20 Loài Cây Leo Giàn Chịu Nắng

With the blazing sun on a summer day, it always makes people uncomfortable. And one of the countless ways to cool off that summer sun is to plant sun-tolerant climbing plants. This is the solution chosen by many people to create shade in the sunny summer.

Sun-tolerant climbing plants

And, the question is: Species tree what? climbing truss Okay? Is it species? tree any climbing the sun-resistant rig are not? Let’s Hanoi bonsai review the types truss climbing plant sun resistant storming the market today.

Top 20 Sun Resistant Climbing Plants

1/ Indian chrysanthemum – the leading sun-tolerant drooping tree

Indian chrysanthemum aka: bamboo blinds, string of arrows, silver-headed trees… with the scientific name is: Vernonia elliptica. This plant has a drooping stem, which is both beautiful and forms an effective shade of green.

Indian chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has a strong growth rate and good adaptability and rarely uses leaves; so often popular Planting balconies, terraces… Create a green silk strip against summer heat and winter cold.

Indian chrysanthemum string hanging hanging

2/ Tree of military history

Military history also called vines, worms…; with the scientific name is Quisqualis indica. This plant is hardy, fast growing, well tolerant, easy to grow and care for. Plus, it likes the sun, the light, and the wind, which is very suitable for growing in our country’s climate.

The flower of the gentleman – the flower of the worms drooping

Military history known as vines with beautiful flowers with a strong aroma; Many people love to plant and decorate many spaces such as: balcony climbing trellisterrace … planting arches , fences both shade shade , beautify with pleasant fragrance … create an elegant and romantic scene .

Using the military man to grow and climb the truss

3/ Fluorescent tree

Fluorescent tree nice cyclamen, princess string, fluorescent string…. It is a woody, climbing plant with long soft branches and likes sunlight, which is very suitable for growing in Vietnam’s climate.

At the same time, Huynh Anh has very beautiful flowers with brilliant yellow color along with easy to grow and easy to care for, so it is also loved by many bonsai lovers.

The hydrangea tree climbs the truss

Fluorescent tree It is often planted as a climbing truss to decorate balconies, terraces, etc. to plant arches, fences, etc.

Quince planted a fence

4/ Fluorescent tree

Like Huynh Anh, hydrangea tree to be vines with beautiful bright yellow flowers, with softer stems and leaves. And known by another name is wisteria tree nice cypress Scientific name is Pentalinon luteum.

Fluorescent tree

Huynh De people often plant climbing rigs to decorate house gates, fences, walls; because they have very beautiful flowers, the more sunshine, the more brilliant the flowers. At the same time, Huynh De It also helps to keep the house shaded.

The tree climbing the truss

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Add a little green of leaves, plus a little yellow of flowers to make the space more poetic and less monotonous; that’s what hydrangea tree can do it.

The tree climbing the truss

5/ Canary apricot tree

May canary type vines Prefers sunlight, suitable for growing outdoors. grow gate climbing, fence creating walls, … with yellow flowers blooming many months of the year. The ideal plant for those who are looking for Sun-resistant climbing plants Plant for your living space.

Mai Hoang Yen known by other names such as: copper wire, copper needle… is an extremely easy plant to grow, easy to care for, less pests; always showing gentle yellow flowers all year round. Try growing this vines you will love them!

Canary apricot tree climbing truss

6/ Paper flower

When it comes to Paper flowers sure no one is too strange; they are creeping creepers, much branched; light-loving, easy to grow, fast-growing and easy to care for; with vibrant flower colors.

White bougainvillea climbing the trellis

Paper flowers are favored by many people to grow balconies, porches, etc. to create shade and impressive highlights for the living space.

Bouquet of bougainvillea flowers

confetti rustic beauty, simple but no less luxurious and noble. They do not take too much care but grow very strongly. Cotton paper – climbing plants that are easy to grow, easy to prune and easy to care for; Practical solution for extremely effective sun protection.

Bonsai trees planted with sun-resistant vines

7/ Butterfly pea flower

Butterfly pea flower also called purple bean nice butterfly. They are known as herbaceous, climbing flowers; hairy stems and branches. Besides, butterfly pea is very easy to grow with healthy vitality; Heat tolerant, sun tolerant, drought tolerant, and few pests and diseases, so many people prefer to plant.

Butterfly pea plant

Butterfly pea plant very suitable for growing perches to cool and beautify the space in front of the house gate, balcony, miniature garden …

Butterfly pea fruit

8/ Pink climbing flowers

Pink flower string Known by many names: garlic leaves, purple lily, pink string, garlic lily … It is a woody, bushy climbing plant with soft stems with dreamy purple flowers, very sunny.

Pink string are often planted with climbing rigs to create beautiful beauty for the courtyards of villas, balconies and terraces of high-rise buildings; fence… creating a picture full of poetic and romantic; both attract many eyes and create shade on summer days.

Pink wire for planting fences

9/ Climbing rose

Rose It is known as the flower of flowers. Anyone will be captivated to the point of fluttering when they see a climbing roses with flowers that are considered the masterpiece of nature and sweet fragrance.

Velvet red climbing rose

climbing roses always won the trust of many people; They are often used for decoration climbwallbalcony or archway … both create beautiful scenery and provide shade.

Persimmon tree planted in the arch of the gate

Imagine, when the flowers bloom, you strode by the persimmon tree; The captivating beauty of flowers will make you forget the hot summer sun to enjoy the sweet feeling. What could be more wonderful.

