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Grammatical conjunction: How to use Conjunctions Instruction: The tutor may ask the student to make one sentence for each part during the session and assign the same to be completed as homework.

How To Use Conjunctions:
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Grammar for Writing. Using Conjunctions and Interjections EXERCISE 1 Recognizing Conjunctions and Interjections Underline each conjunction, and circle each interjection in

CHAPTER 15: THE CLAUSE Subordinating Conjunctions

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: Language Skills Practice 97 Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. Subordinating Conjunctions

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Explain the grammatical source of the parallel structure. • In a series, the last item is preceded by a conjunction (usually and or or). Many people

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rather than by the grammar proper. The entry for the conjunction is there-fore still the same; (26a), which happens to have been instantiated as
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