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Lexical category: LING 100 Handout: Beginning Syntax Fall 2008 Thursday, October 23rd Lexical Categories We have three tests to determine whether a word is a noun, verb, or an Adjective:

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5.4.4 Tree diagrams

that never occur on the left side of the arrow are lexical categories, which are labels of class of words right above the words at the bottom of the tree.

Some New Perspectives on Lexical and Functional Categories

Galasso: Based on a Talk given at California State University, Bakersfield 2/20/08 ‘Lectures in Language and Linguistics Series’ Some New Perspectives on Lexical

Lexical Category

Slide 5 Traditional ideas Nouns are “person, place or thing”. happiness ~ happy? Verbs are “actions”. destroy ~ destruction? Adjectives are words that

Lexical Functional Grammar

be phrases of any lexical category (AP, NP, VP, PP) and so the abbreviation XCOMP is used to designate that set of complements. The same is true for open adjuncts, and the
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