Red velvet climbing rose

10/ Chilli bunch of climbing flowers

Chilli climbing flower plant Some places are called by many beautiful names such as: Rang Dong tree; Fire flower tree; Cannon Cannon… for their flowers, like bright sparks; like the rising sun… bunch of chili It is a climbing plant, so it only needs 1 point to cling to like a house wall, the truss will give you a beautiful and brilliant flower trellis.

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Chilli flowers climbing the truss

Chilli flower with a bright orange color with a brilliant, attractive beauty and chit on the rig. Even more prominent with bright orange yellow. The bunch of chili peppers will be the highlight that attracts many eyes in your living space.

Chilli flower plant clings to the wall

11/ Coniferous Trees

Coniferous vines known as a plant with unusual properties. In addition to the ability of flowers to change color from light blue to pink or purple (from morning to afternoon); then the vines curl at the top in an anti-clockwise direction.


With the same easy-to-grow, fast-growing and low-care characteristics; conifers are often planted on fences, roofs, etc. to create attraction and keep the space cool.

12/ Hong Thien Ly climbing flower

Celestial pink climbing flower another name is the climbing rose of Thien Huong; they are a type of climbing plants that are quite popular and chosen by many people to grow as flower trellises or climb fences, railings, porches in front of the house… to create shade and beautify the space.

This plant has a healthy vitality and requires little care and pruning; and has beautiful flowers ecstatic people. Definitely, is an indispensable choice for your home climbing rig.

Celestial rose tree

13/ Title String

Pepper flower shaped like a bell, growing in clusters at the top of the tree with vibrant and eye-catching colors. In addition, flowers often bloom in the summer, and in winter, they often lose their leaves to wait for spring. That’s why post title is a climbing plant that cannot be missed on this list.

Pepper tree planted with truss

Title string Often planted with arches or pergolas, the fences bloom brilliantly, creating a beautiful scene thanks to the orange color of the flowers and the cool green of the leaves.

Lanterns planted in fences

14/ Flower of Tigon

Flower tigons It is a very popular climbing plant today. They are wild plants so tigon quite easy to grow, low maintenance, easy to grow in many different climate conditions.

Tigon nature is a wide creeping vines, so it is very suitable for planting and climbing walls of houses and fences; grow climbing balcony, terrace or grow arch. Flowers bloom in clusters at the top of the plant; along with the pink color of flowers fluttering in the wind, bringing a cute beauty.

Flower tigons

That’s about it, the appearance of tigon flower tree will create a poetic and brilliant space; It’s very pretty, but it’s also very effective in shading.

Tigon climbing flower plant

15/ Climbing jasmine

If you are a planter rig vines; If you just love the tea ceremony, climbing jasmine is the number 1 choice for you. Flowers always bloom all year round with a very pleasant scent, bringing a sense of peace and a relaxing space.

climbing jasmine

Besides, this plant is very easy to grow, does not take much care, and grows very well in the same climate as our country.

The jasmine plant climbs in the fence

16/ The wall climbing lizard has good sun tolerance

Lizard tree nice Lizard rope, Snail Scale tree, Ancient Buffalo tree… is a creeping plant, clinging very firmly to many surfaces such as walls, stones, wood, etc. At the same time, they are one of the plants that are easy to grow and require very little care.

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Lizard rope clinging to the wall

That’s why people often plant climbing wall lizardscows spread to the ground to create an ancient look, bringing cool and green to the villas, resorts …

Lizard tree clinging to the wall

17/ Female climbing flower

Ngoc Mai climbing flower tree there are some places called Ngoc Trinh climbing flower plant. They are vines, with beautiful flowers. The plant usually blooms almost all year round.

Jade flower tree

Female jade With fancy flower shape and fast growth rate, many people love to choose climbing plants to grow gardens, balconies, fences, climbing walls, restaurants, hotels… to decorate and decorate the landscape. around. At the same time create fresher, cooler and more airy air.

Pearl flower

18/ Passion fruit tree

Passion fruit tree aka passion fruit tree, macadamia nut tree, passion fruit tree, marmalade… They are fruit trees with good shade climbing ability but need simple care techniques.

Passion flower

Besides that, passion fruit With a sour taste, it is a favorite drink of many people. Not stopping there, passion fruit also has beautiful flowers with cool green foliage that have a very good shading effect. So, passion fruit tree It is often chosen to grow climbing trellises in gardens, balconies and terraces… This is the ideal choice for those who like to grow vines to create shade but have fruit for year-round use.

Passion fruit tree

19/ The scythe ropes

The scythe ropes in some places called Hong Thai silk rope; Because, the air roots of the tree are very beautiful like a curtain that can be used to block the sun; restrict the visibility of passersby; Create a private but intimate space.

Lie on the edge of planting truss

In addition, wisteria is a light-loving plant; grow healthy in hot climates; It is very easy to grow, rarely has pests and diseases, and rarely leaves leaves, so it is beautiful. Therefore, trees are often planted in places such as sunny balconies, terraces, garden cafe spaces, tourist areas, etc.

The scythe ropes

20/ Box orchid

Box orchid attracted many people’s attention by the series of brilliant yellow flowers, hanging down and fluttering, infatuated, causing nostalgia for many people. And since then, this plant has become the most sought-after climbing plant in the bonsai market.

Orchid orchid suitable for planting hanging pots as decorative plants or plants for balconies, terraces, etc., with the characteristics of easy planting and less care. Box orchid – golden pearl chain Definitely won’t let you down.

Box orchids

In addition, you can refer to more videos:

Above is Top 20 species of climbing plants that tolerate the sun in summer but Hanoi bonsai introduced; Hope to help you choose the right climbing tree. Good luck!

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