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Syntactic categories: (i) Identify the syntactic category of the Bracketed constituents in the following sentences and (ii) give two constituency tests to show that these bracketed constituents

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Syntax constrains the acquisition of verb meaning

reliable distributional properties of a syntactic category is the set of function words co-occurring with it. In French, for example, nouns generally co-occur with

Article summary by Robert A. Cote for Dr. LouAnn Gerken, submitted

evidence of any system-wide syntactic categories (2000, p. 209). He also believes there are factors such as culture, mapping and structure combining that aid children in

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Syntactic categories and syntactic change: The development of subjunctive periphrases in English John Anderson

Probes, Goals and Syntactic Categories*

To appear in Proceedings of the 7th annual Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics (Keio University, Japan) This is a short version of a longer paper in progress.
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