic. Sutras

  • Referring to the economic waste (according to the Manuscript Cuong Mui)
  • Refers to the kidney failure (according to the Tai Tan Manuscript)
  • Referring to the waste business, the can (according to Chinese medicine)


  • Supplement the lungs, chemical phlegm
  • Stop bleeding
  • Biomechanics
  • Dissolve blood stasis
  • Welding the wound
  • Shrinks pimples, reduces swelling
  • Treatment of hemoptysis caused by tuberculosis, hemoptysis, nosebleeds, red eyes
  • Cure burns, cracked skin, and inflammation

Dosage, how to use white ginseng

Usually used at a dosage of 8-10g/day. Can be used fresh, dried, dried into powder, cooked into high or decoction of water. Note that white access is not used in the following cases:

  • The boil has burst
  • Do not use with drugs with bitter taste, soldering properties
  • Do not use white access with the first and second cells

Some remedies for diseases with white octopus

Bach is a multi-purpose medicine used in many medicines. Specifically:

Remedy to stop bleeding

As mentioned, Bach has hemostatic, muscle-building, and blood stasis-dissolving effects, used in the following cases:

  • Treatment of nosebleeds: Dried white pepper, finely ground, sifted with acne powder, taken 2 times a day, 4 – 8g each time. A cotton swab can be inserted into the nose to increase the effectiveness.
  • Cure hemorrhaging, stomach bleeding: 100g white counter, 50g tam ventricular, powdered, drink 6-12g a day, divided into 2-3 times a day.
  • Cure stomach ulcers, black feces: 40g white counter, 20 frankincense, 20g Hoai Son (star), grind into a fine powder, drink 12-20g daily on an empty stomach.
  • Cure boils, swelling, fire burns: Dried white ginseng, ground into a fine powder mixed with sesame oil, applied daily.

Remedies to cure skin diseases

Bach is also often used in cases such as:

  • Treatment of bleeding wounds: 20g powdered white pepper, 20g lime powder, 10g soot, all mix well, sprinkle 2-3 times a day on the wound. In addition, you can use 20g of white pepper, 30g of guava cotton leaves, 10g of dried ginger, finely ground, sprinkled on the wound to help stop bleeding immediately.
  • Treatment of cracked hands and feet: 30g white counter, 50g rhubarb, 3g mothballs. Bring all the powder to a fine powder, add a little honey, stir into a paste, apply to the affected area, use 3 times a day to see improvement.
  • Treatment of open wounds caused by falls: 20g white counter, 20g plaster (live) finely mixed, sprinkled on the wound, re-bandage.
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Remedy for coughing up blood with white water

Depending on the case, there is a way to use this medicine accordingly. White access can be used to supplement waste, cure hoarseness, cough up blood, and vomit blood. The remedies for white gourd are:

  • Treatment of waste spitting up blood: 15g white counter, 50g thi Binh (persimmon shell removed) thinly sliced, 50g plain rice, a little honey. Use persimmon and rice to cook porridge, stir in white beans and then add a little honey, eat while still hot, twice a day, continuously for 10 days, you will see results.
  • Suddenly see thick yellow sputum, bloody sputum, thirst, thirst, red face, edematous pulse due to reverse heat accumulation: 10g white counter, 9g pepper son chi, 9g biometrics, 20g white capillary root, 9g tang white skin, 8g rhubarb, 10g give birth to rhubarb, 30g give birth to great fake jelly with water to drink.
  • Cure chest pain, trouble, heat, dry mouth, thirsty throat: 10g Bach counter, 12g random, 10g mourning, 12g birth, 12g cypress, 10g a Giao, 10g cypress cypress, 12g Pi Ba Diep , 12g Tu Uy, 3g Tam That Powder to drink.

Remedy for heavy coughing up blood

White radish has a significant effect on blood clotting time, tonifies kidney failure, so it can be used to treat bleeding in the lungs and stomach. To supplement the lungs, stasis, and treat tuberculosis, blood can be used as follows:

  • Cure tuberculosis with phlegm: 8 parts Bach access, 4 parts crushed into a fine powder, mixed with warm boiled water, 4g each time, 2 times a day.
  • Treating lung cancer with coughing up blood: 12g white counter, 6g cross-baby model, 12g lily, 20g will, 12g drink spirit color.
  • Cure coughing up light blood: 63g white counter, 12g spleen ba leaves, 20g lotus root, 12g mixed with warm boiled water to drink, 8g each time, 2 times a day.
  • Cure severe hemoptysis: 8g Bach counter, 32g horde, 16g Son vene, 16g Hoai Son, 12g Trach cholera, 12g knitting skin, 12g reviving spirit, 12g vascular subject, 16g a star (bulging star), 8g phoenix, 8g of land travel, 4g of five viscera, excellent drink when hungry.

Note: Do not use when the waste has a very strong foreign fire.

Remedy for uterine prolapse

According to traditional experience, it is possible to use white tea, cross the umbrella with an equal amount, crush it, and put it in silk about 4g. Then insert into the vulva about 1 finger, when you feel the heat in the lower abdomen, pull it out, use it once a day to see the effect.

Beauty remedy with white octopus

This remedy has the effect of activating blood circulation, softening and whitening the skin, preventing wrinkles on the face. Doing:

  • Ingredients: 15g white antler, 30g angelica, 30g white lily, 30g white truffle, 9g white fox, 9g white spirit (remove the shell), 9g white spirit.
  • Bring the prepared ingredients, dry, grind into a fine powder, mix with egg whites, shape into balls the size of your little finger.
  • Put in a porcelain bottle to use gradually, after washing your face, mix the medicine with warm water into a thick liquid and apply a thin layer on your face.
  • Leave for about 60 minutes, then wash it off, do it every day to see the effect.
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Some nutritious dishes from white octopus

Not only is it used in combination with other medicinal herbs, it can also be used in cooking to support treatment. Some medicinal dishes with white pepper can be mentioned as:

  • White pepper stewed with pork lungs with wine: 30g white pepper, 1 pig’s lung, 150ml of wine. Clean pig lungs, slice, cook with wine and white pepper until cooked, add seasoning to taste. Good for people with empyema, lung abscess.
  • White egg beaten egg: 5g finely ground white egg, 1 egg. Eggs are mixed with white powder, braked with boiling water. Good for people with tuberculosis, cough with blood and phlegm.
  • Salanganes’Nest stewed with white access: 10g white counter, 10g alum sugar, 10g bird’s nest in aluminum, add water, boil until cooked, then add alum sugar and stir until dissolved. Used twice a day, good for people with bronchiectasis, pulmonary tuberculosis, cough with phlegm, bronchial asthma, bronchitis.

Note: Not for people with early stage lung cancer, not for hemoptysis due to heat and extrasensory perception. In short, the root of the white oak tree has the main uses such as curing nosebleeds, treating bloody vomiting, stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers, boils, swelling, skin wounds… The information that we give only For reference purposes only, if you want to use it, you must consult a doctor or highly qualified physician. : Synthesize information on prices of agricultural products, cultivation of vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products with high economic value for farmers throughout the country. Key word:

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